Benton County, MN

1903 Plat Map Index

Combined Plat Books of Benton and Sherburne Counties (1903)

Find Your Family Farm!

This page is a transcription of the township maps in the Plat Book of Benton County, Minnesota (1903). The plat book also has maps of towns, and a short Patrons' Directory, which are not transcribed here.

First, search this page for the surname, and find the township and section where the farm was located. Also, see the notes below the table. At the bottom of the page there are also tables of Rural Schools, Post Offices and Other Landmarks.

Next, click the link to the left, and select the appropriate township map. The one-square-mile sections are labeled, from 1 to 36. Each farm or land parcel is labeled with the name of the landowner, and the acreage.

The plat books for Benton and Sherburne Counties have been combined in one link, with Sherburne listed first, so be sure you have the right county. Langola Township has been split into two parts, each on a separate page in the plat book, each with separately numbered sections. Hence I have treated them as separate townships, Langola E and Langola W.

Please let me know if you found this resource useful, or not, or if you can suggest any improvements, or find any mistakes. I have corresponded with hundreds of genealogists, and I don't charge anything, so drop me an email. William Haloupek

Property Owners

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Abfalter, J.Glendorado1923.40
Abfalter, J.St. George20,24280
Acker, O.S.Graham1480
Adams, Wm.Maywood16,2177
Adelman, FredMinden1180
Adelman, M.St. George28120
Adelman, MarySt. George2880
Adelman, MaryGlendorado1820
Adelman, Mich'l.St. George3340
Adelman, N.St. George1420
Adelman, Nich.St. George25,26200
Adelman, V.St. George1420
Adelman, ValentineSt. George26120
Affeldt, C.Granite Ledge1780
Affeldt, J. & A.Granite Ledge17160
Ahrens, F.St. George23120
Albrecht, A.Gilmanton2140
Albrecht, Aug.Gilmanton1780
Albrecht, JuliusSauk Rapids1,12200
Albrecht, MarthaGilmanton2280
Albrechts, JuliusSauk Rapids2,12,13200
Aleckson, AleckGlendorado2760
Aleckson, Aug.Glendorado2540
Aleckson, C.Glendorado24120
Allen & BrakefieldGlendorado3340
Allen, A.G.Glendorado3380
Allen, E.T. & J.S. BrakefieldGlendorado32160
Allen, J.R.St. George3120
Alliance Trust Co.Langola E2025
Amoth, Elif & J.Granite Ledge22200
Anderson, A.B.Sauk Rapids2320
Anderson, AndrewGlendorado14240
Anderson, AnnaWatab2640
Anderson, B. & B.Minden1940
Anderson, Benj.Watab3680
Anderson, B.F. & Jos.Watab1652.87
Anderson, C.Glendorado2580
Anderson, C.J.Longola2280
Anderson, F.A.Glendorado980
Anderson, FannieWatab24200
Anderson, G.Glendorado2280
Anderson, G.W.Watab10185.5
Anderson, J.Glendorado147.53
Anderson, O.J.Langola E1510?
Anderson, P.Granite Ledge2940
Anderson, J.Granite Ledge2940
Anderson, J.A.Glendorado940
Anderson, J.E.Maywood140
Anderson, Jno.Watab1640
Anderson, Jos.Watab1684.09
Anderson, J.P.Glendorado32,33160
Anderson, M.Maywood34120
Anderson, P.Maywood1940
Anderson, R.B.Watab3680
Arkuszewski, AntonGilmanton380
Arndt, A.A.Granite Ledge1540
Arneth, Jno.Sauk Rapids1598.48
Arnold, Flora M.Watab24160
Arnold, John W.Watab2580
Aschenbrenner, A.Langola E7,9125.7
Aschenbrenner, C.Langola E1840
Aschenbrenner, ChristinaLangola E1780
Atfalter, B.St. George1580
Atkins, J.Maywood2140
Atwood, C.L.Graham2,25,28,34360
Atwood, C.L.Langola E35107.24
Atwood, C.L.Alberta667.92
Atwood, C.L.Mayhew Lake2140
Atwood, C.L.Watab12,13240
Atwood, C.L.Maywood2440
Atwood, Mary E.Glendorado1080
Atzertorf, Anton (Est)Minden5120
Azczowrowski, J.Alberta3176.45
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Bacon, H.P.Granite Ledge26,28200
Bachelor, E.B.Glendorado140
Bairel, Ida (possibly Buirel)Gilmanton1340
Baker, Wm.Graham17240
Balder, C.F.St. George21,27120
Balder, E.St. George2340
Balder, Edw.St. George20120
Balder, JohannaSt. George14120
Baldwin, J. & G.W.Gilmanton3473
Banach, MaryMaywood480
Bardonski, AnnaGraham35120
Bardonski, F.Graham3640
Barezinski, Thos. (same as Barzznski?)Alberta3540
Barik, Jos.Gilmanton1340
Barker, G.E.Langola E22144
Barker, J.E.Granite Ledge2540
Barnum, E.A.Minden6135.36
Barnum, I.A.Sauk Rapids2319
Baron, J.Gilmanton2140
Baron, JohnGilmanton19120
Baron, S.Gilmanton29,3198.61
Barrett, JohnMayhew Lake35~15
Barry, J.St. George30100
Barszyk, J.Gilmanton1140
Barthelemy, CatherineMinden1280
Barthelemy, D.Minden13159
Barthelemy, D.St. George1640
Barthelemy, E.Minden14,23334.47
Barthelemy, E.N.Granite Ledge16160
Barthelemy, E.N.Minden3680
Barthelemy, E.N.St. George3640
Barthelemy, Jos. J.Minden1376
Barthelemy, J.P.Minden23,36178
Barthelemy, P.P.St. George3640
Barthelmy, Wm. (Elk River Stock Farm)Minden2,11,13,14516
Bartunszewski, F.Gilmanton1940.23
Bartunzewski, F.Mayhew Lake2420
Bartusiewski, G.Gilmanton19,3080
Bartuszewski, E.Gilmanton2020
Bartuszewski, G.Gilmanton2980
Bartuszewski, M.Gilmanton2080
Barzznski, S. (same as Barezinski?)Alberta35200
Basworth, AnnieMinden2877
Basworth, M.L. (possibly Bosworth)Minden1740
Baxter, R.J.Langola E6120.16
Beal, E.E.Sauk Rapids1140
Bech, JohnGraham18113.88
Beck, JohnGraham19155.26
Becker, Geo. A.Minden2740
Becker, H.St. George2680
Becker, HermanMinden26,27,35557.13
Behrend, F.Mayhew Lake25,26119.75
Beliewski, J.Alberta22160
Benke, F.Gilmanton4119
Benke, FranzMayhew Lake2420
Bennie, JamesMinden21160
Benson, J.A.Maywood2980
Benson, J.N. & J.A.Minden3540
Benson, J.N. & J.A.Sauk Rapids2630
Bentz, G.Watab3440
Benwand, J.Gilmanton3340
Benware, I.Gilmanton2880
Berczinski, Thos.Gilmanton237.71
Berg, H.Sauk Rapids3286
Berg, JuliusGranite Ledge3,4,10,11481.9
Berg, Julius W.Mayhew Lake246.09
Berg, J.W.Granite Ledge2,11,14440
Berg, J.W.Graham12,35520
Berg, J.W.Minden1540
Berg, J.W.Watab2480
Berg, T.W.Mayhew Lake6164.96
Bergman, B.St. George1,2107.10
Bergman, E.Maywood2540
Bergman, P.A.Maywood3640
Bergstadt, P.Glendorado3340
Bergstedt, J.Glendorado22,27,28,29320
Bergstrom, M.Sauk Rapids1440
Bergstrom, N.Glendorado489.75
Berkey, C. & O.Granite Ledge2480
Bernard, E.H.St. George1640
Bernhagen, C.Sauk Rapids240
Bettendorf, P.Maywood1980
Beven, John & NichlasMinden18160
Bialke, A.Alberta2440
Bialke, A.Mayhew Lake22,23120
Bialke, J.A.Alberta140
Bialke, L.Alberta23160
Bialke, VictoriaAlberta2460
Bialki, A.Alberta2680
Bialki, AlbertineAlberta2580
Bialki, J.Alberta3180
Bialki, Mary J.Alberta3140
Biandala, F.Gilmanton31150
Bible, EnochAlberta15120
Bible, P. Jr.Alberta9,1680
Bible, Peter Sr.Alberta15120
Bissell, D.S.Minden32120
Bjurstrom, J.Glendorado1040
Black (see Miner)
Blaisdell, Mary A.Sauk Rapids1340
Blanchette, M.C.Granite Ledge2880
Blaschke, A.Gilmanton29,31,32160
Blattner, J.M.St. George3640
Blattner, J.M. & D.H.St. George32120
Blattner, KateSt. George29,32280
Blaw, C.H.Minden1080
Blaw, H.R.Minden1080
Blaw, KarolinaMinden1080
Blazak, MatGilmanton740
Blood, GayMaywood980
Blosekke, CarlMinden940
Blow, C.H. (same as Blaw?)Minden1140
Boczkowski, AdamMayhew Lake1440
Boelz, Geo. (possibly Bolez)Graham1680
Bogen, E.J.Maywood3380
Boggeman, CarolinaLangola E1979.31
Bogum, K.Sauk Rapids1432
Bogun, C. & E.Sauk Rapids1240
Bogus, AndrewMayhew Lake3120
Bohm, WilhelmMayhew Lake2280
Bohm, Wm.Minden2120
Bolez, Geo. (possibly Boelz)Graham1040
Bolinski, G.Gilmanton1940
Bone, T.C.Minden1810
Bonowski, AdamMayhew Lake3640
Bonowski, AdamMinden166.30
Bookey, C.Sauk Rapids1340
Borasch, FrankLangola E20160
Bornsheim, Wm.Langola E36240
Bosmarck, Felix P.Gilmanton2160
Bosmarck, Thos.Gilmanton140
Bosworth, M.L.Minden2877
Bosworth, M.L. & OthersMinden240
Botzkowski, AdamMayhew Lake13210
Bowing, A.E. & H.C.Watab25160
Bowers, E.A.Langola W4,9191.2
Bowers, E.A. & M.J.Langola W4160
Bowerz, Jos.Alberta5120
Bozeck, FrancesGilmanton380
Brakefield, J.S. (see Allen, E.T.)
Branch, NicholasGraham11240
Brand, Edw.Mayhew Lake33,34320
Brand, ValentinMinden2,3190.03
Brann, John P.Mayhew Lake940
Brann, Joseph M.Mayhew Lake9315
Brann, J.P.Mayhew Lake8124
Brecke, O.E.Maywood1577
Brennan, J.Minden1540
Brennan, J.G.Minden22,23284.19
Brennan, R.Glendorado1840
Brennan, Robt.St. George27,36279.77
Brennan, S.Minden14,15,22,23340.33
Brennan, S.St. George4132.5
Brennan, W.G.Minden14,15,26240
Brennan, W.G.St. George440
Brenner, Al.St. George340
Brenny, FrankGraham9,16320
Brenny, Jos.Graham33,34220
Brenny, J.P.Graham34,35100
Brenny, MarthaGraham3440
Brenny, StephenGraham34160
Bridgman, C.Granite Ledge3580
Briese, AdolphGraham8160
Briese, ReinholdGraham15160
Britt, M.Minden3240
Broadhead, C.W.Granite Ledge482.74
Broadhead, MaryGranite Ledge13160
Broadhead, SteeleGranite Ledge1380
Brodhead, D.W.Langola W11,12240
Brodhed, W.Granite Ledge441.17
Bromagin, Eva R.Glendorado584.66
Brombrink, F.Glendorado1940
Brombrink, FranzSt. George35160
Bronder, J.Gilmanton3559.60
Brower, R.B.Maywood1636.54
Brown, C. & H.Gilmanton23200
Brown, J.G. & W.G.; & D.S. BurnsMinden2660
Brown, J.L.Sauk Rapids24,25~15
Brunbaugh, M.Maywood2880
Bryngelson, M.Glendorado3580
Brzeziriski, Jos.Gilmanton380
Buegler, A.Minden8,15,17320
Buemer, F.Minden34,35260
Burfield, Geo.Graham12160
Burfield, Geo.Alberta7115.24
Burgraff, HenryLangola W4,5214.02
Burgraff, NicholasLangola W4113.56
Burnham, C.J.St. George1280
Burnham, R.St. George1540
Burns, D.S. (see Brown)
Burns, Jas.Watab3680
Burton, Eliz.Watab15160
Burton, John A.Watab3478.52
Buscher, AntonSt. George33160
Busse, EdmundGraham3080
Busse, F.Graham2840
Butler, F.Glendorado540
Butler, W.S.Maywood2280
Buvzenski, JohnGraham3540
Byzewsky, A.Granite Ledge1853.95
Byzewsky, MaryGranite Ledge18134.25
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Cael, B.St. George19120
Cael, Benj.St. George1640
Cael, ErnestMinden12120
Cael, GustavMinden12~140
Cairns, Laura Z.Langola E11,14120
Cairns, Mary A.Graham19160
Cairns, Thos.Graham19151.76
Cairns, Thos.Langola E24156
Calahan, B. (see Loyd, R.)
Calahan, JohnSt. George1876
Calahan, W.B.St. George7,17,18200
Cameron, D.G.St. George10~100
Campbell & MillerLangola E33120
Campbell, A.Watab2290.19
Campbell, A.A.Watab2637
