Fire Destroys Sawmill

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The Princeton Union (Princeton, MN) Thursday, 27 Feb 1896, page 1

A Fire at Glendorado Destroyed Magnus & Erickson's Saw Mill Tuesday Night.

Magnus & Erickson's saw mill at Glendorado was totally destroyed by fire last Tuesday night. The fire caught in the engine room either from a defect in the arch or from a spark. There was no insurance and, while some of the machinery may be repaired and put in shape to run again, the UNION is informed by a competent judge that the loss will be not far from $2,000. The engine, carriage and saw equipments were all new having been put in last fall which makes the loss seem greater to the proprietors.

The mill will be rebuilt as soon as possible. The gentlemen were in Princeton yesterday for lumber and looked up several engines that are for sale. The mill sawed hardwood exclusively, the timber being hauled to the mill by the farmers in the winter, so that the loss of time now means a great deal to the owners. The UNION sympathizes with them in their time of trial and hopes they will soon recover from their reverses.

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