Benton County, MN
1920 Gazeteer and
Business Directory

The Minnesota State Gazetteer and Business Directory for 1920-1, published in 1920, is available online, in 3 parts:

Part 1 pp. 1-539

Part 2 pp. 540-1112

Part 3 pp. 1113-1590

The parts pertaining to Benton County are transcribed, below.

p. 232

DUELM. Benton county. A settlement 8 miles s of Foley on the G N Ry the banking and shipping point and p o which see for names.

p. 319

FOLEY. Est pop 1,100. Benton county. The county seat on the G N Ry 17 miles n e of St Cloud. Has Presbyterian, Catholic and German Lutheran churches, 2 banks, a commercial club, an opera house, 2 hotels. 2 creameries, a flour mill, a grain elevator, a pickle factory and an electric light plant. A weekly newspaper, the Independent is published. Improved land sells at $75 to $150 per acre, unimproved $35 to $60. Ships grain, potatoes, fuel, ties, pickles, live stock and dairy products. Exp and tel. Cornelius F Callahan P M.

Bailey Henry G photogr
Barr J E Oscar Miller mngr pickle mnfrs
Baskfield Jno J shoemkr
Benton County Abstract Co (Jos F and Benj H Mushel)
Bridgeman-Russell Co Leo Buttweiler mngr creamery
Chmielewski Enock clothing
Doheny J Edw dentist
Edelbrock Bros (Herbert J and Leo J) gen store
Falk Hardware Co G T Falk pres S S Petterson sec
First National Bank J F Hall pres W H Lord cashr
Foley Commercial Club Wm Lord pres Morgan Flaherty sec
Foley Co-operative Creamery Co Alphonse Henry Pres A F Olander sec
Foley Hardware Co Geo O’Donnell pres Bartley Klein sec
Foley Independent Independent Tribune Pub Co pub
Foley Mercantile Co Wm Hall pres J F Hall sec and treas gen store
Foley Milling & Elevator Co Markus Johnson pres J F Hall sec J W Feddema treas
Foley Opera House Edw Buckley mngr motion pictures
Frankel Julius furniture
Freeman Wm L phys
Frudie & Son (Ferdinand and Walter) potatoes
Holdridge Geo H phys
Hotel Foley Wm Perkins propr
Howe Wm S potatoes
Hunt Stephen B blksmith
Independent Tribune Pub Co Emanuel Nyman pres W Swenson sec and treas
Kasner Jos P barber
Katchmazinski Frank blksmith
Kitowski Thos tailor
Kotsmith Bros (Frank J and Jas) farm impts
Kroska Anth gen store (Duelm)
Lloyd Robt livery
Lord Wm H lumber
McNAMARA & MURPHY (Daniel McNamara Westley C Murphy) Real Estate and Insurance
Malek Jno J soft drinks
Malloy Jno E drugs
Merchants Hotel Jno Larson propr
Mushel Benj H ins agt
Nybakke Chris A blksmith
O'Rourke Michael J feed
Public Service Co Alva J Hakes supt elec lights
Rice Geo E Potato Co G E Rice pres A R Davis sec and treas
Rudd Lumber Co Alb J Latterell mngr
Simmler Anton V garage
Siscely Jno livery
Spielman Jno billiards
State Bank G J Parent pres Lawrence Wisniewski cashr
Stauffeneker Chris meats
Stibal Wm jeweler
Swenson E W County Surveyor
Tierney J L County Atty
Tressinan & Le Blanc (Geo Tressman Jos A Le Blanc) gen store
Valdez Mrs Clara cafe
Walter Earl C drugs
Windblad Carl r r exp and tel agt

p. 332

GILMAN. Est pop 100. Benton county. A village 7 miles n of Foley on the G N Ry the shipping point. Has a Catholic church, a bank, a creamery and a cheese factory. Jno Niedzielski P M.

