Benton County, MN



The following surnames are registered in Benton County.  Please contact the linked individuals for more information.

Last Updated: October 30, 2012

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ADAMS - I am looking for information about Amos Barber ADAMS born on September 14, 1815 in NY, died in Michigan in 1906. He was a Congregationalist minister. Married Charlotte P. MERRELL on October 18, 1843. RexAnne Coad 11-24-1999.


AKERSTROM - I am an swedish genealogist, who is searching for an ancestor in Minnesota. His name: Erik Herman Åkerström (the spelling in English could be: Akerstrom, Aekerstrom, Okerstrom or Ockerstrom). He was born in Bergsjö, Sweden in 1869 and emigrated to Minnesota between 1908 and 1911. I have some information of a person, that could be him, but I am not sure: H. Aekerstrom in Benton County (possibly St Cloud City), Minnesota - the 1920 census. I hope someone can help me further. Many greetings from Sweden. Bengt Östbom 09-03-2000.


ANDERSSON - Our family is trying to find the cemetery where our grandmother, Johanna Sofia ANDERSSON was buried in August 1881 in the Sauk Rapids area.  She had come from Sweden with her daughter (my mother) and they both had typhoid fever when they landed.  My grandfather Kasper ANDERSSON had already emigrated to the area and worked there.  Are there any old cemeteries where she might be buried, or do you have any suggestion?  I would appreciate anything that you could suggest.  Thank you.  Josephine Johnson 06-17-2008. 


BAILEY / GROFF - Seeking information on the families of selected children of Moody BAILEY and Mary Malintha CRAWFORD of Wright County, MN (1860s-1960s). The families of interest are: Annie Laurie BAILEY (1868-1960) married Arthur GROFF, settled in Princeton, Benton Co., MN; William BAILEY (1874-<1960) married Amanda ?; Mamie BAILEY (1886->1960) married ? SCHOMBER, migrated to Oregon. Dean Wolbach 07-25-1999.



BALDER / PETERS - Settled in St. George Township, Benton County, MN from Kanitz, Schlessien, now near Warsaw, Poland. He was a farmer in Duelm and is buried there. His son Frank owned a brewery in St. Cloud. Where is the Duelm cemetery? Any knowledge of my descendants? Connie Balder Mickolajak 06-03-1999.

BARTHELEMY / PARENT / HENRY / STEINBACH - I am interested in gathering information on the following families - their immigrant ancestors: PARENT, BARTHELEMY (may actually be French); HENRY, STEINBACH.  Are there any other such families in Benton County?  The information I would like to have is the name of any immigrant from either Luxembourg or Belgium, plus the names of his/her spouse, birth and death information, if known, and the names of their children.  Gretchen Leisen 05-22-2001.

BEEHLER - I am looking for any information on the BEEHLER's of Benton County.  Most should be located around Foley/Gilman area.  My connection is through the Christ J. BEEHLER Family. 01-05-01.

BEMENT / MYAND - Seeking information on the following: Thomas BEMENT (b 1852 NY, m 1872 Mary Ann MYAND in Belle Prairie, Minn., d 1922 Waubun, Minn.) Louis MYAND (b 1824 Canada, m Madeline - Bah Be Dash Eqauay b 1828 Minn., Chippewa). Arthur/Marian Turgeon 05-21-1999.

BENSEN - I am looking for information on Arthur BENSEN and his son William BENSEN.  Arthur was once the mayor of St. Cloud (I believe) and William was the Benton County attorney back in the late 50s, early 60s.  I would appreciate any info.  Thank you.  Kimberly Molloy 10-16-2007.

BERTHIAUME - Looking to see if there is an obituary (or any other helpful information) on a gentleman by the name of Isaiah (Exie) BERTHIAUME in the Foley area.  He died on November 19, 1932 in Wright County, MN but info says he had a residence in Foley, Benton County, MN Naomi 12-14-2003.

BESSETTE - We are looking for any information on the family of Frank B. and Mary Catherine Letourneau BESSETTE. They were thought to have resided in Maywood, Benton Co., MN in the 1890's. Anything would be appreciated. Maggie and Bruce Bessette 06-09-2000.

BLACK / ROSS - I am looking for information on a James W. BLACK who moved to Langola, Benton County, Minnesota. Also would like any information you might have on Tabitha Ann ROSS who married James W. BLACK in Minnesota. Would like to know if James W. BLACK had any children with first wife and what her name was. Any information will be appreciated. Valeree Thompson 11-06-1999.

BLOMQUIST/LINDELL - I am looking for information on the families of Carl BLOMQUIST who lived in Oak Park, Minnesota and Annie (also Engrie or Ingrid) LINDELL who also lived in Oak Park, Minnesota.  Carl and Annie are brother and sister.  They are siblings of my great grandmother Alma ANDERSON of Oakland, Nebraska.  Stefanie Larsen 01-17-2007.


BOTHAM - I am searching for any records of George BOTHAM , born 1845/46, Yorkshire, England and living in St. Cloud, Benton Co. in 1895 & 1900.  In fact he is the census taker for St. Cloud for 1900!  In that year he is living with his wife, Mary age 37, and daughter Georgia, 14.  His occupation is given as collector.  In the 1880 census he is living in Dublin, Swift Co. with his wife but moved to Benton County in abt. 1883.  He also had a brother, Mathew Botham, born 1849, England, who is found living in Minnesota with his wife, Sarepta, in 1895.  These two Botham men immigrated to the US from England with their parents and other siblings in late 1861.  They lived in Iowa (Mitchell Co.) then George and Mathew headed north across the stateline where I found them.  I have had no luck locating any death records for either man in MN.  George was 55 years in 1900 so I am guessing he might have died between 1900-1925 in the St. Cloud area.  Any ideas on where I might find cemetery/death records online for this area during this time period?  Also marriage records from 1889-1890?  Any recommendations for researchers in the area for hire?  Teddi Botham 11-12-2008.

BOZYCH - Enoch BOZYCH and his wife Frances SCHULTZ came from Poland in 1872.  They first settled in Chicago and came to the Gilman area a couple of years later.  I would like any information about them that could lead me to their area in Poland.  I believe it was somewhere in the Poznan area.  Any help would be appreciated.  Dan Schyma 06-27-2008.

BRAMBRINK - I am interested in finding the descendants of Bernard Franz BRAMBRINK (b. 1843, Dulmen, Prussia) and Margarethe BRAMBRINK.  I know of one son, Ludwig Joseph BRAMBRINK (b. Nov 17, 1894 St. George Township, MN) who married Rena BALDER.  Did Franz and Margaret have any other children?  Any information or direction would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.  Katie Brambrink Brown 03-24-2001.


BRUNETTE - I am looking for information on the BRUNETTE Family that is listed in the 1840 Minnesota Federal Census.  I am showing a year of 1849 in the index of this census.  They are listed as living in Benton County, MN in the Sauk Rapids District.  Do you have any suggestion on research in this area?  I found your name on the Benton County Web-site.  Thanks, Kevin Schubert 09-20-2002.

BURFIELD - Am searching for information on my ancestors, Alpheus Marion BURFIELD, b. 6-4-1844 in PA, purchased 120 acres of land on 7-30-1874 in Benton Co., MN and again purchased 40 acres more on 12-15-1874 also Benton Co.) He died in 1923 in the state of Washington. Also George W. BURFIELD, b. 11-12-1818 in PA, purchased 160 acres of land on Benton County, MN on 11-20-1880. He died 10-7-1886 in Benton Co., MN. I am looking for cemetery records, inscriptions, history which may mention them all, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! You can e-mail me directly @ Karen Wischhusen, Palatine, IL. 03-30-2000.