Campbell, AbsalomWatab23160
Campbell, D.Watab3415 ?
Campbell, D.C. (Est.)Watab26,27,34113.25
Campbell, G.W.Maywood2880
Campbell, J.W. & L.A.Watab3477
Campbell, Nelson & Jennie F.Watab26160
Campbell, P.Watab3426
Campbell, PearlWatab34,3589
Campell, FrankSt. George12240
Carey, A.St. George14,20120
Carey, BridgetSt. George3080
Carey, J.St. George15,3178.58
Carey, J.M.St. George1440
Carey, J.M. & Mary E.St. George1980
Carey, JohnMinden36160
Carey, MarySt. George2080
Carey, P.S.St. George29,35,36440
Carlson, A.Maywood880
Carlson, AndrewGlendorado1169.25
Carlson, AnnaMaywood13,24100
Carlson, Gust.Glendorado1,12,15360
Carlson, H.Maywood1340
Carlson, J.W.Glendorado386.56
Carlson, K.Glendorado24160
Carlson, MaryGlendorado2640
Carlson, O.Glendorado2340
Carlson, Otto W.Glendorado180
Carnes, Eliz. A.Langola E140
Carpenter, H.M.Watab27223.85
Carter, J.O.St. George4151
Cartier, E.A.Granite Ledge2340
Case, Alb.St. George1140
Case, P.St. George11,1560
Casey, PatMinden1230
Casey, PatSt. George5,7149.93
Casey, Patk.Minden3540
Cater, L.W.St. George238.55
Cath. Ch.St. George3433
Cath. ChurchMinden2540
Ceilinski, FrankGilmanton180
Ceilinski, J. (same as Cielinski?)Alberta3680
Chambers, R.H.Gilmanton1380
Chandler, J.E.Glendorado510
Chapek, F.Alberta3162.79
Chapman, G.Langola W440
Chapp, FrankMayhew Lake1,12120
Chase, DoraGranite Ledge180
Check, O.C.Maywood1540
Chevalier, MaryGilmanton1380
Chick, E.O.Maywood2340
Chies, W.H. & Berry SkipmanLangola E1980
Chmielewski, F.Alberta14120
Chmielewski, MaryAlberta12,14,15200
Christianson, ClaraGranite Ledge25120
Christle, TheodoreLangola E7,18331.98
Christle, Wm.Langola W380
Chromie, C.R.Maywood2280
Church of AnnunciationMayhew Lake710
Cielinski, F. (same as Ceilinski?)Alberta3680
Chelgren, AaronWatab35160
Clapper, H.Maywood2540
Clark, R.C.Langola W1,2197.22
Clarke, N.P.Sauk Rapids36~20
Clepper, Mary R.Langola E9,10320
Clifton, M.Sauk Rapids2510
Coates (see Cooper & Coates)
Coates, J. (1/2) & J.H. Coates (1/4) & E. Cross (1/4)Sauk Rapids25~40
Coates, J.H.Sauk Rapids13,14239
Coates, Jno.Sauk Rapids2528
Coates, JohnMinden31160
Coates, Jos. H. (see Cross, E.)
Coates, Mary O.Minden3140
Cobb, S.W.Sauk Rapids1020
Cockelet, P.Langola E2,11120
Coffin, M.E.Glendorado10160
Cokette, P.Langola E1937
Colberg, O.Maywood3540
Collins (see Mitchell)
Collins, L.W.Graham180.12
Collins, L.W.Sauk Rapids1,2,3,13,23,24446.5
Collins, L.W. & L.S. GordonSauk Rapids1140
Compton, W.E.Maywood19,3088.60
Cone, M.S. (Rock Creek Stock Farm)Watab22160
Connelly, D.E.St. George18,19119.52
Connelly, J.D.St. George1880
Connelly, J.J.St. George18120
Connelly, M.Glendorado2180
Connelly, T.Glendorado20,29200
Connelly, Thos.Glendorado20160
Conner, H.B. & E.Maywood34117.5
Connor, C.F.Langola W10120
Cook, E.L.Maywood3280
Cook, LucyMaywood3240
Cook, S.B.Granite Ledge2880
Cook, S.M.Granite Ledge1,2,9,12,17,22512.6
Cooper, C.A.Gilmanton3440
Cooper & CoatesWatab14314
Copely, R.Minden2540
Copple, E.Sauk Rapids3638
Cordes, H.Minden770
Cordes, HenryMinden8159
Cota, A.St. George2880
Crandall, C.S.Mayhew Lake2840
Crandall, C.T.Graham2880
Cranston, ElizabethMinden28,33160
Crook, G.Glendorado280
Crook, W.G.Glendorado1040
Crosby, F.M.Watab1160
Cross, E.Sauk Rapids10,24120
Cross, E. & Jos. H. CoatesMinden1986.30
Cross, F.Sauk Rapids2349.25
Cross, GeorgeGraham18185.11
Cross, JamesSt. George940
Crowley, B.Graham780
Crowley, C.St. George1839.09
Cullen, J.E.Minden3640
Cullen, J.E.St. George3077.71
Cullen, John E.St. George30,31280
Cullon, J.E. (see Penny, T.E.)
Cumming, A. (Braeside Farm)Sauk Rapids10,16154.75
Curry, J.C.Minden27152
Curry, John C.Minden32,33320
Cziok, J.Mayhew Lake2540
Cziok, J.Gilmanton20,3029.31
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Daehn, D.Maywood2140
Dahler, A.J.Granite Ledge19120
Dahler, F.V.Granite Ledge8,18,19280
Dahler, L.J.Granite Ledge2080
Dahler, M.Graham1380
Dahler, M.J.Graham1340
Dahlin, G.Glendorado960
Dalin, G.St. George3280
Dam, Chas. A.Minden5134.04
Dassow, L.J.Langola W11,12160
Daub, V.Granite Ledge2840
David, J.Gilmanton2010
David, Jos.Glendorado29120
Davids, J.Mayhew Lake2579
Davis, Adela A.Maywood19142.7
Davis, AdeliaMaywood1980
Day, S.Maywood540
Decker Jr., PeterMayhew Lake2380
Decker Sr., PeterMayhew Lake14,23160
Deeg, RoseMaywood2740
Delano, E.J.St. George540
Delano, Geo.St. George840
De Long, G.B.Gilmanton7,1860
De Long, Geo.Mayhew Lake1040
Deml, SimonMaywood2440
Dempsey (see Rohers)
Demules, Anna C.Langola E488.63
Denliki, W.Maywood340
Deppa, FrankMayhew Lake14120
Deppa, J.Alberta3080
Deppa, JacobGraham13120
Deppa, JacobAlberta29120
Deppa, JohnAlberta2980
Deppa, Juliua (possibly Juluia)Mayhew Lake1440
Deppa, Thos.Mayhew Lake2480
Derenthal, Aug.St. George36120
De Shane, A.Maywood540
Detloff, A.Gilmanton19,20,21130
Detloff, AndrewMayhew Lake1,12120
Dickey, C.Maywood1040
Dierkes, J.St. George24,25320
Dimler, E.Maywood41
Doane, A.D.Maywood11120
Doble, Laura E.Langola E1080
Doble, M.D.Langola E3,10180
Donahue, J.D.Granite Ledge1240
Donahue, J.L.Granite Ledge1440
Donahue, P.E.Granite Ledge2240
Donner, Herm.Minden380
Donner, HermanMayhew Lake280
Donovan, J.Gilmanton22,28120
Donovan, TimMaywood1860.9
Donovan, Wm.Gilmanton21,28320
Dorenkempes, L.J.St. George3380
Dorr, L.Maywood180
Dory, T.B.Langola W25
Dowell, E.A.Langola E1640
Dowsland, R.Sauk Rapids1580
Drake, S.D.Langola E11200
Drops, F.Gilmanton3159.17
Dropshewski, G.W.Granite Ledge2780
Dropshewski, HattieGranite Ledge2780
Druos, H. & G.Granite Ledge2157.33
Duddy, P.C.Granite Ledge15160
Duerkes, J.Glendorado1920
Duhamel, F.Maywood8160
Duhomel, F.Minden3022.70
Duhomel, Phoebe A.Minden3022.70
Dumbeck, K.Alberta1840
Duncan, Jas.Sauk Rapids451.64
Dunke, FredGraham32200
Dunkel, F.Graham3480
Dunsmore, Geo.Graham15160
Duscha, F.Gilmanton2010
Duscha, FredMayhew Lake1340
Duscha, W.Gilmanton2010
Duscha, Wm.Mayhew Lake1340
Duscha, Wm.Gilmanton737.94
Dyche, Grace L.S. & Fannie M. ScrippsGraham1158.99
Dzibinski, AthanczMayhew Lake280
Dziuk, F.St. George2480
Dziuk, FranzkaSt. George2480
Dziuk, J.St. George3540
Dziuk, P.St. George3448
Dzurik, S.Langola E4240
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East, F.Maywood2540
Eastern Minn. Land Co.Maywood2440
Eddy, M.J.Maywood370.99
Eder, H.M.Mayhew Lake1380
Eichhold, AdolphLangola E13,14160
Eichold, AnnaGraham10160
Egan, Chas.Gilmanton1140
Eggelman, I.A. (possibly L.A.)Mayhew Lake83
Eklund, J.Maywood140
Ekstrum, KnutGlendorado960
Eleoffin, MaryMaywood173.04
Ellis, O.S.Langola E3,10120
Elwell, CatherineGranite Ledge33,3480
Elwell, G.W.Granite Ledge3380
Elwell, Wm.Granite Ledge3440
E. Minn. Land Co.Granite Ledge2640
Emmerick, Wm.Glendorado19167.08
Engebretson, A.Glendorado26160
Engebretson, E.Glendorado2538
Engebretson, E.G.Glendorado25114
Engel, L.St. George15101
Engman, C.Maywood140
Eothergill, J.St. George2540
Erdman, EdwardLangola E35111.57
Erdman, EdwardWatab1,2,11613.2
Erdman, HenryMayhew Lake10120
Erickson, A.Maywood180
Erickson, B. & O.Granite Ledge2580
Erickson, E. & C.Maywood3440
Erickson, J.Maywood140
Estey, G.E.Langola E2,10,11280
Estey, J.Watab15158
Everett, Charlotte C.Glendorado2880
EVerett, E.Glendorado2880
Everson, E.N.Maywood1638
Ewert, W.F.Alberta5,7120
Ewert, W.F.Maywood1440
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Faling, HenryGilmanton5,6320
Faling, HenryGraham3680
Fallows, S.Gilmanton2140
Faltner, P.Graham3580
Fegner & PetersonGranite Ledge2340
Fegner, F.Granite Ledge2380
Fellows, S.Maywood7,27,28,31270
Fellows, S.Gilmanton3240
Fellows, SilnerGilmanton32160
Ferdinansen, P.H.Sauk Rapids36~30
Ferm, C.Maywood140
Fiddler, S.Graham20160
Fifield, W.Granite Ledge27160
Fifield, W.Maywood240
Filmore, F.Gilmanton2780
Filmore, E.F.Gilmanton2380
Finden, F.Maywood3540
Finden, F.L.Maywood27120
Finlayson, And.Glendorado3680
Fink, AnnaMinden1640
Finn, T.J.Granite Ledge2780
Fischer, Frances & A.Mayhew Lake5160
Fischer, JosephLangola E5,6207.46
Flaherty, JamesMinden1120
Flaherty, Jas.St. George1980
Flanagan, J.St. George1939.69
Flanegan, JohnMinden3640
Flanigan, AgnesMinden245
Flanigan, JohnMinden2480
Fleagel, F.Maywood10160
Fleegel, JohnMayhew Lake2180
Fleischacker, JohnMayhew Lake1080
Fleischhacker, A. (possibly Fleischacker)Graham1480
Fletcher, W.H.Sauk Rapids410.75
Fling, A.W.Maywood1637.32
Flugel, MalhisMayhew Lake17160
Foinquette, L.G.Gilmanton25160
Foley Bros.Maywood3380
Foley Bros.Gilmanton25,26,35~315
Foley Bros.Glendorado2,3,4,9,10,18,19603.02
Foley Bros.St. George378.79
Foley Bros. et alMaywood31160
Foley, J.Granite Ledge3580
Foley, J.Gilmanton13,14,16320
Foley, Jno.Langola E32120
Foley, T. Et alAlberta2540
Foley, T. et alGlendorado3,11200
Foley, T. et alMaywood23,27,31,35,36340
Foley, T. et alGilmanton13,35,36200
Foote, A.E>Langola W3240.12
Foote, AlfonseLangola380
Foote, R.L.Langola W31.5
Fora, Chas. (could be Ford?)Glendorado1280
Ford, Jens. T.Glendorado12160
Ford, Thos.Glendorado1340
Forsythe, W.J.Maywood9160
Foss, F.Graham1640
Foster, J.B.Gilmanton1580
Foster, J.J.Gilmanton1540
Fothergill, J.St. George29,32200
Fouquette, AimeGlendorado6191.52
Fouquette, L.G.Glendorado6,7240
Fouqutte, LudgeGlendorado6158.66
Fratzyk, K.Granite Ledge740
Frazer, Aug.Gilmanton20160
Fredin, J.E.Maywood1540
Freecheck, J.Gilmanton2480
Freed, J.A.St. George3176.99
Freeman, ClaraMinden3140
French, L.D.Watab1280
French, Mrs.Watab340
Friberg, Seline J.Minden6161.98
Friday, HenryGraham3078.74
Fritz, AlbertGraham33120
Fritz, C.Graham26,2782
Fritz, Robt.Minden11160
Fromelt, A.J.Watab2,3154.22
Fromelt, J.Langola E3378
Fruth, SimonMayhew Lake4,16280
Fuchs, JacobWatab3480
F.V. Et al (F. Vandra?)Alberta33
A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z   Schools   Post Offices   Other 
Gadacz, M.Alberta32,33160
G.A.L.Sauk Rapids257
Galerneault, C.Gilmanton3240
Galarneault, C.J.Gilmanton31,32400
Gale, R.L.Granite Ledge1480
Gallea, W.G.Maywood29,3360
Gallea, Wm. G.Maywood3080
Galtz, PeteGranite Ledge8160
Galush, JosephMayhew Lake1180
Galush, ValentineMayhew Lake380
Ganande, F.Gilmanton29,3160
