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The Priest Hit Him

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The Priest Hit Him.

A sensational case will probably be tried within the next few days before Justice S. N. Wsight [Wright] of Sauk Rapids. It is a case in which Father Pfeiffer, the priest at Duelm, in that county, will act as defendant in a suit for assault and battery performed on the person of Jacob Kampa, one of his parishioners.

The truth of the affair, so far as can be ascertained, is that one week ago last Sunday Kampa attended services at the Catholic church at Duelm and stayed within until just after the priest had made an exhortation for some money for some special purpose, and just before the reverend father had begun to pass the contribution plate in his direction, Kampa sat down with Joseph Abfalter and another companion on the door step, lighted his pipe, and out here the persistent priest followed him and demanded an explanation. Kampa replied somewhat impertiently [impertinently?] and the priest struck him in the face with his fist, knocking his pipe out and breaking it. High words naturally followed this outbreak and Kampa in his complaint alleges that Pfieffer then broke a board from the fence and assaulted him severely with it, striking him over the head several times. Saturday he made a complaint before Justice Wright and the warrant for Pfeiffer's arrest was placed with constable Geo. Homan of Sauk Rapids, who went after him yesterday. He returned last night without the reverend gentleman however as he was in Clear Lake. He will make another trip to Duelm today.—Journal-Press.

Little Falls Transcript (Little Falls, MN) Thursday, 2 Jun 1893, page 2

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