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Lost Boy Found,
Foley 1890

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Tommy O’Rouke, the five year old boy who so mysteriously disappeared at Foley, in Benton county, two weeks ago, was found last Sunday, by St. Cloud searchers. The little fellow had subsisted on berries and acorns and was without shelter for nine days. The St. Cloud Times of the 7th inst., contains a graphic account of the finding of the boy. The first exclamation that fell from the little fellow’s lips when he was discovered sitting on a tamarack stump one and a half miles from where he disappeared was, “Where’s mamma?” We have never read an article in the St. Cloud Times that afforded us more genuine pleasure than the account of the finding of Tommy O’Rouke. The boy is hale and hearty.

The Princeton Union (Princeton, MN) Thursday, 9 Oct 1890, page 5

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