Gapiniski, J.Alberta20160
Gapinski, F.Alberta23160
Gappa, JohannGilmanton4,5203.26
Gardner, Hattie A.Minden2880
Garlick, Edw. D.St. George1380
Garlick, EvaSt. George1380
Garlick, PaulMayhew Lake1140
Garritson, N.C.Mayhew Lake642.32
Garritson, N.E.Mayhew Lake688.45
Gates, A.H.Langola E1,2,12440
Gates, A.H.Graham5,6320
Gaumnitz, L. (Est.)Graham3080
Gazett, Agnes E.Graham26160
Gazett, J.Sauk Rapids2580
Gazett, J.B.Graham2980
Gazett, Jno.Graham22240
Gazett, Jno.Langola E2,3,15180
Gazett, Jno.Watab4164
Gazett, JohnGraham15,21,22,23400
George, G.Glendorado3640
George, MinnieGlendorado3640
Gergenson, T.D.Langola E1240
Gerka, JuliaMayhew Lake1480
Gerzema, L.W.Minden30178.84
Getchell, D.Maywood1580
Getschmann, Wm.Sauk Rapids1280
Giles, C.L.Graham3159.44
Gillaspie, Jas. (Gillespie?)Langola E1680
Gilman, BeulahMayhew Lake31283.2
Gilman, BeulahWatab11146.25
Gilman, C.Langola E34115.2
Gilman, C.Granite Ledge2080
Gilman, C.Alberta1287.8
Gilman, C.Watab523.42
Gilman, C.Mayhew Lake31,35253.25
Gilman, C.A.Minden240
Gilman, E.E.Minden240
Gilman, Fanny E.
Gilman, Frances E.Minden5,6,7,17,19,201080
Gilman, Francis E.Minden30,34169.60
Gilman, J.D.L.Watab27234.37
Glidden, S.P.Watab3536.49
G.N. Ry. Co.Granite Ledge7,2580
G.N. Ry. Co.Gilmanton1,11,13,15400
Goedert, Jno. P.Graham27117
Goerger, BernardMayhew Lake10120
Goerger, E.B.St. George25120
Goerger, Ed. B. & NicholasGlendorado30148.09
Gofield, Thos.Glendorado36120
Golla, AnnaAlberta22160
Golemback, G.Minden140
Golembeck, G.Minden3,4160
Goltz, JohnGilmanton4,9200
Gordon, A.W. & L.W.Watab2263.15
Gordon, Lizzie W.Watab21,22185.21
Gordon, L.S. (see Collins, L.W>)
Gordon, P.A.Sauk Rapids986.67
Gorham, P.Alberta580
Gorman, MinnieMaywood2480
Gottwalt, TheodoreLangola W1380
Gottwold, TheodoreLangola E30,31120
Gottwolt, L.E.Langola E14,15280
Grabarkieviz, RomanMaywood9,10200
Grabinski, J.Gilmanton3080
Grabowski, M.Gilmanton2020
Gradke, J.Minden248.25
Gradke, S.Mayhew Lake2480
Gradke, S.Gilmanton3019.19
Gradke, Saml.Mayhew Lake2540
Grady, L.J.Alberta540
Grady, L.T.Granite Ledge31,3280
Grady, L.T.Maywood5,8236.73
Grady, L.T.Alberta7,9,17,24634.86
Grady, L.T.Gilmanton3340
Grady, L.T.Glendorado9,13,28,31,32,33640
Graham, B.Langola E3044.41
Graham, Benj.Langola E1780
Graja, M.Alberta3038.92
Gratz, Agnes M.Alberta1340
Gratz, J.E. (see K. Wiedel)
Gratz, P.Alberta13120
Green, E.E.Granite Ledge36160
Green, Wm.Glendorado440
Greener, Ed.Maywood28,29120
Greener, Ivan O.Maywood2880
Greener, Le RoyMaywood29120
Greener, L.H.Maywood3080
Greener, O.G.Maywood2840
Greener, R.Maywood3079
Gregory, CliffLangola E1680
Gregory, J.A.Maywood2740
Griffin, EllenGlendorado1540
Griffin, H.E.Minden3022.70
Griffin, MaryGlendorado15160
Griffin, Patk.Glendorado1540
Grinols Co., TheWatab2640
Grobawski, M.Mayhew Lake2557
Gronlund, C.Granite Ledge1140
Gruba, AnnaGilmanton12120
Gruba, FredGilmanton1280
Gruba, Jno.Graham3680
Guck, CatherineLangola E8240
Guck, GregorLangola E15,16160
Guck, L.Langola E520
Guck, MaxLangola E21,28396.59
Guck, ThadiusMayhew Lake5,6324.62
Guettman, E.A.Minden1060
Guettman, Wm. C.Minden1060
Gulatus, A.Sauk Rapids1180
Gunderson, K.Glendorado3540
Gurecki, Jos.Alberta2180
Gureki, J.Alberta1740
Guretzki, J.Alberta2080
Gurki, Jos.Gilmanton4121.26
Gurney, H.D.Watab35160
Guss, FrankGlendorado280
A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z   Schools   Post Offices   Other 
Haesecke, Wm.St. George3480
Haggeman, M.St. George1440
Hageman, Margt.Maywood3240
Hagquist, E.Watab3640
Hales, F.W.Sauk Rapids24395
Halfman, Theo.St. George28120
Hall, Ed. S.Minden18,19201.62
Hall Bros.Maywood3439
Hallberg, Chas.Maywood1140
Hallenhorst, FredMayhew Lake5,7,8397
Hallern, ElizabethMayhew Lake3089.5
Hallern, J.Mayhew Lake30164.94
Hallern, J.F.Mayhew Lake19,3088.91
Hallern, Math.Mayhew Lake3080
Halverson, B.Glendorado1480
Halvorson, J.St. George140
Halweg, F.Graham23,27160
Hamon, W.C. & A.M.Granite Ledge25160
Hanson, E.Glendorado240
Hanson, E. (Est)Glendorado12120
Hanson, Edw.Glendorado1140
Hanson, G.Maywood1380
Hanson, G.Glendorado14160
Hanson, H.Glendorado1240
Hanson, J.H.Glendorado2,380
Hanson, J.H.& E.Glendorado240
Hanson, P.L.Granite Ledge2240
Harland, MabelMinden240
Harmon, JohnSt. George11100
Harper, Wm.Minden26160
Harrington, G.L.Granite Ledge26240
Harrington, W.E.St. George172.93
Harris, C.W.Alberta18111.6
Harris, G.W.Granite Ledge1040
Harris, J.Granite Ledge1080
Hart, C.D.Glendorado5,8160
Hartping, A.Gilmanton27,3380
Hary, T.Graham2,3160
Hatch, S.G.Granite Ledge15120
Hatch, T.C.Alberta6160
Havil, I.H.Sauk Rapids1439
Havill, O.H.Langola E12,13200
Havill, O.H.Langola W3158
Havill & ReinhardGranite Ledge4,9,21320
Hawkes & Co., T.B.Langola W12153.6
Hawkins, C.S.Gilmanton1940
Haywood, Saml. L.Minden3183.30
Hazuka, F.Alberta1580
H.B.Sauk Rapids24~1
Heahnel, GustaveWatab25160
Heddens, B.Langola E25160
Hedlund, EmmaMaywood3480
Heim, G.C.Watab8,9,17154.4
Heim, Geo.Watab10,1154.85
Heim, JohnWatab16234.13
Heintz, JohannMinden16200
Helmin, AdamGilmanton9,10160
Helmin, F.Alberta12120
Helmin, J.Alberta1,12120
Helmin, K.Alberta3580
Helmin, K.Gilmanton2,3118.1
Helmin, P.Gilmanton1540
Heltel, Geo.Maywood980
Heltemes, JohnMayhew Lake780
Heltemes, J.P.Graham32320
Heltemes, J.P.Mayhew Lake1840
Henry, A.Glendorado5,6,7,17,18,22632.27
Henry, A.St. George15
Henry, Al.Glendorado3240
Henry, AlexGlendorado4,9,18200
Henry, AlphonseGlendorado4,5160
Henry, AlphonseSt. George13160
Henry, DelinaGlendorado1791.25
Henry, FannyGlendorado2978.17
Henry, J.B.Glendorado7,8260
Henry, J.B.St. George2380
Henry, Jos.St. George22,23161
Henry, LydiaGlendorado7136.64
Henry, Mary J.Glendorado7,8,18468.73
Henze, Wm.Graham30118
Herbert, KateGilmanton1540
Herbst, CarolineGlendorado18128.70
Herbst, CarolineSt. George24160
Herman, F.Alberta1340
Herman, FredGilmanton440
Herman, H. & M.Gilmanton880
Herman, J.Granite Ledge30160
Herman, J.Gilmanton880
Herman, M.Alberta1380
Herman, MartinGilmanton4120.5
Herman, S.St. George1880
Hertig, WendellGranite Ledge34160
Hertzing, Jno.Langola E1640
Hess, Aug.Gilmanton980
Hess, Mary (Est.)Graham33160
Hess, Mary (Est.)Mayhew Lake488.55
Hess, MattGraham21,28150
Hicks, J.Minden2978
Hicks, Wm. F.Minden2980
Higgins, J.C.Langola W10,1531 (island)
Higgins, Jno.Langola W14332.9
Hill. J.J.Granite Ledge6292.81
Hill, J.J.Alberta180
Hill, O.Glendorado2340
HilligossGranite Ledge3580
Hilligoss, W.J.St. George3,5198.65
Hiltel, Geo.Minden1680
Hilton, N.G.St. George180
H.M.O.Sauk Rapids25~5
Hoag, O.J.Glendorado27100
Hoagland, MaryGilmanton2579.5
Hodgman, B.F.St. George480
Hodgson, E.J.Langola E1440
Hoff, S.E.Glendorado27160
Hogan, M.Langola E2740
Holden, F.H.Minden3140
Holmberg, N.Maywood3640
Holter, C.Glendorado28160
Homan, J.B.Sauk Rapids10,11640
Homan, Theresa Sr. & Theresa Homan Jr.Sauk Rapids15159.22
Horley, JohnMinden24155
Howard, E.Sauk Rapids3679
Hoyt, D.W.Sauk Rapids2215
Hubbard, Chas.Glendorado1180
Hubbard, E.D.Glendorado10,1180
Hubbard, S.Glendorado1140
Hubbell, D.Langola E
Humane, H.W.Maywood16120
Hunck, C.A.St. George13,27,34,36234
Hunt, F.A.Langola E23160
Hunt, W.F.Maywood3116.22
Huntley, JohnMinden3680
Hurley, G.Minden3640
Hurley, C.St. George1940
Hurley, GarettMinden2580
Hurley, J.W.St. George1980
Hurley, Margt.St. George1939.85
Hursey, C.G.Graham14120
Hursey, C.G.Minden3,492.86
Hurt, J.P.Maywood30155.03
Hustad, JohnGranite Ledge23160
Huston, A.Mayhew Lake3640
Huston, T.P.Mayhew Lake358
A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z   Schools   Post Offices   Other 
Ihli, I.Mayhew Lake1780
Imbiorski, Val.Alberta25159
Inderhus, Ed.Glendorado1140
Inderhus, M.Glendorado1480
Inke, E.St. George3340
Inman, A.C.Sauk Rapids387
Innes, Elizabeth et alGranite Ledge1780
A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z   Schools   Post Offices   Other 
Jaborowski, A. (same as Zaborowski?)Alberta980
Jacquemart, CelestineSt. George8,17120
Jacquemart, EliveSt. George1640
Jacquemart, EloieSt. George2040
Jacquemart, Geo. M. (Stony Brook Stock Farm)St. George17160
Jacquemart, P.J.Watab8,9151.41
Jacquemart, P.J.St. George17120
Jagodzinski, F.Alberta480
Jagodzinski, Jos.Alberta4~40
Jagodzinski, M.Alberta440
JanechowskzMayhew Lake140
Janiechowski, S.Gilmanton5,6127.61
Jankowski, K.Gilmanton11,1280
Janowice, M.Granite Ledge740
Jansen, Cath.Langola E3338.72
Jansen, D.Langola E29,33127
Jansen, John M.Mayhew Lake33100
Jansen, PeterMayhew Lake33129.6 ?
Jasknoik, P.Alberta1180
Jasmer, J.J.Maywood880
Jawarski, J.Gilmanton1880
Jawski, Edmund (possible Juwski)Gilmanton780
Jazum, S.Alberta2680
J.B.Sauk Rapids247
Jedlicka, CatharinaAlberta1180
Jedlicka, F.Alberta15,33160
Jedlicka, L.Alberta3340
Jeffery, W.E. (Est.)Graham480
Jenkins, G.Glendorado530
Jensen, C.Glendorado2780
Jensen, J.W.Alberta1440
Jensky, CasperLangola E18116.27
Jenson, IsaacGlendorado3340
Jenson, T.Glendorado34160
J.H.M.Sauk Rapids25~10
J.M.Sauk Rapids238
Joachem, J.A. (same as Jochem?)Alberta840
Jochem, A.Graham1380
Jochem, J.A.Granite Ledge16160
Jochem, MinaGranite Ledge3580
Jochem, MinnaSauk Rapids240
Johanneson, P.Glendorado3540
Johnson, A.Maywood1140
Johnson, A.Glendorado1180
Johnson. A.G.Maywood2380
Johnson, Anna K.Watab3540
Johnson, Aug.Maywood8,11120
Johnson, AxelMinden2540
Johnson, BarbaraMaywood26,27159
Johnson, C.Maywood340
Johnson, C.Sauk Rapids36~15
Johnson, C.R.Maywood3133.42
Johnson, C.S.Minden2540
Johnson, D.S.B.Maywood6137.2
Johnson, E.Maywood740
Johnson, E.Glendorado2340
Johnson, G.Maywood140
Johnson, G.E.Maywood3173.67
Johnson, HildaGlendorado2,11120
Johnson, J.Maywood880
Johnson, J.A.Glendorado3680
Johnson, J.C.Maywood2740
Johnson, L.Watab3640
Johnson, L.Maywood2640
Johnson, OlafMaywood3540
Johnson, OscarMaywood2380
Johnson, P.Maywood17160
Johnston, D.S.B. (Land Co.)Langola E1080
Jones, A.L.Minden34155.69
Jones, AmaliaGilmanton22120
Jones, S.F.Langola E1,2133.09
Jones, W.E.Granite Ledge11,12120
Jorhem, J.P.Graham3540
Joslin, EmilinGraham6136.6
Joslin, J.W.Graham6111.53
Joslin, J.W.Langola E1120.01
J. & R.B.; J. & J.A.B.Sauk Rapids24~30