Bialke Jos A blksmith
Bridgeman-Russell Co creamery
Bujarski Julius hdw
First State Bank L E Fouquette F J Wisniewski
Gilman Cheese Factory
Slomkowski S garage
Spiczka Frank L gen store
Templin Louis gen store
Tomporowski Paul billiards
Urbanski Jacob gen store

p. 334

GLENDORADO. Benton county. A settlement 9 miles w of Princeton on the G N Ry the banking and shipping point and p o which see for names.

p. 373

HOBART. Benton county. A station on the G N Ry 6 miles n e of St Cloud the banking point and p o.

p. 466

MAYHEW. Benton county. A settlement 5 miles s e of Rice on the N P Ry the banking and shipping point and 10 miles n e of Sauk Rapids the p o which see for names.

pp. 683-4

OAK PARK. Est pop 100. Benton county. A village on the G N Ry 7 miles n e of Foley the county seat. Has a Methodist church, a bank, a hotel and a creamery. Exp and tel. Mrs Lillis V Allen P M.

Commercial Hotel Mrs C J Jackson propr
Dyck D J r r exp and tel agt
Farmers Feed Co
Farmers Shipping Assn live stock
Horn Peter Sons potatoes
Martin Bros livery
Northrup W B Co potatoes
Oak Park Co-operative Creamery Assn
Oak Park Garage
Oak Park Land & Loan Co Oak Park State Bank mngrs
Oak Park Mercantile Co (Inc) gen store
OAK PARK STATE BANK (Capital $10,000) Wm E Hall Pres A Sundberg Cashr
Okonek Thos billiards
Perry H M blksmith
Rice Geo E potatoes
Rudd Lumber Co
Rutherford-Brede Co potatoes
Ryan D E Co potatoes
Vaillancourt E hdw
Williams Richd barber
Wruck J A gen store

p. 697

PARENT. Benton county. A p o on the G N Ry 9 miles n e of St Cloud the banking point.

Besel W E gen store
Galarneault C J saw mill

p. 735

RICE. Est pop 300. Benton county. A village on the N P Ry 14 miles n of St Cloud. Has Catholic and Union churches, a bank, a hotel, an opera house, a creamery, a cheese factory and 2 grain elevators. Exp and tel. Amelia M Rajowski P M.

Bieniek Ludwig meat
Bishop L J r r exp and tel agt
Bouck Damon 1 ins agt
Cairns Leeman G gen store
Clepper Loren livery
Dunkel Fred feed
Farmers Co-operative Creamery Co Jno Holmes mngr
Fromelt Herman J gen store
Gazette Jno grain elevator
Graham Township Mutual Fire Insurance Co Scott Thomas sec
Greene Orland C barber
Hohmann Bros (Andr J and Geo B) garage
Janski Bros (Jno and Nicholas) gen store
Kremer Jno N & Co (Jno N Kremer Anth J Bible) hdw
Langola Cheese Factory Edw Walzer mngr
Morrison County Lumber Co
Northern Pacific Hotel Lizzie Blaske propr
Powers Elevator Co Jos Sauer agt
Rathbun Addison M phys
Rice Opera House Anth J Bible mngr
RICE STATE BANK (Capital $25,000) I W Bouck Pres Damon I Bouck Cashr
Rice Theatre Theo Thompson mngr motion pictures
Russell & Thompson (Bert R Russell Theo Thompson) garage
Schmitt Ferd hdw
Slamnik Jos blksmith
Thompson Theo conf
Torker Jos gen store (Brockway)
Trabant Fred W harness
Vouk & Leggatt gen store (Brockway)

p. 745

RONNEBY. Est pop 95. Benton county. A village on the G N Ry 3 miles n e of Foley the county seat. Has Methodist, Christian and Swedish Lutheran churches and a bank. Eunice H Foote P M.

Anderson A H gen store
Brier Benj conf
Farmers State Bank R Dixon pres Geo Dixon cashr
Moe O H livery

p. 870

SARTELL. Benton, county. A station on the N P Ry 2 miles n of Sauk Rapids the banking point and 1 e of Sartell the p o.

pp. 871-2

SAUK RAPIDS. Est pop 2,250. Benton county. A village on the N P Ry at the confluence of the Sauk and Mississippi rivers 1 mile n e of St Cloud with which city it has electric street car service. Has Congregational, Episcopal, Lutheran, Methodist and Catholic churches, a commercial club, municipal water works, 2 banks, 2 hotels, a creamery, a flour mill, a grain elevator ana granite quarries. A weekly newspaper, the Sentinel, is published. Ships flour, produce, live stock, potatoes and granite. Land sells at $100 to $150, Exp and tel. Emil A Kurr P M.

