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Farmer's Wife Injured, 1893

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Mrs. Nick Kampa, of Duelm, a farmer’s wife, met with a bad accident this morning. She was helping her son in unloading potatoes in front of Boyd’s store, on St. Germain street. The woman was in the back end of the wagon pulling at a bag of potatoes. The sack suddenly gave way and she fell headlong out of the wagon. She was thrown into the gutter, and the back of her head struck with terrible force on the granite paving blocks. C. A. Doyle saw her fall and ran to her assistance. Policeman Quinlivan also rushed across the street where the woman lay and the two carried her into Spencer’s drug store. Her son in the meantime continued to unload potatoes scarcely stopping to see what had happened. The woman was senseless for a short time. A doctor was called, who found that the skull was not fractured, although the woman had sustained a terrible scalp wound. She was also badly hurt about the back. At present, it is hard to tell how serious her injuries will prove.—St. Cloud Times.

Little Falls Transcript (Little Falls, MN) Friday, 18 Aug 1893, page 1

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