Julkowski, J.F.Granite Ledge3380
Julkowski, P.Granite Ledge33160
Jurek, D.Alberta1740
Jurek, DavidAlberta29,32200
Jurek, Jos. L.Minden3680
Jurek, L.St. George3380
Jurek, MarySt. George34127
Jurek, Theo.St. George3280
A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z   Schools   Post Offices   Other 
Kaczik, John J. (or Jkaczik?)Mayhew Lake1580
Kaiser, P.E.Langola E15,22120
Kalash, John (same as Kolash?)Alberta840.75
Kalash, Jos. (same as Kolash?)Alberta839.25
Kamfa, V.Graham27,28201
Kaminsky, PaulAlberta10160
Kampa, AgnesSt. George13,14160
Kampa, F.W.Glendorado19,20360
Kampa, M.St. George3480
Kampa, MarySt. George13,33160
Kampa, P.St. George26,35120
Kampa, TheresaGlendorado1820
Kampa, TheresaSt. George22,28160
Kane, P.Minden1540
Kane, Robt.Minden24160
Kantor, K.Alberta19120
Kaproth, F.Glendorado2070
Kaproth, F.St. George2480
Kaproth, F. & M.Glendorado1920
Kaproth, J.Glendorado2090
Karasch, M.Langola W14,15127.31
Karels, MarySauk Rapids36~10
Karnowicks, Jos.Alberta3680
Kasmer, FrankAlberta2180
Kasner, A.E.Alberta1580
Kasner, A.E.Mayhew Lake23120
Kasner, A.E.Maywood1480
Kasner, A.E.Gilmanton6,7120
Kasner, A.E. & L. WisniewskiGraham180
Kasner, Mary A.Mayhew Lake2440
Kaspereck, JohnMayhew Lake280
Kaspurek, Eliz.Watab12140
Kath, CarlMinden2280
Kath, FrankMinden2180
Kath, Gustav & IdaMinden2180
Kathmann, W.F.Maywood32160
Katka, J.Alberta2080
Katke, FrankMayhew Lake140
Katke, Thos.Gilmanton776.53
Katz, AnhoniaSt. George3240
Keefe, JerryMaywood18237
Keefe, JohnGilmanton14,23,24320
W.E. KeefeGilmanton2480
Keekow, KarlMinden1180
Keeler, J.G.Watab2377
Keeler, Martha A.Glendorado3340
Keeler, P. & J.Watab2377
Keeler, S.Watab2268.34
Keer, R.Alberta6119.81
Keller, Jos.Langola E20215
Kellogg, John ("Happy Home")Graham3120
Kelm, Aug.Mayhew Lake31,32360
Kelm, Aug.Minden540
Kepp, OrinMayhew Lake145.81
Kermis, J.Granite Ledge280
Kerrick, F.Graham478.55
Kerstein, G.Gilmanton2960
Ketchum, Esther S.St. George1080
Ketchum, W.D.St. George1080
Kickow, CarlMinden1676.33
Kickow, GustavMinden10,11160
Kickow, GustaveSauk Rapids1,12240
Kickow, JuliusSauk Rapids1080
Kieffer, AugustMinden7188.89
Kieffer, PeterMinden7,18231.14
Kienow, F.R.Graham4160
Kilgard, R.P.Glendorado3380
Kinne, T.C.Langola W1420
Kipka, A.Gilmanton16,21240
Kipka, Jos.Gilmanton940
Kipp, OrinMinden21160
Kipp, S.Langola E3452.5
Kipp, S.Watab3,11,14146.29
Kipp, S. & O.Granite Ledge1,10,14,15,18,23480
Kipp, S. & O.Watab1,3,22200
Kipp, S. & O.Maywood14,24240
Kitkowski, A.Maywood6153.09
Kitowski, Thos.Graham3680
Kittelson, S. (or Kittilson?)Glendorado2528.40
Kjorimoe, ChrisMaywood2580
Kjorimoe, O. & T.Maywood25,26120
Kjorimoe, P.Maywood2680
Klauson, M.Glendorado14,23,26160
Kleiman, H.Granite Ledge3080
Klein & O'DonnellGranite Ledge29160
Klein, F.Langola E524.45
Klein, J.N.Langola E589.65
Klein, Margt.Langola E5,6160
Klein, MathiasLangola E5,6160
Klein, MathiasLangola W12160
Klein, NickLangola E5160
Kleinschmidt, KarlMayhew Lake1880
Kling, Anna L.Minden3640
Kling, G.W.Minden2580
Kling, H.C.Minden25,36200
Klinkert Este.Sauk Rapids36~15
Kmiec, GeorgeMayhew Lake10,11279
Knaffla, C.Gilmanton3020
Knafla, K.Gilmanton19,3040
Knafle, J.Gilmanton3157.64
Knapek, JosephMayhew Lake2,3100
Kniskern, Gusta M.Sauk Rapids340
Kobat, J.Granite Ledge3057.2
Koehler, JuliusMinden1680
Koepp, John G.Minden7,8,17,18610
Koester (2/3) & Siemers (1/3)Granite Ledge33280
Kolash, E. (same as Kalash?)Alberta880
KoltzSauk Rapids2012
Komorowski, E.Sauk Rapids1220
Koneck, AntonMayhew Lake184.62
Koneck, FrankMayhew Lake184.37
Kornovech, StanleyGilmanton1280
Kornowicz, Jos.Gilmanton1112.68
Kornowitz, S.Granite Ledge1940
Kosloski, John A.Gilmanton280
Koslowski, A.Gilmanton3080
Koslowski, F.Gilmanton1680
Kotsmith, F.J.Granite Ledge9120
Kouch, V.Gilmanton36160
Koutz, Wm.Sauk Rapids2310
Krause, J.Sauk Rapids294
Krause, R.Graham9,11120
Krawiecke, B.Alberta283.16
Krawiecki, B.Alberta33,3480
Kray, H.B.Langola E25160
Kreinbring, J.Glendorado1120
Krinke, LouisaMaywood3380
Krolikowski, A.Alberta19,2980
Krolikowski, V.Alberta19120
Kruck, AntonMinden10120
Kruger, Wm.Mayhew Lake29,32120
Kruhkowki, LeopoldMayhew Lake1240
Krzoska, AlexAlberta13160
Krzoska, J.Alberta23120
Kuath, FredMinden21,22359.40
Kubat, Jos.Alberta380
Kuczula, JohnMayhew Lake1440
Kuehn, LouisaGraham30202.26
Kuehn, R.Langola E3538
Kueper, JohnMinden17,20,28156
Kuffel, Henry A.Graham3680
Kuffel, J.Alberta31120
Kuhne, MaryGlendorado30,31222.92
Kuiper, JohnMinden2040
Kujava, Geo. H.Alberta36120
Kujava, JosephAlberta23-26320
Kujawa, C.Graham3640
Kujawa, F.Alberta26,2780
Kujawa, G.A.Alberta2780
Kujawa, J.A.Alberta7120
Kujawa, Jos.Graham2480
Kujawa, JoesphineAlberta3138.26
Kujawa, Jno.Graham25120
Kujawa, M.Graham2580
Kujawa, P.H.Graham3620
Kujawa, P.H.Alberta3178.29
Kujawa, T.Graham3660
Kumorowski, E. (same as Komorowski?)Sauk Rapids1260
Kurt, Chas.Maywood3037
Kussman, F.Maywood980
Kutki, FrankGilmanton6154.96
A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z   Schools   Post Offices   Other 
Labusga, F.St. George1340
Labusga, FrankSt. George1340
Labusga, Frank & FrancesSt. George1340
Laegergreen, P.J.Maywood2480
Lagarz, JohnMayhew Lake3640
Lamb, J.Gilmanton27120
Land, R.R.Granite Ledge15,2180
Lander, G.W.Maywood2740
Landre, J.J.St. George8,17120
Landre, M.T.St. George880
Lanz, P.C.Maywood4,5200
Lamont, J.Maywood2880
Lance, Wm. H.Maywood29120
Larabee, SophroniaMaywood380
Larrabee, SophroniaMaywood2940
Larson, A.Watab3580
Larson, A.Maywood3480
Larson, ChristineGlendorado345.94
Larson, Geo.Graham280
Larson, Jno.Sauk Rapids140
Larson, L.Glendorado2240
Larson, L.O.Glendorado2680
Larson, N.F.Watab36120
Larson, O.Maywood2740
Larson, OleGlendorado35,36240
Larson, PeterGraham1180
Latterall, H.St. George840
Latterall, Mary A.St. George453
Latterell, A.Glendorado480
Latterell, A.D.St. George2,3156.87
Latterell, C.H. & A.Gilmanton3556.5
Latterell, C.H.Glendorado540
Latterell, Chas.St. George3,9,16205
Latterell, DelinaSt. George3140
Latterell, FelixSt. George10120
Latterell, G.St. George287
Latterell, J.A.St. George3,9200
Latterell, Jos.St. George7,8220
Latterell, Jos. L.St. George980
Latterell, JuliusSt. George16160
Latterell, LeviSt. George340
Latterell, LouisSt. George3,9,10,16315
Latterell, P.C.St. George4,9187
Lavigne, ZelieGlendorado32158
Lazars, M.Gilmanton1858.5
Lazarz, F.Mayhew Lake25,3680
Lazarz, F.Gilmanton2980
Lazarz, Fred. V.Mayhew Lake3580
Lazarz, G.Gilmanton2960
Lazarz, J.F.Gilmanton3058.05
Lazinski, JohnAlberta840
Lazinski, MaryAlberta840
Leabch, OttoSt. George35207.13
Leach, AlexGraham17,18240
Leach, W.S.Alberta780
Lease, E.A.St. George1,12169.5
Leason, F.Granite Ledge30,31,32360
Leason, TheoGranite Ledge28240
Lechler, MaryGlendorado31120
Lechler, MarySt. George36120
Lehman, JohnMayhew Lake16,17200
Lehmeyer, S.Graham9120
Lempke, F.F.Langola W140
Lempke, MargaretLangola W176.16
Lenarz, J.St. George3380
Lenarz, JacobMayhew Lake7240
Lentner, ElizGraham3580
Leopold, TellMayhew Lake389.07
Lepinski, R.Gilmanton3060
Lesinski, J. (same as Lazinski?)Alberta5,880
Lesney, MikeGilmanton840
Lesney, RosaGilmanton840
Lesno, B.Gilmanton1780
Lesno, LouisGilmanton16,21120
Leverson, L.H.St. George11,12120
L.E.W.Sauk Rapids36~5
Lewandowski, DorotheaAlberta2780
Lewandowski, F.Alberta4,5282.2
Lewandowski, J.Alberta25,36120
Lewandowski, M.Alberta2280
Lewandowski, M.Maywood580
Lewandowski, M.Gilmanton3119.03
Lewandowski, VictoriaAlberta2780
Lewis, L.B.St. George1060
Leyerly, R.W.Sauk Rapids1340
Leyk, G.Minden4,9160
Leyk, G. & F.Mayhew Lake1440
Leyke, F.Mayhew Lake1370
Leyke, F.Gilmanton18116.75
Libert, Margt.Langola E980
Lica, A.Alberta23,2780
Lichy, AliceGilmanton1540
Lind, O.O.Maywood3320
Lind, O.O.Glendorado4129.35
Lindberg, GustMaywood2380
Lindberg, Mamie E.Sauk Rapids2540
Lindblom, A.E.Granite Ledge1040
Lindebauer, H.Maywood3280
Lindell, B.Maywood1380
Lindeu, A.Maywood1640
Lindgren, A.Maywood3173.67
Linscott, F.T.Sauk Rapids2640
Lindt, T.C.Granite Ledge1740
Lintz, Andrew C.Mayhew Lake880
Linwood, Chas.Watab2580
Linz, A.G.Mayhew Lake2040
Lipka, FrankGilmanton1780
Lipka, J. Jr.Gilmanton1780
Lochern, JamesGranite Ledge26320
Lofgren, JohnMaywood20193.75
Loidolt, Chas.Mayhew Lake20,21,28,29180
Loidolt, JosephMayhew Lake20,21,28,29340
Lombard, S.Maywood11120
Lonesky, JohnGilmanton10,11120
Long, A.Langola E29~5
Long, J.P.Graham18154.03
Lönne, M.L. (Lonne)Glendorado3680
Looge, E.A.E.Graham7160
Lopata, V.Granite Ledge740
Lord, LindaMaywood17,30106.8
Loyd, R. & B. CalahanSt. George1780
Lubbesmeir & RuhrMayhew Lake19,20160
Lubesmeir, AnnaMayhew Lake1740
Lubesmeir, StephenMayhew Lake18150
Ludwig, Jos.Graham32120
Lukanitch, Mary S.Minden580
Luke, E.St. George3540
Lukes, W.Gilmanton3540
Lund, F.Maywood1540
Lundberg, Geo. R.St. George1270
Lundberg, J.St. George1112.89
Lundsten, A.Glendorado345.31
Lundsten, G.Glendorado380
Lutgen, N.Mayhew Lake27160
Lydall, J.St. George1140
Lymes, SarahMaywood2440
Lynch (see Mansfield)
Lynch, MichaelGlendorado16,17260
Lynch, M.J.Glendorado1660
Lynch, P.C.Glendorado17100
Lynch, P.D.Glendorado940
Lynn, Frank S.Maywood20158.75
Lynn, F.S.Maywood1740
Lynn, J.G.Glendorado540
Lynn, M.E.Maywood1740
Lyon, F.H.Granite Ledge5480
A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z   Schools   Post Offices   Other 
Maas, A.H.Gilmanton24160
Mackrell, SarahMinden32~240
Mader, E.Graham3580
Mader, H.Mayhew Lake2440
Mader, OttoMayhew Lake1380
Madijan, JohnMinden2780
Madson, L.J.Glendorado3580
Magaschewski, MarianaMayhew Lake3540
Magdziasz, Jno.Gilmanton1180
Magosiewske, JuliusMinden1,296.75
Magosiewske, Marione (same as Magaschewski, Mariana)Minden248.52
Maiewski, F.Mayhew Lake3640
Majerus, M.Mayhew Lake30,31200
Major, JohnSauk Rapids11140
Malchiski, M.Graham1280
Malick, Aug.Gilmanton1540
Malicki, P.Alberta20160
Malicki, PeterGilmanton5164.65
Malietkowski, Geo.Gilmanton6,7120
Malikowski, PaulGilmanton20200
Maliszewski, E.Watab1,12180
Malmquist, F.Maywood3360
Maness, Ed.Granite Ledge3580
Manning, D.E.Minden18171.16
Mansfield & LynchGlendorado1620