BURHITE - Clarence "Harty" BURHITE b. 1867 lived (and farmed?) in Foley. He died in or after 1933. Wife Ada (1864-1924). Son Ray b. 1889, believe not to have married. I would like to find death dates for Harty and Ray and any other information about the family. I would be willing to trade some lookups of county records for lookups at the Minnesota Historical Society. Carol-Jean Boevers 10-10-1999.

BURSLEY/DAY - Benjamin Bursley b. 1810 d. 26 April 1881 and his wife Cynthia S. (Day) Bursley b.1814 d. 13 May 1874, are buried in Benton County in Saint Francis Cemetery, south of Highway 95 and NW of Santiago, MN. Any information on this family would be appreciated. Willing to share what I have about them. Thanks, contact Bob Monroe 10-30-2012.

BUSTIN - I am looking for certain information on my grandparents - Henri (Henry) & Maria Theresia (RUIJTERS) BUSTIN: 1) Information on Naturalization records; 2) Land description of where they lived; 3) Henri's occupation while living there; 4) A picture of Henri and Maria Theresia BUSTIN and family. I have been told that they probably lived in Benton County. Although I saw correspondence to a Carver County and a Douglas County. Information on deaths/obits came from Millerville, Seven Delors Cemetery is where grandfather was buried (1897). The 1885 Census states the family as living in Douglas County, Millerville, Minnesota. I have taken the liberty of submitting this additional information to give you an idea of what I have experienced thus far, in terms of seeking this info. Maria Bustin 10-18-2000.

BYZEWSKI / DAHLER / DELHER / KASNER / SKAJA / PLOMBON / BIBLE - Looking for decendants of the family names listed.  My greatgrandfather Anton Byzewski settled in Alberta Township and had 9 children.  Thank you.  Marty Byzewski, Warren, MN 07-07-2006.


CROMWELL / WILKINSON / BROADHEAD - Thomas L. CROMWELL b Oct 1852 in PA. He is living with O.B. BROADHEAD family in Sauk Rapids in the 1870 census. Also living with this family is Thomas's brother Blair and mother Anna possibly Hannah. Thomas married Eliza WILKINSON and is still living in Sauk Rapids in 1880. Eliza may be the daughter of Solomon and Adline WILKINSON. Am looking for any information in BROADHEAD plot in the cemetery in Royalton, MN. Bryanna Olson 05-21-1999.


DAILY - I am looking for information on Eliza DAILY b. 1868, she was married to Abner DAILY.  They had a daughter Mary E. DAILY b. approx. 1887.  Census says she was born in Minnesota, she died in Benton County.  Her family came from Ireland.  I would like to know her maiden name and any info anyone has on her family.  Mary E. Daily is my husband's G-Grandmother.  I have come to a dead end with her by not knowing her maiden name.  Could anyone please help?  Thank you. 12-09-2007.

DEDIC - My great grandparents were Joseph and Anna (Pocednik) DEDIC who settled in Foley in 1907 after emigrating from Bohemia.  My grandmother (their eldest daughter) was Josephine DEDIC who married Karl STRAIT in Bohemia.  Karl along with his friend, Matt POKLADNIK (Mary's Dad), immigrated to America in Oct. 1911 and settled in Foley.  A couple of months later, their wives (Josephine Dedic Strait and Ludmelia Pokladnik and three young children) joined them in Foley.  Karl and Josephine Strait has the following children: Charles, Josephine, George, Bennie, Bertha (my mother), Frank, Joseph and Helen.  Some of my relatives who still ive in the Foley area include: Lumir and Lorraine Potuzak; Tom and Lissa Strait; Chuck, Buck and Cecilia Strait, Arlene Dedic Biederman, etc.  Some of my more distant relatives there include the Lipkas, Lutzes, Latterals, etc.  Jeanie Moll 05-30-2006.

DELANEY / BALDER / CROWLEY / ALBRIGHT - Looking for any information on George A. DELANY who homesteaded near Parent. His wife remarried a CROWLEY after his death in 1886. He and his son Edward DELANEY are buried in St. Patrick's Cemetery. Elizabeth [nee Shutter] Manley DELANEY CROWLEY is buried there also, along with Elizabeth and Crowley's son John W. CROWLEY b. Oct 17 1887 d. Oct 18 1895. I have no first name for this CROWLEY. Frances DELANY married Ben ALBRIGHT and farmed in the County. Her mother, Anna DELANEY married Louis BALDER, son of Frank BALDER, owner of the St. Cloud City Brewery, until his death on his 40th birthday in 1889. Frank's sister Theresa married Joseph KAMPA. This family lived and raised their family in Benton County, near Duelm. Any help would be appreciated. Connie Balder Mickolajak 05-10-2000.

DELONG - Thurston DELONG b. 1835, Ontario, Canada, d. 1915 Staples Co., MN m. Sarah CRONK 1857 in Sauk Rapids, Benton Co., MN. Children: Mary, George B., Charles T., Helen, Sarah, Richard, Alma, Louise, poss. William. On Benton Co. census rec. 1870+. Donated property for Benton County Cemetery and is buried there along with Sarah and other family members. I have a lot to share with cousins (my husband's). I look forward to hearing from anyone. Contact me thru the list or at Jan Edwards 08-16-1999.

DOBLE - Susan M. and John F Doble moved to Langola, Benton Co. MN. in the 1870's.  I am especially trying to trace their son Marshall Levi  and his wife Emma F. Norton Doble.  They married abt. 1880 and had many children in Rice, Benton Co. until abt. 1890.  They moved to Willmar abt. 1890.  I believe Emma F. Norton died from complications from a horse and buggy accident abt. 1897 near Willmar/Pennock but only through stories from my grandmother, Vera Doble Mason?   My grandmother was second to last child of Marshall L. and Emma F. born in Willmar in 1893.  Emma's father was Thomas P. Norton. Linda Edwards 07-01-01.


DOTY / BAILEY - My name is Sharon Stickler and I am looking for information about the DOTY family and the BAILEY Family of Becker, Minn. Gerald H. Stickler 05-24-1999.

DOUBEK - I am searching for information on John DOUBEK, married to Anna DOUBEK, who later married into the HROMATKA family. They farmed in Benton County, near Foley. Rene Doubek Sweet 7-23-2000.

DOWSLAND - I am searching for more information about the family of Ralph DOWSLAND who emigrated and settled in Sauk Rapids about 1881.  He had a family of 6 girls and 1 boy.  I have information on some of the girls who moved to northern Minnesota, but none on the son, Ralph, Jr.  James or Melinda McDonald 10-29-2001.

DZUIK - Searching for information on descensants of Thomas DZIUK and Frances Kampa DZIUK. Time period; late 1800's, early 1900's. Immigrated from Poland and lived in St. George township; Benton County. Sharon A. Farrah 11-01-2000.

