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Sauk Rapids Frontiersman (Sauk Rapids, MN) Thursday, 26 Apr 1855, page 2


We would call the attention of our readers to the above named region of the country, situated on Elk River and Mayhew Creek, about two miles east of Sauk Rapids. There cannot be found a more desirable tract of country for farms in the territory. The soil is deep and fertile. There is just enough admixture of sand to make the soil active and facile of culture, but no more. The face of the prairie is beautiful, being slightly undulating and inclined to the South. There are several delightful lakes nearly in the centre, and Mayhew Creek, bounding it upon the North, is a clear, rapid and pretty stream.

Wood is abundant in the neighborhood of the Prairie, and of the best description. On the other side of Elk River is, also, a large prairie, well situated for farms. We understand from Mr. Mayhew that this prairie across the river is well watered and that good timber is plenty and immediately adjoining. We recommend farmers who are seeking new homes, to go and examine for themselves. There are already several enterprising settlers of St. George's prairie busy in opening large farms. Those who are looking for good locations, can call upon Mssrs. Smith and Mayhew, the first settlers who will no doubt take pleasure in giving all necessary information in relation to the choice lands yet unoccupied.

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