Mansfield, F.E.Glendorado880
Marchlowitz, CarolineMayhew Lake1340
Marchlowitz, FredMayhew Lake11120
Marchlowitz, FredMayhew Lake29240
Marchlowitz, JohnMinden9,16163.67
Markfort, H.Glendorado29120
Markowski, M.Maywood480
Marshall, GephardSt. George5120
Marshall, JohnSt. George5,7,8~179
Marshall, John (Est)Minden33160
Marteni, JohnMinden6166.39
Marti, JacobGraham29160
Martin, D.O.Maywood1540
Martin, P.A.Mayhew Lake27,28,35320
Martin, Peter A.Mayhew Lake3380
Martin, R.V.St. George280
Martini, BarneyGraham3480
Martini, F.J.Sauk Rapids14160
Marvin, E.J.Granite Ledge1680
Masterson, SarahMaywood3140
Mastey, JacobMayhew Lake1080
Mathews, Minnie R.Maywood1740
Mathews, M.R.Maywood20,29107
Matson, J.P.Maywood780
Matson, L.M.Langola E1480
Mattson, E.A.Maywood780
Maurer, ChristMayhew Lake980
Maurer, FredMayhew Lake980
Maurer, JohnMayhew Lake9120
Maxon, S.M.Maywood22240
Maxon, T.D.Maywood2280
May, FritzGlendorado34160
Maybury, T.J.Glendorado2740
Mayer, JosephMinden34160
Mayhew, G.V.Minden2080
Mayhew, G.V. & M.Minden2977
Mayman, H.A. & E.W.Sauk Rapids2318.56
Mayman, Hattie A.Sauk Rapids2420
McBride, JuliaMinden3160
McClure, J.O.Minden3140
McConnel, J.O.Minden3143.50
McConnell, JohnMinden31167.60
McConnell, W.S.Watab980
McCook, Thos.Langola E32148
McCook, Thos.Watab12,13240
McCrea, T.F.Watab3480
McCulloch, Jas.Graham5,8240
McCulloch, T.B.Graham580
McCulloch, Wm.Graham11120
McCutcheon, A.H.Graham6109.26
McD., A.F.Sauk Rapids36~5
McDermott, A.F.Maywood15,21,22550
McDonald, HelenAlberta1880
McDonald, JamesAlberta18120
McElroy, J.Granite Ledge1680
McElroy, J.Glendorado1040
McElroy, Jno. H.Langola W9~10 (island)
McGee, G.R.Langola E3085.26
McGee, JohnMaywood1280
McGuire, A.Gilmanton27200
McGuire, J.Gilmanton2480
McGuire, JohnGilmanton26120
McGuire, MaggieGilmanton26~30
Mchts. Nat. Bk. St. CloudSauk Rapids1120
McKenna (see Sparrow)
McLean, W.J.Granite Ledge2380
McNeal, J.Langola E1540
McNeal, J.M.Watab5240.47
McNeal, J.W.Langola E32,33200
McNeal, W.S.Langola E32,33114.53
Meager, S.E.Maywood136.26
Meagher, S.E.Maywood1540
Meagher, S.E.Watab3540
Meier, H.St. George20,35200
Meinart, FredWatab13160
Meinart, Wm.Watab13120
Meinert, FredMayhew Lake6280
Melich, F.Alberta3078.67
Mendel, J.Gilmanton20,3040
Mensinger, L.C.Langola E26,27280
Merchants Natl. BankMaywood3116.05
Merriam, T.C.Granite Ledge24160
Merry, E.A.Maywood29,3180
Mertes, N.P.Langola E3380
Metzroth, C.J.Granite Ledge980
Mezeweck, G.Gilmanton1480
Midocz, Math.Mayhew Lake1480
Mickelson, J.P.Glendorado1440
Milbery, W.B.Langola E7,8320
Miller (see Campbell)
Miller, A.Graham280.32
Miller, Esther M.Graham2040
Miller, G.Maywood2880
Miller, H.St. George340
Miller, J.A.Graham2080
Miller, J.G.Sauk Rapids48.5 (island)
Miller, J.K.Sauk Rapids3,4167.59
Miller, W.Sauk Rapids987.50
Mill Lac Lumber Co.Granite Ledge1,12,14440
Milton, G.Maywood1880
Milton, M.R.Gilmanton1340
Milton, W.R.Maywood1940
Mindel, JohnMayhew Lake2560
Miner & BlackLangola E1440
Miner, Harry I. & A.R.Maywood2960
Mitchel, W.B.Granite Ledge1280
Mitchell & CollinsGlendorado3340
Mitchell, Emily W.Maywood2160
Mitchell, W.B.Granite Ledge10,11,12,14,15,23,25480
Moe, B.H.Maywood3280
Momson, W.H.Gilmanton12160
Monegan, Geo.Minden1640
Monegan, M.Minden22,23160
Monson, A.Gilmanton25,3580
Montag, MichaelMayhew Lake32,33340.75 ?
Moog, B.Minden22,28115.00
Moog, J.Mayhew Lake21160
Mooney, Wm.Mayhew Lake27,3480
Moore, C.S.Alberta281.83
Moore, E.L.Maywood1740
Moore, E.W.Langola E2280
Moore, F.H.Watab26,35320
Moore, FrankMinden1080
Moore, G.G.Langola W2,11160
Moore, J.A.Glendorado540
Moore, MaryWatab393.16
Moores, H.Maywood1740
Moorhead, Geo. (Est)Minden19160
Morgan, L.Granite Ledge239.28
Morquardt, J.Minden1560
Morrill, C.L.St. George540
Morse, E.W. (same as E.W. Moore?)Langola E1570?
Mostrud, C.O.St. George1100
M.P.W.Sauk Rapids36~25
Muchula, L.Mayhew Lake13,2480
Muller, C.F.Langola E25160
Mullin, Thos. C.Gilmanton1120
Mulsaf, J.Alberta1740
Mulsof, J.Alberta16,21120
Mum, JohnMinden12120
Munz, A.Glendorado148.10
Murck, AndrewMayhew Lake12120
Murn, JohnSt. George6,7200.65
Murn, PaulGlendorado16,17468.75
Murn, Wm. P.Glendorado22280
Murn, W.P.Glendorado2980
Murphy, E.L.Gilmanton2360
Murphy, E.J.Gilmanton2690
Murphy, J.Langola E1640
Murphy, J.Mayhew Lake34320
Murphy, James (Est)Minden4160
Murphy, M.Granite Ledge20,2980
Murphy, Wm.Langola E2840
Murphy, Wm.Gilmanton1580
Murray, ExildaMaywood380
Murray, J.C.Maywood183
Murray, J.P.Maywood980
Murray, KateGilmanton3540
Mushell, S.Alberta26,35200
A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z   Schools   Post Offices   Other 
Nahan, M.Minden3037
Nahan, T.Gilmanton3380
Nash, J.Gilmanton2140
Navakowski, J.Alberta1080
Neide, H.R.St. George31118.63
Neidhardt, G.Watab9110
Neil, Aug.Granite Ledge13320
Neils, J.Sauk Rapids2200
Nelson, AndrewMinden30,31,32200
Nelson, B.Maywood2640
Nelson, C.Glendorado2740
Nelson, E.Maywood1880
Nelson, G.Langola E1580
Nelson, J.A.Maywood12,15120
Nelson, JohnMaywood7,11240
Nelson, L.Maywood3680
Nelson, N.Maywood2580
Nelson, O.P.Maywood3580
Nelson, OscarMaywood1280
Neslund, P.Maywood25,3680
Nelsmonson, H.J.Glendorado2480
Nelsmonson, M.Glendorado2480
Nelson, J.K.Glendorado3680
Nelson, JonasSauk Rapids1134
Nelson, N.M.Glendorado2680
Nelson, P.Maywood3680
Nelson, P.Glendorado1340
Nelson, S.Glendorado2380
Ness, O.G.Glendorado2340
Neuser, Fred J.Minden29152
Newell, S.Gilmanton24160
Newgard, KateMaywood3340
Newman, KateGranite Ledge3680
Nichols, J.M.Maywood2180
Niedjelski, T.Alberta1978.46
Niedzielski, A.Alberta19,30160
Niedzielski, J.Alberta3079.17
NijelskiGranite Ledge1940
Nilson, N.M.Glendorado3580
Nisenson, J.Maywood2480
Nix, J.S.St. George5,759.33
Nix, Thos.St. George1880
Noggle, F.G.Langola E1989
Noggle, F.G.Langola W24178.99
Noggle, J.P.Langola W24140.82
Norden, FrankMinden17,18120
Nordgarden, Nettie H.Graham23160
Norton, E.P.Langola E280
Norton, LyraniaLangola E11160
Novok, J.Alberta2180
Nowalk, VincentAlberta2980
Nunn, J.St. George21,28120
Nyholm, J.Granite Ledge3680
Nyholm, L.Granite Ledge3680
A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z   Schools   Post Offices   Other 
O'Brien, R.T.Granite Ledge2580
O'Donnell (see Klein)
O'Donnell, MathildaSt. George11120
O'Grady, J.Maywood2580
O'Grady, R.Maywood2580
Okonek, C.Alberta28100
Okonek, L.Alberta1740
Okonek, P.Alberta28140
Olander, J.Maywood1780
Oliver, D.W.Granite Ledge1280
Olson, A.Glendorado2340
Olson, C.A.Maywood2680
Olson, E.R.Glendorado1140
Olson, M.Sauk Rapids1240
Olson, O.Granite Ledge21,35160
Olson, P.G.Glendorado11160
Olson, S.Granite Ledge20,21280
Olson, SelmaGranite Ledge3580
Olson, Thor.Glendorado34190
Olszewski, M.Alberta2280
Oltman, H.Alberta8200
Olts, AdamSauk Rapids1,280
Olzewski, G.Gilmanton21,2780
Ombremski, W.Alberta3280
O'Neil, B.Granite Ledge20160
O'Neil, J.Granite Ledge20,29120
O'Neil, Wm.Granite Ledge1240
Orcutt, WrightMinden1640
O'Riley, P.Gilmanton276.4
O'Rourk, Mary & MargarethMinden13160
O'Rourk, Thos.Minden13159
O'Rourke, JohnGilmanton25,26238.8
Orren, R.J.Graham1440
Orren, H.Graham1440
Orren, Jas.Graham1580
Orren, Mary L.Graham17160
Ortman, J.Gilmanton2010
Ortman, Jas.Gilmanton1980
Orton, S.M.Watab34,35171.5
Orvis, M.Granite Ledge21160
Orzechowski, S.Alberta1680
Oslin, SamGlendorado2640
Oslund, C.A.St. George1180
Oslund, J.A.St. George1180
Ostby, C. et alMaywood3320
Ottman, H. (same as Oltman?)Langola E23320
A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z   Schools   Post Offices   Other 
Pachart, SamMinden1182.85
Packart, SamMayhew Lake3640
Paczkowski, MattGilmanton8,980
Paddock, Mary A.Maywood1140
Palka, G.Alberta3340
Pappenfus, Geo.Alberta3359.5
Pappenfus, P.Alberta33100
Parent, A.Alberta2161.73
Parent, EmilSt. George6,7240
Parent, F.Maywood3640
Parent, FannyGlendorado291.83
Parent, F.H.St. George1780
Parent, G.J. (Parent Stock Farm)St. George5,6,7451.59
Parent, J.D.St. George8100
Parent, Jos.St. George8,9,16240
Parish, Fannie M.Watab23154
Parkins, Marion E.Graham2380
Parske, JuliusMinden9440
Parsons, E.S.Granite Ledge2780
Parsons, M.Maywood3080
Patka, E.Gilmanton1640
Patock, J.A.Alberta24,25160
Patsold, C.W.Glendorado2740
Pattison, Wm.Sauk Rapids1340
Pauley, Mary M.Langola E13160
Pawlick, J.Mayhew Lake15160
Payton, P.Gilmanton2360
Pekareck, J.Alberta940
Pekarek, Jos.Alberta3,4,9200
Pelarski, MaryMaywood1040
Pelton, JessieGranite Ledge1380
Penny, T.E. & J.F. CullonGlendorado30,31440
Penrod, A.B.Glendorado1380
Penrod, Wm. M.Glendorado1,1240
Peotrowski, M. (same as Piotrowski?)Gilmanton11120
Percy, W.E.Watab1180
Perry, Geo.Langola E1680
Perzynski, JosephineAlberta1780
Peterson (see Fegner)
Peterson, AndrewGraham7207.2
Peterson, Anna H.Watab21133.22
Peterson, C.Glendorado3380
Peterson, C.A.Maywood2740
Peterson, ChrisGlendorado2540
Peterson, F.Maywood1,31109.2
Peterson, IsaacGlendorado3440
Peterson, J.C.Maywood1840
Peterson, J.E.Granite Ledge2380
Peterson, P.Maywood16200
Pherson, L.Alberta2160
Pholl, JosephGilmanton2160
Pick, JohnMayhew Lake7,18268.38
Pick, NicholasMayhew Lake22160
Pickowski, H.Langola E2890
Piekarski, H.Langola E34,3581.2
Pietron, FrankGraham16160
Pinish, J.St. George1323
Piotrowski, J. (same as Peotrowski?)Alberta1280
Pischbierek, J.St. George2227
Pischbierek, KatherineSt. George2280
Placke, FrankGraham24240
Platzer, J.Gilmanton33120
Platzer, M.Gilmanton3340
Plombon, F.Alberta10,15160
Plombon, Jas.Alberta2280
Plombon, V.Alberta2680
Plough, ChristianLangola E12,13400
Poganski, G.Gilmanton2980
Poganski, J.Sauk Rapids1220
Pohll, Alb.Gilmanton1140
Poholl, JuliaGilmanton1180
Polarski, J.Maywood536.78
Pollard, J.Granite Ledge1240
Pollard, JohnMayhew Lake35160
Poole, J.A.Langola E1640
Poorker, W.Gilmanton2940
Popialek, P.St. George2340
Popielek, P.St. George2680
Popp, F.J.Graham2,3200.02
Popp, Jos.Langola E5,16160
Popp, JosephGraham9,10420
Popp, JosephLangola E9120
Popp, MaryLangola E4169.64
Poquett, J.H.Granite Ledge27,34160
Porzinski, S.Alberta2780
Potock, J.P.Alberta25121
Pranka, C.Granite Ledge1040
Praska, A.Alberta1580
Pratt, W.B.Maywood236.21
