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Silesia to America -- A Heritage - Polish Silesian Settlement in Central Minnesota.

From Siljord, Norway to Glendorado, Minnesota by Lillian Aleckson Nelson - This excerpt is transcribed by Keith Aleckson of California. It is a chapter from an Aleckson family history written by my Grandfather's cousin, Lillian Aleckson Nelson. The chapter describes the people in and around Glendorado in the 1930s. In it she references several family members, her mother (Christina "Stina" Aleckson), her father (Richard Aleckson), her brothers (Robert and Arnold Aleckson), her sister (Pearl Aleckson), and her grandmother (Annie "Besta" Aleckson).

Anton Byzewski (Bisewski) Family - Written by Martin Cummings Byzewski, oldest child of Martin Joseph Byzewski.

Excerpts from The Book of Minnesotans (1907)

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