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The Princeton Union (Princeton, MN) Thursday, 26 Nov 1891, page 4

ALL is not peace and harmony in the ranks of the Sauk Rapids and Benton County Democrats. A North Star club was organized at the Rapids last week. An attempt was made to have the club recognize the Democratic State Central Committee, but a resolution to that effect was promptly voted down, and several leading sachems of the party erased their names from the club's roster. Mr. Wood, editor of the Free Press, is not so anxious to vindicate Hon. Joseph Coates as he was a few weeks since. The Free Press says: "The Democrats of this county are heart and soul against lending any assistance to an organization of this kind, and if Messrs. Bell, Coates and Moody should to-morrow run for office with that as their issue, we venture to say they would never care to run for another."

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