Presley, B.M.Maywood11,14200
Preveta, J.Granite Ledge240
Prziborowski, GottliebMayhew Lake27160
Przyborowski, L.Gilmanton19,2978.7
Puetz, Peter (possibly Pnetz, Paetz)Mayhew Lake11240
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Quarnstrom, MaryMaywood880
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Raber, E.P.Alberta3048.92
Raber, W.G.Alberta30,31149.5
Rafferty, JohnGilmanton28240
Rajkowski, A.Langola E33,34160
R.A.M.Sauk Rapids237
Ramsey, Alb. (Est)Sauk Rapids25160
Ran, R. (or Rau)Mayhew Lake2780
Rang, A.Watab2638.32
Rathbun, A.M.Langola E29,30186
Rathbun, AgnesLangola E3240
Rathbun, D.S. (or Rathburn)Langola E15,20,29154.96
Ratka, J.Alberta1280
Ratka, JosephaMayhew Lake180
Ratke, F.Alberta1280
Ratke, JohnGraham2440
Ratke, Jos.Graham24120
Ratke, Jos.Gilmanton680
Rau, J.J.St. George16,2180
Rau, P.St. George1540
Rau, PeterSt. George30,31180
Ray, J.H.St. George175
Raymond, A.Watab3540
Reberk, A.Gilmanton2980
Reeder, G.S.Sauk Rapids4,1071.47
Reeder, G.S. & M.A.Sauk Rapids380
Reichensperger, Jno.Graham26,33200
Reimers, H.Mayhew Lake29,3280
Reinhard (see Havill)
Reinhard, A.H.Langola E3240
Reinhard, A.H.Granite Ledge3480
Reinhard, H.Granite Ledge1740
Reis, Geo.Minden33160
Reiter, J.Graham29160
Reller, BarneyMayhew Lake880
Reller, Geo.Mayhew Lake17,18296.86
Reller, J.B.Mayhew Lake1840
Reller, J. BarneyMayhew Lake770
Remer, E.N.Granite Ledge3680
Remer, Susan A.Maywood1080
Renard, E.H.St. George12,20140
Renard, J.H.St. George2080
Renard, Jos. H.St. George1220
Rengel, PeterMinden30160
Repulski, C.Gilmanton17,18,21280
Rettkowski, F.Minden2440
Rettkowski, F.St. George1839.32
Reynolds, J.W.Granite Ledge1140
Reynolds, L.P.St. George1640
Reynolds, W.W>Granite Ledge1040
Rice, G.T.Langola E26,27,28588
Rice, W.A.Graham17160
Rice, W.A.Langola E24160
Rice, W.H.Langola E24160
Richardson, J.F.Gilmanton33200
Ricko, Geo.Mayhew Lake140
Ricko, George (could be Rideo?)Mayhew Lake380
Rickoff, Wm.Graham8160
Rictor, F.R.Gilmanton2540
Riley, A.L.Watab3680
Riley, M.Gilmanton1580
Rivers, T.G. & R,N.Maywood780
Roache, M.Langola E1140
Robak, A.Gilmanton1640
Robak, J.Gilmanton1680
Robak, R. (same as Robuk?)Gilmanton1540
Robeck, JosephMayhew Lake19,20160
Robertson, J.Granite Ledge940
Robideau, P.S.Alberta775.61
Robinson, S.Granite Ledge24200
Robuk, Anton (possibly Robak)Gilmanton820
Roche, M.Graham7160
Roda, JosephAlberta21,22240
Rodeman, FrankMayhew Lake4120
Rodine, A.G.St. George120
Rofedal, F.Minden1280
RogoschepokiSauk Rapids1580
Rogosiewski, F.Gilmanton17,1880
Rogosiewski, G.Gilmanton1720
Rohers & DempseyGranite Ledge8160
Rohl, L.E.Glendorado1380
Rohm, J.Maywood1380
Rojkawski, A.Langola E2730
Rokita, M.Granite Ledge753.26
Roley, W.W.Maywood21118.44
Ronneberg, S.Glendorado2380
Rosenberger, J.M.Watab25160
Rosenquist, J.W.Glendorado3,10160
Rosmareck, Thos.Alberta2940
Ross, C.E.Langola W3,10261.25
Ross, Wm.Langola E19114
Roszek, AnnaLangola E19123.1
Roszek, F.Langola E1940
Rothwell, EdmundWatab14160
Rowe, A.Sauk Rapids2580
Rowe, InaMinden3042.85
Rozmiarek, FelixAlberta33,34200
Rudesell, J.Maywood12160
Rudiesell, J.M.Maywood1280
Rudnitski, AndrewAlberta28160
Rudnitski, J.Alberta3580
Rudnitski, J.P.Alberta27,28120
Ruff, J.Mayhew Lake20,2980
Ruhman, Geo.Glendorado19120
Ruhoff, BarneySt. George22160
Ruhoff, H.St. George21119 and 7/8
Ruhr (see Lubbesmeir)
Runk, E.M.Glendorado440
Runnell, J.W.Graham31644.8
Rushton, P.G.Sauk Rapids2510
Russell, A.St. George1440
Russell, A.B.St. George1440
Russell, R.L.Langola W12,25,36347.08
Russell, R.L.Langola E29,30,31142.91
Russell, R.L. & J. SmartLangola E2980
Rutherford, M.S.Glendorado12,2380
Ry. Co.Granite Ledge2140
Rydell, A.T.Maywood1340
Rydell, Klas E.Maywood13140
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Sadoski, F.Alberta840
Sadowski, FrankMayhew Lake280
Safranski, A.Gilmanton682.87
S.A.G.Sauk Rapids2310
Sage, Grace W.St. George418.70
Sager, C.W.St. George539.12
Sakrey, A.St. George25,3680
Salk, W.Sauk Rapids2215
Salzbrunn, Jno.Langola E3293.22
Salzbrunn, Robt.Langola E3,10,15280
Sampson, Thos.Langola E2910.85
Sand, J.Graham2740
Sanderson (see Sartill Bros.)
Sandquist, N.J.Maywood3640
Sandwick, A.Maywood2680
Sartell, Wm., et alMayhew Lake19,20120
Sartill Bros. & SandersonMayhew Lake29,30280
Sauer, Geo.Langola E21,27280
Sauer, M. & J.Langola E36120
Schafer, AntonLangola E25160
Schaller, DenaMaywood540
Schalzel, P. & M.Watab24160
Schendszielos, M.St. George1440
Schendzielos, M.St. George1340
Schepna, V.Alberta4162.39
Scherbing, W.St. George26,27120
Schettko, G.Gilmanton2020
Schiltko, Wm.Mayhew Lake22,2340
Schimanski, F.Maywood636.21
Schindler, And. & Mat.Minden3380
Schindler, Math.Minden27138.71
Schindler, V.Minden2880
Schindzielos, M.St. George2680
Schittko, Geo.Mayhew Lake25,3680
Schittko, Wm.Mayhew Lake23,26160
Schimanski, F.Granite Ledge3140
Schlicht, JohnGilmanton480
Schlicht, PaulGilmanton440
Schlict, ReinholdGilmanton980
Schueler, J.B.Langola E2840
Schmidt, CatharineGilmanton1080
Schmidt, E. & C.Graham2740
Schmitt, EvaGraham27120
Schmitt, Eva & C.Graham2880
Schmitt, JacobLangola E8,9360
Schmitt, JosephLangola E12160
Schmitt, MaryLangola E17120
Schmitt, NickLangola E8,17,18240
Schneider, H.Minden490.77
Schnortz, MaryGranite Ledge2480
Schoelzel, J.Minden5124.18
School LandLangola E36280
Schreder, M.Mayhew Lake15120
Schreder, S.Mayhew Lake15120
Schroeder, JohnMayhew Lake2180
Schroeder, S.Mayhew Lake2140
Schueller, BarneyMayhew Lake1680
Schueller, P.Mayhew Lake1680
Schueller, Wm.Mayhew Lake1680
Schuller, Anna M.Mayhew Lake1640
Schultz, J.Granite Ledge1840
Schumann, C.H.Graham20,29240
Schumann, F.Graham20,28160
Schumann, Wm.Graham19120
Schutalski, F.St. George2280
Schwain, J.St. George1440
Schwalbowski, G.Sauk Rapids1440
Schwartz, S.Graham2040
Schwartz, S.Langola W213
Schwientek, S.Langola E4120
Scott, G.W.Granite Ledge3480
Scott, J.Gilmanton2565
Scripps, Fannie M. (see Dyche)
Scripps, W.H.Graham1320
Sczcpanski, SamMayhew Lake3680
Selander, A.Maywood3680
Seltenheim, E.Sauk Rapids1240
Sempag, StanleyGilmanton3119.96
Sendek, J.Gilmanton3240
Sender, J.Gilmanton1863.54
Senezek, JacobMinden440
Senezsk, JacobMinden8120
Sendi, JohnMayhew Lake1340
Senn, J.A.Watab3640
Senn, J.A.Sauk Rapids347
Senn, UlrichLangola E34120
Senzek, G.Mayhew Lake35152
Seppell, Wm.Graham378.78
Seppelt, R.Alberta1740
Seppelt, Robt.Alberta3280
Sezapanski, M.Mayhew Lake23119.5
Shaddiow, EliMaywood798.4
Shale, Wm.Langola E24,26290
Shatto, D.Maywood1040
Shatto, R.B.Maywood10,16120
Sherbing, H.St. George23,27160
Sheridan, F.Maywood1980
Sherry, CarryMinden28,29196
Shipton, G.W.Glendorado1340
Shiras, Oliver P.Granite Ledge4,9480
Shiras, O.P.Granite Ledge4,21160
Shittko, G. (same as Schittko?)Gilmanton3140
Shodin, JonasGraham2680
Shoemaker, E.J.Granite Ledge1740
Showers, ClaraGranite Ledge3480
Showers, I.E.Maywood272.52
Shull, A.F.Maywood2980
Shumway, E.E.Granite Ledge36160
Siemers (see Koester)
Sigmund, F.Mayhew Lake2440
Sigmund, J.Maywood640
Sigmund, J. & MaryAlberta34120
Silverness, R.Maywood26160
Simonson, Geo.Glendorado2680
Simonson, O.Glendorado26,27120
Simpson, Thos.Langola E3466.05
Sinclair, H.B.Sauk Rapids36~20
Sinclair, S.B.Sauk Rapids2580
Sindi, J.Gilmanton2010
Sindler, J.Gilmanton3180
Sisciely, J.H.Gilmanton3479.65
Sisciely, Mary J.Gilmanton3469.25
Skaja, J.Alberta1840
Skaja, Jno.Graham13160
Skaja, JohnAlberta18,19157.64
Skaja, F.A.Alberta1880
Skajewski, LeonAlberta29160
Skaya, J.H.Alberta3280
Skiba, J.A.Alberta17,18120
Skifstrom, A.O.Maywood33120
Skipman, Berry (see Chies, W.H.)
Skoog, A.Sauk Rapids246
Skor, EmmaMaywood3360
Skor, EmmaGlendorado1580
Skunter, Jno.Langola E30120
Skuza, FredMayhew Lake26120
Skuza, M. (Stock Farm)Mayhew Lake23,25,26,27320
Skuza, W.Mayhew Lake24,2580
Skuza, Wm.Mayhew Lake34120
Sjoblom, G.Maywood27,3480
Slaby, JamesAlberta1080
Slaby, Jos.Alberta1080
Sledz, MaryAlberta1480
Sledz, S.Alberta3640
Slichz, MaryAlberta3640
Slomkowski, M.Alberta2780
Sluss, BarneyGilmanton798.07
Sluss, JohnGilmanton2180
Sluss, RosaGilmanton1880
Small, S.J. & MariaMaywood3640
Smart, C.E.Watab8,9~125
Smart, Emma E.Langola E3140
Smart, G.W.Langola E3240
Smart, J. (see Russell, R.L.)
Smekowski, MarthaMaywood576.67
Smelter, F.Granite Ledge1740
Smetter, A.Granite Ledge8,17200
Smith, A.Sauk Rapids36~5
Smith, A.L.Maywood12160
Smith, C.W.Langola E22160
Smith, D.Glendorado1340
Smith, EzraMinden20,29116
Smith, H.L.Watab184
Smith, J.E.Glendorado1380
Smith, J.M.Sauk Rapids14,22,23161
Smith, J.W.C. & ClaraSauk Rapids36108
Smith, KateGilmanton280
Smith, MartinGilmanton1080
Smith, Rose M.Minden647.79
Smitton, Geo.Glendorado3180
Snow, B.C.Maywood1080
Solan, J.Mayhew Lake2880
Solberg, P.J.Graham580
Solxl, AndrewGraham25120
Sorstock, C.Maywood3580
Sowa, G.Gilmanton1720
Sowa, G.F.Gilmanton1855
Sowa, J.Gilmanton2140
Sowa, M.Mayhew Lake2480
Sowa, M.Gilmanton3019.19
Sparrow & McKennaLangola E23160
Sparrow, D.S.Graham22240
Sparrow, JohnGraham21200
Sparrow, J.R.Graham2110
Sparrow, T.Langola E2430
Sperling, L.Granite Ledge7,18,19200
Spiczka, EnochAlberta34100
Spiczka, FrankAlberta33,34108
Spiczka, HedwigaAlberta34140
Stachowicz, IgnacGilmanton5,8,9240
Stachowski, A.Alberta10160
Stachowski, J.Alberta3680
Stachowski, Jas.Alberta1180
Stafford, S.D.Maywood2880
Stager, E.T.Sauk Rapids2621.5
Stahl, S.Maywood3540
Stanley, T.J.Mayhew Lake28280
Starr, F.Graham1580
State Bank PrincetonGranite Ledge3480
Stauber, JosephMayhew Lake15160
Stawaski, Thos. (possibly Slawaski)Gilmanton1114.18
Stay, B.Glendorado2380
Stay, H.Glendorado2340
Stay, O.H.Glendorado23,24,25280
Stay, P.H.Glendorado25120
Stebinger, PeterMinden2540
Steel, W.W.Mayhew Lake1160
Steidorf, H.Mayhew Lake1796
SteindorffMayhew Lake20120
Steinhoff, Wm.Mayhew Lake21160
Steinmitzer, Geo.Mayhew Lake2680
Stellmach, D.T. (or D.T.S.)Langola E2892
Stellmach, Jno.Graham29160
Stellmach, Jos.Graham2680
Stevens, Geo.St. George2160
Stewart, A.Granite Ledge2840
Stewart, Geo. W.Alberta14280
Stewart, G.W.Granite Ledge6,22325.88
Stewart, G.W.Maywood2316.23
Stewart, G.W.Minden3280
