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Note: There were many newspaper articles on the 1886 tornado. I have not transcribed these, because the subject is well covered. See, e. g., the article and links on Wikipedia and the video on YouTube.

NEWSPAPERS.—The first newspaper published in the State, outside of St. Paul and St. Anthony, was at this place [Sauk Rapids]. It was named the 'Sauk Rapids Frontiersman,' and started by Jeremiah Russell, in October, 1854, who took as associate editor, George W. Benedict. This paper was discontinued after a few years, and in its stead appeared 'The New Era,' edited by W. H. Wood and Mrs. Julia A. A. Wood. The 'Sauk Rapids Sentinel' was established by George W. Benedict in 1868, but in 1872, the material was sold and removed to St. Cloud, and on the 25th of March, 1873, the present 'Sauk Rapids Sentinel' came into existence, also under the proprietorship of Mr. Benedict. He continued the publication until December, 1875, when it passed into the hands of W. L. Nieman, the present proprietor. A. De Lacey Wood also conducted a paper here a short time, but removed to Breckenridge about 1879.

History of the upper Mississippi Valley (1881) p. 344

Note: Digital copies of the Sauk Rapids Frontierman (not Frontiersman) and The New Era can be viewed here.

There were three papers published in the territory soon after its organization. The first was the Pioneer*, issued on April twenty-eighth, 1849, under most discouraging circumstances. It was at first the intention of the witty and talented editor to have called his paper "The Epistle of St. Paul." About the same time there was issued, in Cincinnati, under the auspices of the late Dr. A. Randall, of California, the first number of the Register. The second number of the paper was printed at St. Paul, in July, and the office was on St. Anthony, between Washington and Market Streets. About the first of June, James Hughes, now of Hudson, Wisconsin, arrived with a press and materials, and established the Minnesota Chronicle. After an existence of a few weeks these papers were discontinued; and, in their place, was issued the "Chronicle and Register," edited by Nathaniel McLean and John P. Owens.

* The press used in printing the "Pioneer" is said to have been the first ever used north of Missouri, and west of the Mississippi. It was purchased in Cincinnati in 1836, and first used in printing the Dubuque Visitor, published by John King.

The history of Minnesota: from the earliest French explorations to the present times (1882) by Edward Duffield Neill pp. 508-9

