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As you can see, I don't have many articles transcribed yet. I have collected a few hundred in image form, but they need to be transcribed into text, so they can be searched by search engines, and so they are easy to copy-and-paste. My focus is on the oldest articles I can find, and especially those that might have some interest to genealogists. If you have any to add, please contact William Haloupek.

See the Local Resources page for information on present-day local newspapers.

Date Newspaper Pg Title Surnames Mentioned Transcribed
10 Dec 1857 St Cloud Visiter East St Cloud Company Burnham 17 Feb 2015
24 Dec 1857 St. Cloud Visiter The Emerson House Emerson 17 Feb 2015
2 Feb 1865 St Cloud Democrat Stray Steer Found by John Higgins Higgins 14 Feb 2015
26 Oct 1865 St Cloud Democrat Folsom Separation Folsom 17 Feb 2015
13 Sep 1866 St Cloud Journal 2 Local News Beeker, Berman, Burman, Campbell, Coon, Donnelly, Fowler, Frink, Gorton, Gould, Griswold, Hunter, Kerr, McClure, Mulliken, Owen, Powell, Robertson, Sanborn, Stewart, Thompson, Weaver, West, Wheelock, Wood 29 Dec 2014
20 Sep 1866 St Cloud Journal 3 Local News Ball, Beach, Braun, Broker, Brott, Cady, Campbell, Clarke, Davis, Ely, Freeman, Hutchinson, Loye, McCauley, Noel, Root, Stewart, West 29 Dec 2014
12 Sep 1867 St Cloud Journal Free Bridge at Sauk Rapids Brannelly, Dalano, Delano, Hall, Hamlin, Lock, Miller, Rice, Russell, Sweet, Van Nest, Wood 14 Feb 2015
19 Nov 1868 St Cloud Journal Langola News Flint, Green, Min, Stone 22 Mar 2015
24 Jun 1869 St Cloud Journal Unfortunate Horse of S. Flint Flint, Hayward, Thompson 22 Mar 2015
1 Jul 1869 St Cloud Journal Morrison County Flint, Godfrey, Green, Lambert, Rice, Trask 22 Mar 2015

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