Stewart, R.L.Granite Ledge3240
Stewart, W.J.S.Granite Ledge29,31,32553
Stifter, Wenzel & E.V.Alberta980
Stingel, ChristGlendorado29120
St. M. & M. Ry. Co.Glendorado2340
Stockwell, F.W.Maywood3280
Stockwell, F.W.Glendorado5123.19
Stodolka, PeterLangola E7338.3
Stoe, J.K.Glendorado2740
Storkamp, H.Minden34,35180
Stowarski, J.Alberta1280
St. Paul & Duluth Ry. Co.Granite Ledge3,6,7,10,18507.14
St. Paul, Minn. & M. Ry. Co.Alberta1380
St. Peter, J.Maywood879
St. P. M. & M. Ry. Co.Langola E2740
St. P. M. & M. Ry. Co.Alberta7,13,19194.4
St. P. M. & M. Ry. Co.Maywood7,27,33,35230
St. P. M. & M. Ry. Co.Glendorado10,13,15,21560
St. P. M. & M. Ry. Co.St. George1,380
St. P. & Duluth Ry. Co.Granite Ledge3,12,35160
St. P. & Duluth Ry. Co.Alberta8,12,14,18160
St. Paul & Duluth Ry. Co.Mayhew Lake280
St. Paul M. & M. Ry. Co.Glendorado9,21240
Straffert, A.St. George3640
Strand, C.Gilmanton34324.6
Streat, Chas.Maywood2440
Strieff, KatharineSt. George2640
Struffert, A.Glendorado31142.58
Stryki, K.Gilmanton1080
Stryki, TillieGilmanton1080
Stryzewski, A.Alberta3280
Strzyzewski, AdamAlberta3080
Studenski, G.Mayhew Lake3640
Studenski, G.Minden1121.20
Studenski, L.Mayhew Lake3680
Styrnal, C.Granite Ledge19,31136.95
Styrnal, L.Granite Ledge3097.6
Styzewski, AdamGilmanton740
Sufka, Jos.Langola E17120
Sullivan, HughSt. George34152
Sullivan, J.D.Sauk Rapids1340
Sully, A.Langola E21160
Swan, UlrichGlendorado2280
Swanson, Aug.Maywood140
Swanson, C.F.Maywood13,23160
Swanson, J.Maywood1840
Swanson, N.A.Maywood3640
Swanson, S.Glendorado480
Swanson, S.N.Maywood4151.94
Swanson, W.Gilmanton34,3593
Swenson, A.F. et alSauk Rapids194
Sworski, S.Alberta680
Sylvester, Ellen R.Watab2818.4
Sylvester, G.F.Maywood1539.36
Szczech, StephenMayhew Lake244.74
Szezech, JohnGilmanton1680
Szyplenski, L.Alberta1110
A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z   Schools   Post Offices   Other 
Tadyak, FrankGilmanton580
Tadyeh, Jno.Graham3680
Tamporowski, A. (same as Tomporowski?)Mayhew Lake1260
Tamporowski, MartinMayhew Lake12120
Tamprowski, Wm.Mayhew Lake1480
Tauber, AndrewMinden15160
Tauber, J.Minden15120
T.D.L.Sauk Rapids25~5
Templin, A.Alberta2840
Templin, L.Alberta21,28120
Templin, MaryAlberta28,33200
Thielen, J.P.Langola E30,31240
Thekla, Jos.St. George2780
Then, GregorGraham26160
Then, K.C. (Fair View Stock Farm)Watab10,15,23683
Then, KillianLangola E2180
Then, W.C.Langola E2080
Thering, J.St. George3480
Theringer, JosephMayhew Lake2780
Thierson, J.W.Maywood1580
Thli, IgnacMayhew Lake8160
Thoen, A.J.Graham8,9200
Thoen, J.A.Graham538.22
Thoen, Jacob M.Graham4,5512.47
Thomas, ChristinaGraham2540
Thomas, EnochGraham2580
Thomas, F.R.Granite Ledge2,3160.42
Thomas, JohnGilmanton22240
Thomas, Jos.Mayhew Lake1240
Thomas, M.Gilmanton14160
Thomas, P.Granite Ledge8,19135.25
Thomas, P.Gilmanton14,15280
Thomas, P.Alberta2480
Thomas, Patk.Gilmanton22160
Thomas, ScottGraham19,20120
Thomas, SimonMinden18,1980
Thomas, T.Mayhew Lake1280
Thomola, M.Langola W10139.35
Thompson, EdwinGlendorado2580
Thompson, O.Glendorado1340
Thompson, O.St. George1140
Thompson, Theo.Glendorado2540
Tiemar, HenryLangola W1200
Tillner, MaryGilmanton36160
Tindle, J.L.Watab4290.49
Tischbierck, Jos.St. George1480
Tischbiereck, KatherineSt. George2279
Tischbierek, J.Glendorado1928.30
Tischbireck, J.St. George2480
Tisseravd, J.Minden1260
Tisseroud, Jos.Minden2440
Tisseroud, JosephMinden24160
Tobias, J.Maywood1380
Todych, F.N.Alberta20160
Todych, N.Alberta3180
Tolois, P.Granite Ledge740
Tomala, F.Langola W1380
Tomporowski, Wm. (same as Tamporowski?)Granite Ledge3040
Tomporowski, Wm.Alberta24,25160
Towne, C.H.Gilmanton2580
Trabant, Jno. G.Graham21240
Tracy, A.R.St. George20,21120
Tracy, J.St. George30159.37
Tracy, Jos. F.St. George5,6,19279.52
Tracy, Mary & DeliaSt. George3080
Trask, E.L.Granite Ledge1580
Trask, Eliza J. & OthersMinden2840
Travis, N.M.Granite Ledge1940
Trffel, J.G.Gilmanton3178.74
Tripp, S.R.Maywood20160
Truscenski, AdamMayhew Lake26160
Trushinski, JohnMayhew Lake2580
Trusziniski, J.Gilmanton2020
Turrill, O.B.Langola E180
A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z   Schools   Post Offices   Other 
Unde, E.Graham3640
Underle, AnnaLangola E2680
Uram, SamGlendorado3490
Urbanski, J.Alberta31~80
Urbanski, M.Alberta6113.25
A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z   Schools   Post Offices   Other 
Valencourt, E.Granite Ledge3247
Valet, C.Granite Ledge2120
Valewski, Math.Mayhew Lake1440
Vallet, C.Granite Ledge1440
Vance, J.M.Sauk Rapids294
Vanderhof, M.Granite Ledge11,23120
Vanderhof, M. & J.Granite Ledge2440
Vandra, F.Alberta382.99
Van Dyke, H.Granite Ledge1740
Vank, Joseph M.Mayhew Lake4160
Varner, G.F.Gilmanton26,27230
Vavruska, Anna M.Maywood2380
Vetvek, J.Maywood34120
Viste, E.N.Glendorado3340
Voerding, E.St. George2880
Voerding, ElizabethSt. George23120
Voerding, M.St. George14,21162
Voerding, Math.St. George3240
Vohs, L.C.Watab1280
Vohs, LouisWatab11,12160
Voigt, Aug.Gilmanton36240
Voigt, HenryMayhew Lake3160
Vouk, J.B.Mayhew Lake8~1
Vradenbury, W.C.Minden35160
A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z   Schools   Post Offices   Other 
Wager, S.N.Glendorado297.79
Wagner, A.Maywood35120
Wagner, C.Granite Ledge1200
Wagner, F.Sauk Rapids140
Wagoner, I.N.Alberta2160
Wakeman, L.E.Graham13,14200
Wakeman, L.E.Granite Ledge880
Wakeman, S.E.Alberta673.48
Walbridge, JennieGilmanton1380
Walcheski, J.Alberta1680
Walchewski, S.Alberta9160
Waldeen, PeterGraham14,23,24320
Walgamark, Jas.Granite Ledge2980
Walk, A.Minden2,3120
Walk, PaulMinden380
Walker, AsherGilmanton8120
Walker, H.Sauk Rapids23~10
Walker, H.L.Mayhew Lake2539
Walker, M.Sauk Rapids2310
Wallet, JohnMayhew Lake2480
Wallin, A.P.Glendorado3580
Walling, Mrs.Graham880
Walstrom, AnnaWatab3680
Walters, Jas.St. George2,11120
Walz, J.D.Graham3380
Walz, John D.Graham3380
Walz, John D.Mayhew Lake4,5174.5 ?
Wampka, V.Alberta2640
Waren, F.Granite Ledge7120
Warmke, AndrewGilmanton8,9160
Warner, Chas.Langola E8,17230
Warnert, Geo.Watab3234
Warzecha, A.Langola E19,30120
Wassel, F. & M.Alberta3237
Watson, J.W.Sauk Rapids1440
Wedekind, J.Glendorado980
Weidert, Anna C.Mayhew Lake22160
Weigel, C.Alberta580.14
Weisz, A.Watab950
Weisz, J.F.Watab4,9239
Welch, T.Granite Ledge2740
Welch, Thos.Langola E3480
Welch, Thos.Watab3,14203.88
Welch, Thos.Granite Ledge1180
Welch, TomGranite Ledge10,14120
Welch, T.W.Granite Ledge22120
Welch, J.C.Granite Ledge2740
Welk, HermanSauk Rapids1180
Wells, W.Sauk Rapids229
West, EmmaGranite Ledge980
Westerberg, P.E.Maywood23100
Wetle, JohnMayhew Lake2080
Wheeler, A.S.Langola E29113.76
Whilt, AmandaMaywood1640
Whilt, John E.Maywood14160
White, D.A.Glendorado16,21240
White, HonoraGlendorado1640
White, MaryGlendorado2140
White, Mary L.Maywood3280
White, Mary & Thos.Glendorado1680
White, T.R.Glendorado1640
Whitford, S.T.Maywood340
Whitman, M.J.Granite Ledge2580
Whitney, A.G.Graham2,10319.5
Whitney, A.G.Mayhew Lake19,20415.62
Whitney, AliceSauk Rapids13,14120
Whitney, Alice W.Graham14,23240
Whitney, Alice W.Sauk Rapids23,2460
Whitney, A.O.Glendorado6148.28
Whitney, G.R.Granite Ledge16160
Wick, Annie C.Langola W58.6
Wickstrom, ChristineMaywood3640
Widal, K.Granite Ledge2280
Wiedel, K. & J.E. GratzGraham27160
Wielke, EmileMaywood4,5189.07
Wigmann, B.St. George32,33120
Wilczek, N.Langola W13,14531.07
Wildasin, LucyLangola E6289.72
Wiley, J.C.Maywood14120
Wilke, E.Granite Ledge3240
Willame, Jos.Minden140
Willaume, MarieMinden140
Williams, J.Maywood15,1674
Wilson, A.C.Langola W2160.04
Wilson, Annie M.Langola W1,2500.21
Wilson, C.M.Mayhew Lake2280
Wilson, JohnSt. George10,15219
Wilson, Peter J.Mayhew Lake2280
Winkelman, B.Glendorado3140
Winkelman, TheresaSt. George2178
Winslow, B.Maywood540
Wippich, G.Gilmanton1939.47
Wisnewski, L.Alberta1440
Wisniewski, L. (see Kasner)
Wisniewski, L.Graham2540
Wisniewski, L.Granite Ledge740
Wisniewski, L.Alberta11,35,36400
Wisnom, J.Maywood17160
Witkowski, A.Gilmanton3040
Witkowski, F.Gilmanton3080
Witkowski, M.Gilmanton3040
Witzman, ElizabethMayhew Lake542.82
Witzman, NickMayhew Lake16240
Wivier, JohnMaywood6160
Wlazlak, F.Gilmanton820
Wlazlak, FrankGilmanton8,17120
Woelm, EmilieSauk Rapids1380
Woite, Frank A.Graham3160
Wojciechowski, F.Graham2540
Wojciechowski, FrankGilmanton780
Wojeichowski, M.J.Granite Ledge31216.25
Wojiechawski, M.Graham3540
Wolack, AlbertLangola E18183.31
Wolak, Thos.Gilmanton3,1080
Wold, JakeMinden4160
Wold, O.G.Glendorado35120
Wolf, C.Gilmanton440
Wolf, J. & H.Alberta16240
Wolf, M.Gilmanton3,10120
Wolf, W.Gilmanton1040
Wolf, Wm.Gilmanton980
Wolhart, G.E.Langola E3240
Woligorski, Jos.Langola W11160
Wolter, J.W.Graham11,25240
Wolter, J.W.Langola E2,3,4247.52
Wolter, J.W.Alberta1939.11
Woodard, MinaMaywood1080
Work, H.J.Minden1780
Wright, FredLangola E31120
Wright, Jno.Langola E3178.35
Wruck, AlbertMayhew Lake3129.17
Wruck, AnnaMinden1580
Wruck, KarolineSauk Rapids2437
Wruck, J.Alberta32160
Wruk, AnnieMinden240
A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z   Schools   Post Offices   Other 
Yanitz, Geo.Langola W11160
Yost, W.K.Maywood1140
Young, C.C.Graham9120
Younggreen, J.Maywood2580
Youngreen, V.Maywood2540
Youngman, C.St. George22,23133
Yureck, Jos.St. George1580
Yureck, L.St. George1540
Yureck, TeelaSt. George1540
Yurek, J.M.St. George3140
Yurek, M.St. George3240
A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z   Schools   Post Offices   Other 
Zaborowski, A.Alberta4,5,8160
Zabraski, M.Alberta540.63
Zabtolski, Jos.Alberta27120
Zahradnik, AnnaAlberta1180
Zapp, Jno.Sauk Rapids2460
Zapp, JohnWatab23120
Zapp, JohnMinden23160
Zdunick, F.Mayhew Lake2480
Zelmer, FredGilmanton2380
Zillmer, C.Gilmanton2380
Zulaskowski, A.Alberta780
Zulawski, K.Alberta16,21200
Zuleger, Jos.Langola E22,26280
Zuleger, Mrs. T.Langola E1380
Zuleger, TheresaLangola E14120
Zulowski, F.Alberta980
Zwak, A.Watab625.17
Zwak, AntonLangola E3178.17
Zwick, Wm.Sauk Rapids3680
Zylla, J.P.Graham1380
Zywezak, Thos.Mayhew Lake190.33
Zyzner, LaurenzMayhew Lake1080

