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Injury at Glendorado Sawmill, 1897

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Charles Erickson, of Glendorado, Was Badly Injured Last Friday.

The mill at Glendorado has been in operation six years and has never had an accident until last Friday when one occurred and as a result the life of one of the proprietors hangs in the balance.

The mill is owned by Magnus & Erickson and last Friday afternoon, while gumming a saw, the junior member was badly hurt by the bursting of the emery wheel. One of the fragments struck him on the right side of the face, crushing the frontal bone and lacerating his cheek. Another struck him in the breast breaking the collar bone in two places and crushing the flesh to a pulp. He was immediately brought to Princeton and is now at F. H. Peterson’s residence under the medical care of Dr. Cooney. The doctor says there is a bare possibility of his surviving, but adds that each day improves his chances for recovery.

The Princeton Union (Princeton, MN) Thursday, 21 Jan 1897, page 5

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