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St Cloud Visiter, Thursday 10 Dec 1857

East St. Cloud.

Great Chance for Investment!!!


Head of Steamboat Navigation & c.

The Proprietors of East St. Cloud are now prepapred to dispose of lots in this beautifully located town, on the most favorable terms. East St. Cloud is the terminus of the air line road running from the Mississippi river to Superior City, and passing through the towns of Newburgh, Manchester, Brottsburgh, Syracuse, Fortuna, Trenton and Twin Lakes; these towns are growing rapidly and will bring much trade to this point. A railroad to Superior City will undoubtedly follow the direction of this air line road in a few years, and there is every reason to believe that a railroad will be built by means of the recent land grant on the East side of the Mississippi, crossing the river at East St. Cloud to connect with the main trunk railway which will touch St. Cloud on the west side on its way to the Red River of the North.

A daily line of stages connect East St. Cloud with St. Anthony and St. Paul. A Post Office is established here and is now in operation.

Offers no better opportunity for investment than can be found at East St. Cloud. It is the starting point for expeditions to the Great Valley of the Red River of the North, and will command a large trade from that region and also from the rich agricultural valley of the Sauk River.--Valuable improvements are being made in East St. Cloud.

Agent and Attorney for the East St. Cloud Co.

[Note: An air line road is just a straight road. The Red River of the North forms the boundary between Minnesota and North Dakota, and flows north into Lake Winnipeg.]

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