EVENSON / FRISLIE - I am trying to locate the family of EVENSON or EVENSEN and FRISLIE as follows: Johanne FRISLIE, born 28 Jun 1874, died 27 Jul 1942; Berte FRISLIE, born 28 Aug 1876; Ida FRISLIE born 23 May 1882, died 13 Dec 1963; Agnes EVENSON, born 30 Jun 1884, died 28 Jul 1940 in USA, married Martin NELSON who died in 1975, lived in Milnor, ND; Ole EVENSEN or EVENSON or FRISLIE, born 19 Jan 1879, USA; Hans EVENSON, born 17 Nov 1881, died 20 Jul 1918, USA. He served during WWI, Pvt., H CO., 26th INF. Any information is greatly appreciated. Denise Ford 07-23-2000.




FUHRE - Nels and Marie FUHRE. I am looking for information about my great grandparents. Willing to trade info with someone else from these descendants. Kathy Birt 07-29-1999.

GAUTHIER - I am seeking information about John GAUTHIER, b. February 1885, d. Sauk Rapids, February 1972. Thanks for any help. John Griffin 08-17-00.



GILMAN - I am running in circles forever it seems. Albert Roy GILMAN born 1872-75 in St. Paul, MN, he claimed. His brother born 1875 in IL. Was father Albert Roy GILMAN or M.A. GILMAN? His mother was Ollie DOBBINS. She later married a Thomas CLEARY and died in Aberdeen, S.D. Has anyone heard of Albert? He had a brother Herbert, sister Lucretia. Liz Esping 11-09-1999.

GOLTZ / GERKE / MYDLACK - Seeking ancestors and descendants of: John GOLTZ b. May 19, 1861 in Kamin, Prussia d. April 23, 1942 in Gilman, MN. He married Anna RUDNITSKI b. December 19, 1867 - d. August 24, 1953, daughter of John RUDNITSKI and Katherine SCHREIBER (Schultz as some records have incorrectly identified). John Goltz’s stepfather was Joseph GERKE b. February 5, 1837 d. January 24, 1929 in Gilmanton Township, Benton County - Married Justina MYDLACK or Medlock about 1865 in Prussia. Justina was born September 1828 in Zirkwitz, Prussia, died 1920 in Gilmanton Township, Benton County. Justina’s first husband was Karl Goltz who died before the year 1865 in Prussia. On December 3, 1881, John Goltz with stepfather and mother, immigrated to the US. John became a United States citizen December 7, 1896. John had one brother, Peter and three sisters, Anna, Mary and Tillie, and one half sister (that I know of ) Frances GERKE.  Thank you!  Tom Goltz 07-09-2002.

GOMBOS / MACHOWICZ - I am interested in these two families who settled in the Foley and Brannyville? area in the early part of the 1900's.  Please contact me.  Steve Ukasick 03-19-2001.

GORDON - Adelbert William GORDON (1854-1923) married Elizabeth "Lizzie" WYATT (1854-1917).  They started farming in the Watab area in 1880.  By 1915 they farmed 250 acres and has a home on the Mississippi River.  They had four children: Earle, Warren, Lois, and Ray.  Warren married Elizabeth BURTON.  Lois married Arthur B. NELSON.  Is anyone researching this family?  Adelbert GORDON is a 1st cousin of my grandfather, Everett PERRY.  Kal Perry 11-26-2001.

GRIESWALD - (also spelled GRISVOLD or GRISWOLD)-- I am working on locating the ancestry of Fredrica E. Grieswald (see various spellings above), b. November 19, 1860, allegedly in Szczytno (Kr. Czluchow), Masuria, Poland  (known as Ziethen, Kr. Schlochau, West Prussia when the family immigrated).  She died on February 10, 1942 in St. Cloud, Stearns County, Minnesota.  She married William (Wilhelm) Tomporowski on February 2, 1881 in Poland (sometimes listed as Prussia).  Fredrica and William appear to have arrived in the U.S. on April 14, 1883 on the ship "Neckar."  They moved to Chicago and appear to have lived there for approximately 11 years.  They then moved on to Benton County at least by January of 1883, when their son, Warren (Ladislas) Tomporowski was born.  From various records, it appears that Fredrica had a sister who also left Poland and ended up in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois. She was Bertha Grieswald (also sp. Gryzwald), b. abt. 1863; d. February 16, 1911 at 1714 West 19th Street, Ward #11, Chicago; buried February 20, 1911 in St. Adalberts Cemetery, Chicago; m. Gottfried Wojciech Pokropski in abt. 1883, possibly in Chicago.  Gottfried and Bertha (Grieswald/Gryzwald) Pokropski had the following children:  Jacob (b. Jan. 25, 1886); Francis (b. Oct. 4, 1887); Felix (b. Dec. 21, 1890); Mary (b. abt. 1894); Adalbert (b. Oct. 12, 1895); Bertha (b. abt. 1898); and Julia (b. June 5, 1900).  Any information on the Grieswald (see also Gryzwald, Grisvold, Griswald, etc.)
family would be most appreciated!  Thank you! 12-28-2001.


GUFFIN -  Recently an elderly relative died and I have received copies of several pictures.  A picture of a boy and a picture of a girl with no names only states "Cousins in Minnesota."  All Guffins are my ancestors.  The only ancestor in MN I have records on is the Chester A. GUFFIN Family.  Chester A. b. Oct 1854 m. Effie G. NICHOL (date unknown).  She died in 1899 and he married Lillian E. BENSEL b. 14 Jun 1870.  Chester d. 24 Nov 1938 in Rice, Minnesota and burial in Maple Lawn Cemetery, Wells Twp, Sec F-50-Bensei.  Children: Clarence E. b. 31 Jan 1879 IL; Bertie b. after 1881 and Roy A. b. 1890 Minneapolis and m. Grace POWER around 1910 in Minneapolis.  1900 and 1910 Census: Chester is living in Minneapolis.  I have not been able to locate him in the 1920 or 1930 Census.  Clarence E. had two children: Chester Charles b. 27 Nov 1906 and Clara or Claire Adeline b. around 1909, place unknown.  Roy had two daughters, Betty b. around 1913 and Rita Jayne b. 22 Sep 1923, both in MN.    One of the Chesters, I assume Chester Charles attended the University of Minnesota according to oral history.  This is all the information that I have.  Any info is appreciated.  Is there anyone who could take pictures of gravestones at cemetery?  Thanking you, Sandra R. Guffin Beskow 08-19-2004.

HALL - Looking for information on Ann Mary HALL, born Foley, MN abt. 1909. Married Robert Joseph NELSON, b. 1911, probably in Benton County, MN. Bill Waltman 06-08-1999.

HALL - I am a descendant of George HALL and beginning a genealogy study of the Wm. & Ellen HALL family, including Anna HALL, Ida HALL DOHNEY, Mamie HALL LORD, Kate HALL SWENSON, John HALL, and Bill HALL. I have been able to secure some information re: William HALL, Ellen's husband, of Lanark, Ontario dating back to 1790 which might be of interest to others. Joe Hall 08-25-1999.

HARY - Men with these last names married women from the HARY family between 1890 and 1898 in Gilman township (KUJAWA, SIPOLD, SIEGMUND, THOMAS, TRUZINSKI, WALCHESKI). Would appreciate hearing from descendants with hope we can help with background information.  Thank you. Shirley 02-19-2001.


HUDOVERNIK - Can anyone from Benton Co. help me with information about Mathew HUDOVERNIK and his wife Gertrude ZALOKAR from Rice, MN. Their youngest son Frank moved to Wisconsin. I would love any and all information about brother Mathew and John and sister Gertrude, Mary, and Hannah. Mary Lou Kuzdas 06-11-2000.