Alexander Fred B baker
Anderson Jas R cigars
Arensberger Peter blksmith
Arnhold Conrad tailor
Automatic Curtain Co Clyd W Warren mngr shade mnfrs
Bauman Max A r r exp and tel agt
Bellmont & Popp (Chas R Bellmont Jacob Popp) grocers
Benton County Agricultural Society Wm Friesleben pres Chas Stafford sec
BENTON COUNTY STATE Bank (Capital $30,000 Surplus $6,000) I W Bouck Pres R G Neils Cashr
Benton Rural Telephone Co H C Heintze sec
Berg Herman real est
Citizens State Bank Jno Wertin pres T G Schaefer cashr
City Water Works (municipal) Edw Cronk supt
Czarnetzki Wm hdw
Cziok Mike meats
Dewey Wm F drugs
Duelm Rural Telephone Co Peter Rengel sec
Edmonds Wm H barber
Esselmann Louis gen store (Mayhew)
Farmers Co-operative Creamery Co Aug O Rogosheski mngr
Ferrell W H & Co W E Vose mngr potatoes
Fletcher Wm H ins agt
Fredrickson Mrs Clara propr Hotel Sheldon
Friesleben Wm phys
Fruthville Telephone Co Benj Schuller sec
Grimmer Harry soft drinks
Heinzel Bros (Chas and Aug) meats
Hohn Wm soft drinks
Hotel Homan Homan Sisters proprs
HOTEL SHELDON Mrs Clara Fredrickson Propr
Jansen Peter jeweler
Karels Nicholas J soft drinks
Karels Peter soft drinks
Krieg Adolph flour mnfr
Kuethe Ida milliner
Kurt Theatre Thos H Paseh propr motion pictures
Lagergren Chas O blksmith
Lease Jeremiah S livery
Levendowski Jno tire repr
Mauer & Lodermeier Chris Mauer mngr gen store (Mayhew)
Mayhew Lake Telephone Co Jno Fleegel sec
Meinert Wm soft drinks
Mooers & Miller (Chester A Mooers Donald Miller) storage batteries
Mutchler Peter 2d hd gds
Neils Ferd grain elevator
Neils Julius C gen store
OLSON LOUIS Furniture and Carpets
Orlowski Aug soft drinks
Pappenfus Bros (Anth and Edw) garage
Pappenfus Jos A gen store
Perry Alb O billiards
Peterson Chas J racket store
Porter Wm C real est
PRZIBOROWSKI BROS (Emil J and Louis M) Granite Works N P Ry Tracks 1 n of Fair Grounds See adv
Radomski Wm A fuel
Rice Geo E Potatoe Co Geo E Rice pres and mngr
Rudd Lumber Co Plazen F Runnels mngr
Sauk Rapids Cemetery Assn
Sauk Rapids Commercial Club J H Coates pres Edw Vandersluis sec
Sauk Rapids Fruit Growers Telephone Co J B Heltimes sec
Sauk Rapids Granite Co J P Keller mngr
Sank Rapids Hardware Co J C Neron mngr
SAUK RAPIDS LIVERY Jeremiah S Lease Propr Auto and Horse Livery Bus Line to Sartell
Sauk Rapids Sentinel Edw Vandersluis pub
Sauk Rapids Short Line Julius Albrecht see telephone
Scherbert Wm A shoes
Schlough Jos C garage
Scott Wm H baker
Senn Jno A lawyer
Sleizer Jno W gen store
Stack & Bostrom (Fred W Stack Geo N Bostrom) grocers
State Road Telephone Co Emil Perske sec
Tindle Isabel grocer
Watab Rural Telephone Co S M Orton sec
Welk Herman feed
Wippich Fred W shoes
Wyatt Mrs Ruth cafe
Youngberg & Son (Gust and Elmer) contrs

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p. 954

WATAB. Benton county. A station on the N P Ry 6 miles n of Sauk Rapids the banking point. Mail by R F D from Sauk Rapids.

p. 1559

Sauk Rapids—Benton Rural Telephone Co

Duelm Rural Telephone Co
Fruthville Telephone Co
Mayhew Lake Telephone Co
Sauk Rapids Fruit Growers Telephone Co
Sauk Rapids Short Line
State Road Telephone Co
Watab Rural Telephone Co

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