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Date Newspaper Pg Title Surnames Mentioned
26 Apr 1855 Sauk Rapids Frontierman 2 St. George's Prairie Mayhew, Smith
26 Apr 1855 Sauk Rapids Frontierman 2 Those Mills Moody, Sawyer
26 Apr 1855 Sauk Rapids Frontierman 3 Advertisements Sweet, Oakes, Wood
3 May 1855 Sauk Rapids Frontierman 2 Local News Items Sweet, Van Nest, Wisberger, Wood
10 Dec 1857 St Cloud Visiter East St Cloud Company Burnham
24 Dec 1857 St. Cloud Visiter The Emerson House Emerson
6 Jan 1859 St. Cloud Democrat 4 The Stearns House Supper Stearns, Miller, Mitchell, McClure, Lancaster, Gorton, Wait, Clark, Coon, Taylor, Smith, Chase, Swisshelm, Proctor, Wilson, Powell
26 Jan 1860 The New Era 3 Advertisements Bone, Bourne, Gilman, McMahon, Wood, Sweet, Day, Bohmer, Crawford
29 Nov 1860 The New Era 1, 3 Business Items Hamlin, Lancaster, McMahon, Moore, Sweet, Upham, Wood
2 Feb 1865 St Cloud Democrat Stray Steer Found by John Higgins Higgins
26 Oct 1865 St Cloud Democrat Folsom Separation Folsom
13 Sep 1866 The St Cloud Journal 2 Local News Beeker, Berman, Burman, Campbell, Coon, Donnelly, Fowler, Frink, Gorton, Gould, Griswold, Hunter, Kerr, McClure, Mulliken, Owen, Powell, Robertson, Sanborn, Stewart, Thompson, Weaver, West, Wheelock, Wood
20 Sep 1866 The St Cloud Journal 3 Local News Ball, Beach, Braun, Broker, Brott, Cady, Campbell, Clarke, Davis, Ely, Freeman, Hutchinson, Loye, McCauley, Noel, Root, Stewart, West
12 Sep 1867 The St Cloud Journal Free Bridge at Sauk Rapids Brannelly, Dalano, Delano, Hall, Hamlin, Lock, Miller, Rice, Russell, Sweet, Van Nest, Wood
19 Nov 1868 The St Cloud Journal Langola News Flint, Green, Min, Stone
24 Jun 1869 The St Cloud Journal Unfortunate Horse of S. Flint Flint, Hayward, Thompson
1 Jul 1869 The St Cloud Journal Morrison County Flint, Godfrey, Green, Lambert, Rice, Trask
9 Feb 1871 The St Cloud Journal 3 News Items Russell, Smith, Johnson, Cronk, Lufkin, Hughes, Fozier, Arnold, Stanton, Ruhtra
22 Jan 1874 The St Cloud Journal 3 News Items Stewart, Barnum, Carpenter, Fletcher, Kenard, Griffin, Wood, Johnson, Homann, Abbott
28 Aug 1876 The Princeton Union 3 Alonzo Smith Injured Smith
28 Aug 1878 The Saint Paul Globe 1 Minnesota News Walker, Stanton, Skinner, Chase, Coates
14 Apr 1881 The Princeton Union (from Rush City Post) 1 Reverend from Rush City comes to Duelm Wilkins
8 Jun 1881 Mower County Transcript (from Sauk Rapids Sentinel) 1 Suicide in Gilmanton Dimier, Huston
2 May 1882 The Saint Paul Globe 1 Prairie Fire in Langola Woolhart
8 May 1885 Little Falls Transcript 5 New saw mill, gun accident Buckman, Coates, Yerxa, Hart
9 Oct 1890 The Princeton Union 5 Lost Boy Found near Foley O'Rouke
26 Nov 1891 The Princeton Union 4 Democrats Wood, Coates, Bell, Moody
31 May 1893 The Saint Paul Globe 1 Struck by a Priest Kampa, Pieffer
2 Jun 1893 Little Falls Transcript 2 The Priest Hit Him Abfalter, Homan, Kampa, Pfeiffer/Pfieffer, Wright
18 Aug 1893 Little Falls Transcript 1 Farmer's Wife Injured Boyd, Doyle, Kampa, Quinlivan, Spencer
27 Feb 1896 The Princeton Union 4 Sawmill Destroyed Erickson, Magnus
21 Jan 1897 The Princeton Union 5 Injury at Glendorado Sawmill Cooney, Erickson, Magnus, Peterson
21 Apr 1897 The Austin Daily Herald 1 Engine and Hand Car Collided Foley, Hall
15 Jun 1899 The Princeton Union Glendorado Farmers’ Mutual Fire Insurance company Kittleson, Rochefort
14 Feb 1900 The Saint Paul Globe Three Johns Died Lyon, Knafla, Dehler
1 Dec 1900 The Saint Paul Globe 3 News Items Briggs, Broberg, Ewen, Gordon, Hubbard, Reynolds, Roser, Sauer, Schonler/Schouler, Schuman, Searle, Skoen
14 Jan 1901 The Saint Paul Globe Odds and Ends Jones, Neils, Bastien, Zuleger, Walberg, Popp, Fisher, Thomas, Stellmach, Rudolph, Pattock, Thoen, Lehman, Wilson
15 Apr 1901 The Saint Paul Globe Cheese, Smallpox and Minot Morton, Doble, Skeate, Jones
5 May 1901 The Saint Paul Globe News Items Anderson, Berg, Burski, Coates, Cross, Czarnetzke, Daggett, Gordon, Grant, Homan, Jochem, Koerner, Kujewa/Kujawa, Lica, McCarty, Neils, Schouler/Schonler, Stacia, Thomas, Wood
18 Oct 1901 The Minneapolis Journal News Items Anderson, Semper, Coates, Homan
19 Aug 1902 The Saint Paul Globe 3 Republican Meeting Doyle, Hirt, Lance, Madden, Miller, Peterson, Senn, Stewart
5 Mar 1903 The Princeton Union Visit, Wedding Carey, Hudson, Mahoney

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