Rural Schools

The list below shows the schools appearing on the township maps. The list does not include the schools in the cities and towns. Most districts had one school, but some had none, and a couple had two.

School Dist.TownshipSection(s)Property
1Langola W11Jos. Woligorski
2Watab27H.M. Carpenter
4Minden29Ezra Smith
5Minden26Wm. Harper
7St. George10Felix Latterell
8Gilmanton34C. Strand
9St. George23H. Sherbing
10Glendorado8Mary J. Henry
11Glendorado29H. Markfort
12Alberta34Hedwiga Spiczka
13Glendorado25E.G. Engebretson
14Gilmanton8Asher Walker
15Langola E11S.D. Drake
16Maywood8J. St. Peter
17Alberta30J. Deppa
18Mayhew Lake25H.L. Walker
19Alberta10J. Navakowski
20Gilmanton11John Lonesky
21Watab15Eliz. Burton
22Granite Ledge29Jas. Wagamark
23Minden17John G. Koepp
25Mayhew Lake8J.P. Brann
26St. George29J. Fothergill
27Mayhew Lake28Joseph Loidolt
29Sauk Rapids1Wm. Zwick
30Langola E8Nick Schmitt
31Graham30Louisa Kuehn
31Graham28F. Schumann
32Maywood32R. Greener
33Maywood26Barbara Johnson
33Glendorado11S. Hubbard
34Maywood11Chas. Hallberg
35St. George7G.J. Parent
37Graham26Agnes E. Gazett
38Graham10Joseph Popp
39St. George12E.H. Renard
40Gilmanton4Martin Herman
41Mayhew Lake19A.G. Whitney
42Alberta7J.A. Kujawa
43Granite Ledge26James Lochern
44Minden11Fred Adelman
46Granite Ledge11W.B. Mitchell
48Glendorado26L.O. Larson

Cities and Towns

This shows the locations of the cities and towns in Benton County, Minnesota, as they appear on the township maps. The plat book also has more detailed maps of the individual towns, not transcribed here.

The Lost Village of Langola is a bit of a mystery. A map of the village appears on the Langola W page, but it does not appear in Section 11 of Langola W.

AlbertaAlberta?Mentioned in Patrons' Directory, not on map
East St. CloudSauk Rapids36
LangolaLangola W11map of town next to township
Medora7map of town but not on twp maps
Oak ParkMaywood15
OsaukaSauk Rapids22
ParentSt. George8
RiceLangola E29
Royalton (part)Langola W2
Sauk RapidsSauk Rapids23,26
St. FrancisMaywood19

Post Offices

The Post Offices in Benton County, Minnesota, 1903. The Foley, Gilman and Royalton (or Royalston) Post Offices were mentioned in the Patrons' Directory, as nearest post offices for some patrons, but these post offices could be out of the county. I did not find them on the township maps.

Post OfficeTownshipSection(s)Property
DuelmSt. George34C.A. Hunck
FoleyGilmanton?mentioned in Patrons' Directory
GilmanGilmanton or Alberta??mentioned in Patrons' Directory
GlendoradoGlendorado25S. Kittelson
Oak ParkMaywood15J. Williams
ParentSt. George8John Marshall
Rice'sLangola E28Max Guck
Sauk RapidsSauk Rapids
WatabWatab22A. Campbell

Other Landmarks

Below is a list of various other landmarks that appear on the township maps, transcribed the way they appear on the maps.

Base Ball ParkGilmanton25Mary Hoagland
Blk ShopMayhew Lake8Barney Reller
B.B.S.Glendorado2Foley Bros.
B.S.S.Gilmanton7Mat Blazak
B.S.S.Glendorado25Edwin Thompson
B.S.S.St. George5John Marshall
Burgraff FerryLangola W4Nicholas Burgraff
Cath. Ch.Gilmanton26John O'Rourke
Cath. Ch., Cemt'sSt. George34Cath. Ch.
Cath. Church, CemeteryMinden25Cath. Church
Church of AnnunciationMayhew Lake7Church of Annunciation
Cem.Maywood4Emile Wielke
Cem.Maywood34H.B. & E. Conner
Cem.Glendorado32Zelie Lavigne
CemeteryLangola W2Annie M. Wilson (in Royalton)
Cem. Polish Luth. ChurchMayhew Lake25M. Grobawski
Cheese FactoryLangola E24Thos. Cairns
Cottages (by Little Rock Lake)Watab2A.J. Fromelt
CreamerySt. George34Hugh Sullivan
CreameryWatab5J.M. McNeal
CreameryMaywood30J.P. Hurt
CreameryGilmanton26Maggie McGuire
Creamery, StoreGlendorado25S. Kittleson
Evang. Church, Cemetery, ParsonageGraham29,30J.B. Gazett, Wm. Henze
Feed MillMinden27Herman Becker
Feed Mill, CreameryGraham32J.P. Heltemes
F. Raether Store (possibly Raethen)Mayhew Lake25F. Behrend
Flour Mill, Saw MillLangola E28G.T. Rice
Free Mission ChurchMaywood34Hall Bros.
Ger. & Polish Luth. ChurchMayhew Lake25J. Davids
Granite QuarrySauk Rapids1A.F. Swenson et al
Granite QuarrySauk Rapids11Mchts. Nat. Bk. St. Cloud
Granite QuarrySauk Rapids13J.H. Coates
Granite QuarriesSauk Rapids14K. Bogum; M. Bergstrom
Hobert SidingMinden22J.G. Brennan
MillGilmanton35Foley Bros.
M.W. of A. HallSt. George27Robt. Brennan
Norw. Luth. Sy. Ch., Cem.Glendorado25E. Engebretson
Sartel Ferry, DamSauk Rapids9P.A. Gordon
Saw MillGranite Ledge19P. Thomas
Saw MillMaywood15D.O. Martin
Saw MillGilmanton8Anton Robuk
Saw MillGlendorado1Andrew Carlson
Saw MillGlendorado2S.N. Wager
Saw MillGlendorado12Wm. M. Penrod
Saw MillGlendorado24O.H. Stay
Skimming Sta.Gilmanton18M. Lazars
SpringWatab2Edward Erdman
StoreMayhew Lake8I.A. Eggelman (or L.A.)
StoreMaywood5Emile Wielke
Store, Blk Sho, CreameryMayhew Lake9Joseph M. Brann ?
Town HallGraham21John Sparrow
Town HallMayhew Lake15S. Schreder
Town HallGilmanton22John Thomas
Town HallSt. George22Theresa Kampa
Union ChurchSt. George11John Harmon


This page is a transcription of the township maps in the Plat Book of Benton County, Minnesota (1903). (The link takes you to the combined plat map books for Sherburne and Benton Counties, so be sure you get the right one.) The plat book also has maps of towns, and a short Patrons' Directory, which are not transcribed here.

Properties under the same name in the same township have been combined. The acreage column shows the total acreage in one township, under the same name. Names that are slightly different, like A, Smith and Aug. Smith, are listed separately. Some names were spelled many different ways! Even when it seemed obvious that two slightly different names referred to the same person, they were kept separate.

I've treated the East and West parts of Langola as two separate townships, Langola E and Langola W, since their sections are numbered separately, and they appear on separate pages in the Plat Book. Sections 1, 12, 13 of Langola W are split between the two Langola maps, and Sections 24, 25 , 36 of Langola W are on the Langola E page.

In Mayhew Lake Twp, Section 11, the property of George Kmiec has a small portion, about 2 acres, marked 15 with the description "School Lot for No. 149. The 1 looks more like a lowercase L.

In St. George Twp, sections 10,15, the Pleasant View Stock Farm seems to be on land owned by John Wilson and Louis Latterell.

Transcribed 27 Jan 2015 by William Haloupek, last updated 1 Oct 2019 by William Haloupek.

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