HARSHMAN - I am searching for John HARSHMAN known to be in Benton County in the 1880 census living in Sauk Rapids village. Who was his wife and did he have any children? Thank you, Sally Furuiye 11-04-2000.

HUEBNER - Trying to follow Fred W. and Emma HUEBNER.  Started in Lomira WI (1850's), then Wentworth SD (1900's), finally Benton Co MN (1920's).  Looking for final resting place.  Thanks, Chuck Gahm 02-20-2002.

JUREK - I am trying to find info an ancestors who were in Duelm, Benton Co. Joseph JUREK (b. Poland d. 1919 in Duelm, MN) married Teckla Malec (Maleke). She was born in Poland, d. 1924 in Duelm, MN. They had eight children: Mary (b. 1/6/1882 d. 5/12/1967) m. Frank PHILIPSEK; Agnes m. Charles DZUIK; Margaret m. Philip RAU; Sophia m. Henry RAU; Theodore m. Hattie; Paul m. Frances HENNEK; Frank; Pauline (b. 6/11/1879 d. 6/13/1954) m. August PIERSKALLA. Any information would be helpful. Thank you. Pam Dillon 07-27-2000.

KAMPA - Looking for information on the following people: 1. Valentine KAMPA Sr. spelled KEMPER in 1895 census of Graham / Langola townships. Born in Poland or Germany approx. 1820 died St. Cloud, MN, 1913; 2. Any brothers or sisters of Valentine Sr.; 3. Valentine KAMPA, Jr. born Oct 18, 1870 in Poland or Germany died Sept 12, 1951 and his brothers Frank W. KAMPA, born Oct 7, 1857 in Poland or Germany died Glendorado township, Benton County Feb 8, 1949 and Paul KAMPA born about 1869; 4. Agnes KAMPA wife to Valentine KAMPA Sr. born April 1825 in Poland or Germany; died March 27-29, 1908 in Graham township, Benton County. If you have any information, please let me know. Also see O'KONEK, WRUCK / KAMPA / MOHS. Sharon A. Farrah 04-29-2000.

KIPKA / PATOCK / DOPKA / ZAWORSKI - I'm looking for information on my maternal ancestors. All of them are buried in the Saints. Peter & Paul Cemetery in Gilman. They are my G Grandparents Joseph KIPKA Sr. and his wife Mary PATOCK. My GG Grandparents Joseph PATOCK and his wife Eva DOPKA, and my GG Grandparents Jacob and Caroline ZAWORSKI. I got pictures of the grave markers when I visited your state, but unfortunately some of them are written in Polish and I don't know what they say. Any information would be helpful. Teresa Carroll 11-14-1999.

KNOWLTON/SMALLEN - Searching for info on Marion Evelyn Smallen b. 30 Aug 1871 in Minnesota and d. 1898 in Santiago, MN and is buried in Saint Francis Cemetery , NW of Santiago in Benton County, MN. She married Edward James Monroe Knowlton 18 Sept 1889 in Minnesota. He was born 1863 in Orrock, MN and died 11 Dec 1913 in North Dakota. Marion's parents are James Smallen b. 1840 Ireland and Susan H. (Bursley) Smallen b. 1845 in Maine. Any information would be appreciated. I am willing to share what I have. Thanks, Bob Monroe 10-30-2012.

KUFFEL - Looking for more info on the KUFFEL familes of Benton Co. in particular Jozef (Joseph) 1859-1921 and Julianna KUFFEL 1870-1919 are buried in St. Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery in Gilman, MN.  One of their children was Edward Paul KUFFEL 1909-1984 who m. Marian Irene Forseman 1922-1994 both buried in Fort Snelling National Cemetery.  Edward was the youngest in the family.  Al Hartman 08-02-2002.


LAVIGNE - I am seeking information on Alexander LAVIGNE (1852-1918) family of Benton County, Minnesota. Believed to have lived near Duelm, MN. Later moved to Kansas City. Married Julia Zelie Marie Henry. Both buried at St. Lawrence Cemetery in Duelm, MN. [Note: this email is no longer valid.] John Roberts 03-13-2000.

LEASON - Vincent LEASON married Tillie MAHOLSKI (sp).  Any info would be great, he is my grandfather and they lived in Foley.  Lorie Leason O'Neill  5-30-2004.

LEAVITT - I am searching for informaton on Elnathan Leavitt, b. 1810 in Maine.  I find him in the 1860 Princeton, Benton, MN census, age 50 with wife Rocksey (or Hannah, age 45, b. ME), and children: Willis (probably Henry William, age 25, b. ME), Wesley (age 20, b. ME), Roena (prob. Rodney, age 18, b. ME), and Emma (age 13, b. ME).  He is my g-g-g-grandfather.  (, 9 West Pine St., Plaistow, NH  03865) - Thanks, Mary Ellen Moulton 12-07-2006.

LEWANDOWSKI - I am doing research on Joseph J. LEWANDOWSKI who lived in Benton County, Albertville township from 1888 until his death in 1968.  He had brothers who also lived in Benton County: Benard, Raymond, William, John, and Winslow.  Lawrence R. Lewandowski 06-10-2001.

LEYK - I am looking for any information on the Leyk movement into Minnesota.  I will share what I know with any interested party.  Thanks and best wishes. 04-17-2005.


LINKE - I am beginning a search about my grandmother Louise LINKE.  Her father was Adolf or Adolph LINKE - her birth mother's name is unknown.  She had 3 sisters.  Two of them are Olga LINKE - WOLBER and Sadie LINKE - TARNER.  She was born in Benton County in 1900 and lived there for about 18 years.  If you know of any info, please contact  me.  Thank you so much. 02-01-2003.

LOVELL / BLUME - Am looking for any information on the following LOVELL's: Alvin Clement m. ??? SCHWARTZ, Fentimon m. Ella SIMNING, Orlando m. Minnie BLUME???, John m. Minnie BLUME???, Sadie, Nettie, Ida. Thanks for any help. Have some information. Peggy 06-13-1999.

LYNCH - I am looking for relatives and descendants of Peter Charles LYNCH/ He was born in Portland, Maine in the 1860's before moving to St. Paul/St. Cloud. He was married to the former Pauline GURKE (sp). The oldest son of Peter was Louis LYNCH, who was born in 1887 in Glendorado Township, Benton Co. Louis was my grandfather, but I knew of him only as Hugh Sullivan because he left home and moved to San Francisco, CA with a new name. I have lots and lots of data and photos of Peter's CA relatives if anyone is interested. Brian White 05-09-2000.

MACE - I am searching for info on the Vernon MACE family who lived in Langola Township in 1900.  Believe they moved to Sask., Canada c. 1905 but not sure of date.  The family is in MN in the 1900 census.  There were a number of school-age Mace children.  Any help or leads will be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.  Marge 10-08-2004.


MALIKOWSKI (MIROWSKI?) - Searching for info on Anna (MIROWSKI?) MALIKOWSKI. Born May 30, 1864 in Poland.  She married George MALIKOWSKI who adopted her two sons.  I believe in Chicago.  The moved to Benton Co. and are found in the 1900 census.  Would very much like info on her maiden name and first husband and anything that pertains to her early life.  Thank you.  Paula Malikowski  07-04-2005.

MATHISON - I am looking for my mother's uncle, Einar M. MATHISON, born in Larvik, Norway on June 29, 1889.  He went to America in 1907.  I found his registration card WWI, registered in Chester, South Dakota on June 5, 1917.  Just recently I found out he is buried at Fort Snelling National Cemetery in Minneapolis - death date April 28, 1952.  The only Mathison that I can find that died on that date and place is Edward M. Mathison who died in Benton County.  Could it be a mix of names?  If someone who knows anything about Einar/Edward M. Mathison, please let me know.  Turid Kjaermann Jensen, Larvik, Norway 04-23-2008. 



MCCLELLAN / MAYO - John W. MCCLELLAN, b. 1823 ?, d. 1868, story goes that he was shot. Married to Emily Ann MAYO, was in the Princeton area at time of death. Trying to find a record of his death and place of burial. He was quite well known and there might be mention of his death in a newspaper. Any leads would help. Randy L. Sargent 06-10-1999.

MCDONALD - George and Angelina MCDONALD had a family of 4 boys and 4 girls. George was a farmer and they lived in the 1870s on the east bank of the Mississippi River, probably in Langola Twp. The family moved to Brainerd area by 1888. The 1870 Census [from Brockway Twp, Stearns County] lists these four children; Eva, Charles, Alonzo, Frank. I know Eva married John Dickinson McGee in 1876, Eva was probably born near the St. Croix reservation in Wisconsin. Is anyone researching this family? If so, please contact me. Kal Perry 03-18-2000.

McNAMARA - I am looking for anyone who is researching the McNAMARA line in this area.  My greatgrandfather John (wives, Maud and Mabel) lived in this area from at least 1910 until 1952.  His brother, Daniel (wives Nell, Amy, Arta) lived and worked in Foley from 1914 until his death in 1946.  Thank you!  Susan M. Carter 07-09-2001.



MONSON - I am looking for any information on Albert O. MONSON who bought land outside Foley, Benton County, MN in 1898. In November, 1898 Albert O. was run over by a train near Ronneby. Albert left a widow, Edith Lake MONSON (who later married Siscely) and three children, Emma (b.1883), John (b. 1886) and Albert E. MONSON (b. 1896). Albert O. MONSON was almost certainly a Norwegian - the two younger boys were baptized at the Lutheran Church in Glendorado which was a Norwegian-speaking congregation in 1896. I would appreciate any info on who Albert O. MONSON's parents were and if he had any siblings! Thanks, Claudia 12-06-1999.

MORGAN - I am seeking information about the following people in St. Cloud, Benton County, Minnesota: Elkanah MORGAN b. abt 1830 near Harrison, Hamilton Co., OH. He had at least 2 brothers, Andrew and John D. BARROW. Elkanah MORGAN m.(1)???, in OH, by whom he had at least one child, George MORGAN. Elkanah m.(2)Anna BARROW abt. 1865 in OH. She was born in Kent, England abt. May 1835. Elkanah and Anna moved shortly after their marriage to St. Cloud, Benton Co., MN, and later to Iowa. While in St. Cloud they had a daughter, Mabel MORGAN b. 02 Jul. 1867 in St. Cloud. John D. MORGAN b. 31 Dec 1844 in IN. d. abt. Abt. 24 May 1920 in St. Cloud. He married Anna F. WILEY and they had children Edith, Arthur E. and Jessie. I have no information about Andrew MORGAN. Would like to find more information about these MORGAN ancestors of mine. Any leads would be most welcome. Susan Rezek 02-10-2000.

MURRAY / McNEAL - I am hoping someone can help me on this.  I am trying to locate James C. MURRAY, born 4-15-1860 in Attleboro, MA.  After 1898 he went "West."  The closest find I have is from the 1900 Census.  There is a listing of a James C. MURRAY living in Rice Village, Benton County, MN.  He is listed as a boarder living with the McNeal family.  The McNeal family consists of Lemay McNeal, a widow, and her sons Ransford and Wilbur.  They are listed as farmer and farm laborers, respectively.  While the year of birth for James C. MURRAY is listed as 1859, everything else about him matches what I know.  I have not found a listing for James C. MURRAY in the 1910 Census, so I am stumped.  If anyone has information about Rice Village, MN, the McNeal family, or where I might write for help, I would be very grateful.  Thank you.  Steven Anderstrom 01-26-2008 




NELSOM - I am looking for information on Andrew Peter NELSON who died June 20, 1924 and was buried in the Sauk Rapids (Benton County) Cemetery.  Years later his wife Christine, who died Dec 1942 in Wyoming, was supposedly buried beside him.  I need verification that they are both in the Benton County Cemetery and where they are located in the cemetery.  K. Stewart 05-26-2008.

NORTON - Harvey Stillman NORTON and Sallie [Sara Ann] FINICAL NORTON, his wife-lived in Benton County, with their five children, between 1864/5 and [about] 1887. The children were: Edwin [b. 1859 IL]; Laura [b. 1862 IL]; Bertha [b. 1864 MN]; Martha ["Mattie," b. 1867]; William Eugene [may have been called Eugene, b. 1869 MN]. The family came to Benton County at the end of the Civil War, about 1864/5. Previously the family lived both in Hennepin County, MN and [during the war] in IL. Harvey served with both an IL and a MN unit during the war [MN 11th infantry 1864-1865]. Listed as Benton County residents in both the 1870 and 1880 census. Harvey is listed in the poll tax for St. George Township 1867-1884. Active in local affairs there [election judge, justice of the peace, chairman of the Board of Supervisors for St. George, etc.]. He also was a grange organizer. The family farm was located at Lot 26 [W 1/2, SE 1/4, 80 acres] and was later sold to a Henry BAKER. Neighbors included K. ADELMANN, P. POPILECK, Jos. SHINDSELORR and N. ADELMANN. Harvey later purchased another farm in Benton County, this time in Minden Township. Harvey and Sallie NORTON, with their youngest/minor children then moved to NE, by 1890. [Edwin-the eldest son-left home by 1880; Mattie died, at age 8, in 1875 of diphtheria; and Sallie married in 1881, at Alexandria MN.]. Harvey Stillman NORTON was born in Onondaga, New York about 1828, and lived with his parents in Geauga, Ohio in the early 1800's. Sallie's parents were Samuel E. FINICAL and Harriet B. RAMSAY. They came to Hassin, Hennepin County, MN in the mid-1800's from PA and KY via Indiana. There is a brief family sketch of the NORTON family in the History of the Upper Mississippi Valley. Any information greatly appreciated. Contact Darlene Cruikshank Joyce, 4685 Chandler Road, Shoreview, MN 55126, (651) 415-2762 05-24-1999.

NOWAK - My Grandparents Joseph NOWAK who married Constance SWENDRA moved to Alberta, Benton County, MN between 1900 and 1910, looking for death of Joseph NOWAK. William R. Graczyk 08-17-2001.

O'KONEK - I am looking for information about my Grandfather Joseph O'KONEK --- particularly who his parents are and where they lived, and his wife Frances (KAMPA) O'KONEK. [see separate WRUCK query.] Grandfather was born in Gilman, Benton County and Grandmother on the KAMPA farm, Rt. 1, St. Cloud. I don't have their birth or death dates. I believe they were married in 1914 in Sherburne County. It is reported that a Tillie Francis O'KONEK was also born in Gilman. Am wondering if Tillie is related to Joseph. L.M. O'Konek 05-31-1999.

OKONEK - Searching for descendants of Paul, Joseph, and Thomas OKONEK who homesteaded in Saskatchewan and later returned to the USA, thought to be from Benton County. 02-24-2005.



PATTERSON / WEDGEWOOD - Looking for information on my grandparents, Fred PATTERSON married Flora WEDGEWOOD July 24, 1894 in St. Cloud, Benton County, MN. Children Paul Clifford b. December 12, 1895 Princeton, MN; Doris .b August 1899 Princeton, MN; Clay Issac b. April 15, 1903 Princeton, MN. D. M. Patterson 07-28-1999.


PLEMEL - John PLEMEL and Gertie HUDOVERNIK married June 14, 1904.  I am seeking information on this family.  Mary Lou Kuzdas 05-13-2001.

POPILECK - I'm looking for any information regarding the POPILEK family from the Duelm area of Benton Co. My grandfather was Albert POPILEK and his father was Peter POPILEK. I'm also trying to find the name of Peter's wife, my great grandmother. Jan Butler 01-15-2000. Also, see NORTON.

POSSEHL / WAGNER - I am searching for info on the Martin C. POSSEHL and Rosalia WAGNER family.  Any info would be appreciated.  Jo Mandi 03-18-2008.

POTTER - I am researching the family of Merritt W. POTTER and Jennie SWEET. They lived in the Benton County area from about 1860-early 1900's. His parents were Phillip & Julia POTTER, her's George & Eliza SWEET. Any info would be appreciated. Candee Soennichsen 11-06-2000.

POWERS - Looking for information about Strange POWERS who lived in Benton County (Sauk Rapids) in 1849 and 1850. He was my gg grandfather. If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. Grace McGill 01-16-2000.  **UPDATE** offers an explanation: 1850 Census of Sauk Rapids, Benton Co., MN lists Strauze Powers, age 5-1/2, b. MN; George Powers, age 22, b. WI, Famina Powers, age 22, b. Indiana.  Spelling of name "Strauze" was misinterpreted from hand-written census where "u" was seen as "n" and "z" as "g."  08-06-2008.

POZE - Looking for information about a man named Strange POZE, sometimes called POWERS who was in Sauk Rapids in the years 1849 and 1850. Grace McGill 1-22-2000.  **UPDATE** offers an explanation: 1850 Census of Sauk Rapids, Benton Co., MN lists Strauze Powers, age 5-1/2, b. MN; George Powers, age 22, b. WI, Famina Powers, age 22, b. Indiana.  Spelling of name "Strauze" was misinterpreted from hand-written census where "u" was seen as "n" and "z" as "g."  08-06-2008.


REITER - Paul A REITER from Rice, Benton County, MN Born 12-7-1885 and died 8-22-1939. Paul was married to Leona MEISTER from Blaine Township, Anoka County, MN. They had a son Elwyn who was born July 1918. At some point, Paul and Leona were divorced. Paul died in Graham Township in Benton County. Does anyone know where Paul is buried in Benton County? Would anyone know what newspaper might have an obit on Paul? And, does anyone know anything about Paul and Leona and if Paul ever remarried or if he had any siblings. Paul was living in Rice in 1915. Elizabeth Parker 09-08-1999.

RICHARDSON - I am interested in finding out about: RICHARDSON, Kenneth E. - Born 1 Mar. 1888 in Rice to Stephen A. & Laura Richardson, and RICHARDSON, Stephen M. - Born 19??-July 1891 "near St. Cloud" (Also Rice?) to Stephen A. & Laura Richardson. and RICHARDSON, ??? - any baby born to Stephen A. & Laura Richardson who was born before 1888 or between 1891 and 1894 and who did not survive (a census report that there were children she had who did not survive), and RICHARDSON, Stephen A. - Born 1895 in IL; looking for land or marriage records to Laura, maiden name unknown, who was born in Oct (?) 1865 in IA (and was out of Swiss/German heritage).  Thank you for your assistance. Stephen Richardson (great-grandson of Stephen A.) 05-07/2006.

ROHRER - Seeking information on Daniel ROHRER b. ca. 1805 either Lancaster Co., PA or Washington Co., MD.  Daniel left MD ca. 1839.  He is listed in the 1840 and 1950 census of Benton County, Sauk Rapids District.  Any information appreciated.  Barbara Long Emery, Ohio 01-25-2001


RUHR - I am searching for information on my Grandmother, Elizabeth RUHR, b/April 23, 1854 in St. Louis, MO., d/July 26, 1913 in Mayhew Lake, Benton Cty., MN.  Her Father was Bernard RUHR, Mother Anna BRUNERT. She married George S. RELLER Jr. January 20, 1874 in Meisville, Dakota County, MN. I have her obit, but no dates on her parents and nothing on siblings.  Would greatly appreciate any information regarding her and any of the RELLERHENRICH/RELLER family.  Dorothy Reller Baker 11-07-2002.

SCHEER - I am looking for my ancestors that are driving me nuts to locate. What I have so far is JOACHIM SCHEER born 2 Mar. 1802, died 27 June 1862. His parents names are unknown to me. On 8 Apr 1825 he was married to a MARIA ELIZABETH ZIMDARS or ZITZMAR. I believe Mr Scheer was also born in this town. I cannot trace these families back in time because I have no idea of where to look. What I was told some 30 odd years ago, either Joachim Scheer or one of his son's children was a high ranking officer in Napoleon's Army.  Please some one help me. Janette 02-18-06.

SCHLIEMANN - I am researching a branch of the SCHLIEMANN family and in doing so discovered that there are probably more SCHLIEMANNs in Minnesota than any other state. I have recently discovered that the SCHLIEMANN families in Germany wrote a genealogy book in 1939 and have had regular reunions every since to keep it updated. When I made contact with a SCHLIEMANN in Germany he forwarded my letter to a member of the reunions organizers and I promptly received an invitation to attend the reunion July 21 - 23 this year. I want to let as many Schliemann families know as possible. For further info contact me at I will be attending the reunion and hope to take much info with me and bring home lots of info. They are very anxious to fill in their empty tree limbs as much so as we are. Mary Lou Bartee 01-15-2000.

SCHOUMAKER / MAYER (MEYER) - Searching for information on Elizabeth SCHOUMAKER born in IL married to John SCHOUMAKER and lived in Sauk Rapids and believed to have died in the area.  Two sons Laurence and Nick.  Elizabeth was the daughter of Nicholas and Eva MAYER (MEYER).  I have no other information, so anything would be appreciated.  Ardis Meyer 08-13-2004.

SCHULTZ - Looking for info concerning Ludwig and Augusta SCHULTZ family.  They moved into Ronneby area about 1903 with at least five children: John, Carl, Albert, Ida, and Augusta.  Thanks, Laurie 10-16-2002.

SCOTT - I am looking for any descendants of John E. SCOTT (born in Iowa in 1863) and Mary Quigley SCOTT (born in Missouri in approx 1867). John and Mary lived in Benton County Minnesota. Their children were: Joseph SCOTT, born 1893 in Iowa. Married to Margaret C. SCOTT. Their children were John O (born in 1917) and Earl J (born 1916). Joseph was a farmer. Found in 1920 census for Village Foley, Minnesota Loretta SCOTT, born 1896 in Iowa George M. SCOTT, born 1900 in Minnesota. Died July 16, 1957 in Los Angeles, CA. He had a son named George Michael SCOTT Jr. Iva May, born 1904 in Minnesota Samuel SCOTT, born in 1906 or 1907 in Minnesota Charles SCOTT, born 1909 in Minnesota William SCOTT born 1890 in Iowa. He married Idella. They had three girls named Mary SCOTT, born in 1911. She was a nurse. Idela SCOTT born in 1913 and Isabelle Scott born in 1915. John E. SCOTT Jr., born in 1888 in Iowa. He married Josephine. They had two children. John SCOTT born in 1914 and Josephine C. SCOTT, born in 1917. Both William and John E were living in Foley Village in the 1930 census. In the 1930 Census, it shows that Mary Quigley SCOTT was living alone but lived next door to her son William SCOTT and his children. I would like to be able to find anyone from this family. Mary Quigley SCOTT was my great grandfathers sister. She has a sister named Ellen Quigley who married John E. SCOTT's brother Clawson SCOTT. I can find no further information on them except that they lived in Wichita, Kansas. [Note: this email address is no longer valid.] Sue Henner 10-28-2002.

SHERO - The names of Cassius SHERO and about three other SHERO'S (parents?, siblings?) appear on the 1870 census for Benton County, MN. Cassius moved on to Idaho and Montana, but I don't know what happened to the rest. At this time this is just information to add to your list; I don't know enough even to know what questions to ask...except that Cassius SHERO was born in Canada. He married Mahala ROBERTS...a person by that name appears on the same census, but in a different county. M. Hill 07-30-1999.


SINKER - When visiting the St. Patrick's Church Cemetery, Minden Twp., Benton Co, MN in August, my uncle mentioned that his mother, Frances KAMPA (married Joseph OKONEK/O'KONEK), told him that they were related somehow to Jennie SINKER.  Jennie SINKER was born in December 1871 and died in February 1907.  I have a photo of her tombstone.  There is also another SINKER buried there.  His tombstone reads: Father, James Thos. SINKER, 1859-1920.  I searched the MNHS death certificate database for James, but did not find him.  Land records show a James SINKER bought land in Benton County and Kittson County.  If anyone has knowledge of the SINKER family, I would appreciate hearing from them.  L. M. O'Konek  11/12/2001.

SMITH - Charles Edward SMITH, doctor. Married Laura Marion NORTON [see separate NORTON query.] Marriage took place on July 30, 1881 at Alexandria, MN. The bride was, at that time, listed as a resident of Douglas County although she was still a Benton County resident per the 1880 census. She may have gone to live with her brother in Douglas County, since he is listed as a witness to the marriage there [speculation]. Charles E. SMITH is, however, listed on the marriage license as a resident of Benton County is 1881. Charles SMITH was a doctor, but it is not clear whether he became one before or after the marriage. I have been unable to locate information about Charles SMITH in census or Benton County records, except for a reference to a Dr. Smith working with inmates at the prison in St. Cloud at about this time. Any information greatly appreciated. Contact Darlene Cruikshank Joyce, 4685 Chandler Road, Shoreview, MN 55126, (651) 415-2762 05-24-1999.

SNYDER - Anna Margaret SNYDER was born Nov. 1, 1865 in Sauk Rapids to Martin and Nancy SNYDER. Anna married William Monk TILLINGHAST Mar. 31, 1886 in Sauk Rapids. When she did this her parents disowned her. Cannot find this SNYDER family on any records. Would like to know Nancy's maiden name and/or any other info, such as siblings of Anna's. Ronald McCartney 09-24-2000.

STELLMACH - Johann STELLMACH (also known as John) was born 16-Aug-1844 and died 05-Jul-1922. Born in Prussia - don't know where - died in Minnesota. Came to America in 1873 on the ship "Saxonia" with his wife Catherine and 3 children - Joseph, Frances, and baby Mary. Wife Catherine died about 3 weeks after they arrived. John married again to Frances (my great-grandmother) and they had 15-16 kids, she died (no wonder) and he married again to Johanna WSAUROCK and they had 9 more kids. He was very prolific. My roadblock right now is finding out if Johann-John had siblings and finding out exactly where he came from. There's a STELLMACH family in Missoula, Montana (Edwin & Peggy) that I'm visiting next month. We are trying to find out if we are related somehow. We haven't found to link yet, but if there is one, it is in the previous generation. Joy Stellmach Bond 05-24-1999.

STELLMACH - I am looking for the STELLMACH family who made inquiry in 1999 about John and Frances STELLMACH. I believe they are my great-grandparents. I think Victoria STELLMACH who later married Orlando Guy is their daughter and would like contact with anyone in that family who has information about them. Doris Hansen 08-12-00.


STEWART - I have information on John K. STEWART, long time resident of Benton County from about 1872 to 1913.  He was born in Ireland, moved to Randolph County, IL as a boy.  Served with the 30th II Infantry from 1861 to 1865 (age 15 through 18).  Married Miss Elizabeth J. Lively, November 1, 1865.  Lived in Randolph County, IL (1865-1868); Lived in Dakota County, MN (1868-1870); Lived in Hennepin County, MN (1870-1872); Lived in Benton County until his death (1872-1913).  William J. Stewart, his brother, was a Justice of the Peace in Benton County.  I have more information, if needed.  I am looking to contact family in the area that might have information on the Stewarts as well.  Keith Aleckson 06-28-2002.

STIFTER - My Grandfather Joseph OKONEK's parents are Casmir OKONEK and Philomena "Minnie" WRUCK. When Casmir passed away Minnie married a man by the name of STIFTER. I am not sure if he was from Benton or Stearns County. One of Minnie's sons, Peter, b. May 1890, is supposed to have moved to Duluth, MN and assumed the STIFTER name when he ran into financial difficulties. I'm trying to identify the first name of the STIFTER that Minnie WRUCK married. L.M. O'Konek 09-04-2000.

STIMLER - I am a direct descendant of Tony STIMLER, past councilman of Foley circa 1909. My relatives and I have put together a family web site that we thought you might be interested in. It is located at [Note: I've deactivated this link because it now requires a password.] We just recently (July 31, 1999) had a huge family reunion in St. Cloud with members from three separate branches of the family who had never met before. We had a great time and are still working on exchanging and sharing photos from the event online. Our family web site is an on-going project and we are in the process of incorporating other family branches (Hunts, etc.) into our family tree. We could certainly be a great resource for anyone researching the Stimler surname in Benton County. Check us out and let us know what you think! Rae Bordua 08-24-1999.

STOLTZ - Would appreciate info re STOLTZ families that were living in the Foley, MN area according to 1934 letters recently found.  These relatives moved from Portage County, WI to MN and included the father Joseph and two of his sons, Bernard and August.  Daniel Rekoske 01-16-06.


STRUFFERT / COLLIGNON - Looking for relatives of the Anton STRUFFERT/STRUFFORT & Mary Anna Agnes COLLIGNON family that resided in Duelm, Benton County. Anton b-1852 in Germany m. 1879 to Mary Anna Agnes b-1854 in Germany. Their children: Mary, Anthony, Anna Gertrude m. Henry HAVERCAMP, Henry, Amelia m. William EMRICH, Frank m. Katie STOMMES, Max m. Viola STANGLE, Joseph, and Mary m. Theodore SCHUMATSKI. Karen Collignon-Foley 12-06-1999.

SWEDBERG - Olaf SWEDBERG (spellings vary) b. July 1860 Sweden immigrated 1882 to Blue Earth MN. with wife Mary M 1881 Bought land section 25 tp 37 Range 28 Maywood Benton Co MN 1883. Sold same 1902. 1900 census is my only reference. This is my grandfather. This is a lost family. My mother was set to an orphanage. Any info on this family I would appreciate so much. Any money incurred in checking I would reimburse. There were 6 children born to them. Some born there. I have my mother's birth record b. 1901 Maywood Benton Co MN. Thanks Kathryn Yates 05-22-1999.

SZCZECH - My Grandfather's sister, Mary SZCZECH married Louis LUBERDA. Their children married into the CHAPP, LACHINSKI and HELMIN families of Benton County. I have several hundred SZCZECH descendants, originally from Borek Wielkie, Rzeszow, Poland recorded and am always searching for more. There is a second SZCZECH family of the Gilman area, (John SZCZECH married to Mary ZYZNER) to which I cannot find a relationship. However, two families from Poland with the unusual name SZCZECH settling within 3 miles of each other has to be more than a coincidence. Help me find the link. Will share info with anyone interested. Steve Schack 12-27-1999.

TEMPLIN - Looking for information on my great grandmother Stella TEMPLIN LESNAU born in Poland 1-29-1867 Death 11-23-1933 She married Barney LESNAU. Her parents were Leon TEMPLIN & Mary KAZENOWSKI TEMPLIN. They lived in the Foley, Gilman area. I've always wondered if she had any brothers or sisters. I think she may have had a sister Kate. Would appreciate any information.  Joan 01-30-2004.

TOMPOROWSKI / TRUSZCZYNSKI (also spelled TRUCHENSKI or TRUSHENSKI) - I am working on locating the
ancestry of William (Wilhelm) Tomporowski, b. Nov. 28, 1856, allegedly in Szczytno (Kr. Czluchow), Masuria, Poland  (known as Ziethen, Kr. Schlochau, West Prussia when the family immigrated); d. August 30, 1940 in Gilman, Benton County, Minnesota (but see LDS providing for death on August 28, 1940 in Ronaby, Stevens County, Minnesota).  William Tomporowski is buried in Sts. Peter & Paul Catholic Parish Cemetery in Gilman.  He married a woman named Fredrica E. Grieswald (her first and last name appear spelled in various manners including Fredrika, Frederika, etc.) on February 2, 1881 in Poland.  According to LDS records and some family records, William was the son of Wojciech Tomporowski (sometimes referred to as August Tomporowski) and Mariann "Mary" Truszczynska.  William's siblings included:  1) Martin (b. Oct. 22, 1849; d. January 6, 1943 in Sauk Rapids; m. Mary Slawinkska); 2) Adam (b. abt. 1850; m. 1st Matgorzata Nawrocka; m. 2nd Franciszka Katrynska); 3) Theodora (b. abt. 1854; m. 1st Mikel Bursch; m. 2nd Joe Thomas); and 4) August (b. July 10, 1859; d. August 17, 1911 in St. Cloud; m. Mary Ann Gulitas).  There may have been more siblings, but this is all I've been able to document.  Also, it has only come to light recently that William's father, Wojciech, was also known by the first name of August.  I have lots of data collected on William and his siblings (including a branch descending from Martin Tomporowski whose line eventually settled in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Canada).  I would truly like to find more information on the Tomporowski and Truszczynska lines from Szczytno. Thanks! 12-28-2001.

VOERDING - Who can help me to find further details about the VOERDING family, who lived in Minnesota, in the church books of the parishes of St. Laurenz in Duelm, Benton County, MN and St. Wendelin, Luxemburg, Benton County, MN.  (Luxemburg is situated on Highway 15 south of St. Cloud, MN).  What would be the cost to do this research?  Has there been a census in Benton County, MN in 1870?  Has there been a census in 1865 in Minnesota?  Visit my home page: The church books of the parish of St. Wendelin (St. Wendelin Church of Luxemburg, 22714 Highway 15, St. Cloud, MN 56301) have not been filmed by the Mormons.  Therefore, we cannot study them at the Mormon Centers here in Germany.  We have written a letter to the priest of the parish to take a look at the VOERDING family members (in the church books).  He wrote back that the church books start in 1859 but he was unable to read the handwriting in the books.  I am looking for the registration of the death of the third child Johann Henrich VOERDING b. 7/7/1860 together with the names of the Godparents; the baptism entry of Matthew, b. 1/7/1862 and his Godparents; the baptism entry of Louisa, b. 1866, and her Godparents.  I am also looking to see whether there was a child who died as a baby as there is a saying in our family that there were 9 children.  If you look for members of the VOERDING Family there may be variations of the spelling such as VORDING or VERDING.  I would be very happy if you could find a way to help me.  I am looking forward to your response.  Yours sincerely, Martin Holz from Germany 03-22-2001.

VICTOR - I am trying to get information on my favorite aunt's family. She was Geraldine Rose VICTOR born in that County in 1918 to Frederick Nathan Victor and Catherine Elizabeth Wolfbauer. She died in Iowa from cancer, but is buried in the St. John's Cemetery in Benton County.  Her grandparents were: Anton/ Anthony Wolfbauer 1871 Germany D: 1933 Buried in St. John's married Mary/Maria Rath1898 D; 1994, buried in St. John's.  Sister of Geraldine was Ellen L. Victor B; 1920 D: 1987 buried in St. John's married Augusta P. Mazacek B: 1914  D: 1995 Theodore Alphanse Wolfbauer was the uncle of Geraldine, B: 1916 D. 1925 buried in St. John's.  Is there anything personal that anyone can tell me about this family. They seemed to live in Foley, Benton Co., Minnesota, but I can't fine anything about them on the census.  07-26-2007.

VOGEL - Looking for descendants of Abraham VOGEL and Jacomina Martens both born in Holland.  The VOGEL family immigrated to Benton Co., MN in 1870.  Their children: Abraham Vogel b. 1851 m. Sarah Jane Brown; John Vogel b. 1852; Cornelia (Katie) Vogel b. 1855 m. Michael Brennan; Johanna Christina Vogel b. 1859; William James Vogel b. 1861 m. Freemie Minerva Reed.  Would like to know what happened to John and Johanna.  I would be happy to share the information I have on this family.  Vickie White 06-24-2002.

VONDOEHREN - I am searching for descendents of George VONDOEHREN or VANDOEHREN. He lived in Iowa in the late 1920's but had connections in Minnesota and South Dakota. He is a 2nd cousin by marriage. Carole Harrington 09-28-2000.

VORDING - I am searching for information on the family of Bernard Henrich Vording b. Osterwick, Germany 1818 and wife Maria Anna Janning b. 1820 Germany. Both died Benton Co. MN.  Vording Children were 1.Bernard Henrich, 2.Anna Maria, 3.Johann Henrich, 4.Frank Anton m. Mary F. Voerwald, 5.Peter Bernard Julius, m. Elizabeth Schulte.,6.Catherine Mary m. Edward Baldner, 7.Matthew m. l. Anna Abfalter 2. Mary Hoffmann 3. Lena/Leona Schrandt, 8.Louisa.  The children of Peter Bernard Julius Voerding and Elizabeth Schulte were 1. Martha Voerding m. Peter L. