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The St Cloud Journal, Thursday 19 Nov 1868


Snowed in - Some Items about the Earlier Days of the Town.

LANGOLA, Nov. 18, 1868.

EDITOR JOURNAL.- It has snowed here all day, and now there are six inches, and still it comes determinedly. The ground is not frozen and there is no probability that the snow will stay. It is next to impossible to travel, but it is a good place to stay, here at Mr. Flint's, and I know better than to start out.

Everybody knows that the land up here is not as good as in many parts of the State; in fact, we will hardly acknowledge it as Minnesota, it is so sandy, but Mr. F understands that it is not "blessings that it needs but manure," and so on it goes, and the result is good crops. Across the river the land is good, but on this side, small grain has a hard show, especially on those farms where the owners trust to blessings alone.

The glory of the city of Langola has departed. Your readers will, many of them, remember when there was a good grist mill of the Platte river, and when the owner refused eight thousand dollars in gold for his interest; but "the winds blew, and floods came," and the resistless current swept everything before it till the mill "wasn't worth a dam," and it was never rebuilt. "There is a tide in the affairs of men" "which taken at the flood leads to fortune," but Lewis Stone took it at the ebb and it led him to Pike's Peak and to death. The freshnet of 1868 cleaned out the last vestige of the old town, and save the hotel of P. Green, which he has rebuilt on the hill, there is not a dwelling left."

Election news has been received very quietly. Nobody is excited. The defeated ones "don't care," and the elected "expected it," so there are no heart burnings in sight. Mr. Flint is a red hot radical, and an ardent Donnelly man, or was before election; but the prairie above here, gave "Wilshing" a good lift, they being Americans, and knowing him to be one of the right kind. There is one thing, however, that both parties are united in, and that is the virtue of "Ward's Liniment," which Rads. and Democrats alike use for sore throats.

If only we had "Bitter Sweet" up here, we could show her some strong minded women with whom she could sympathize.- Does she travel?


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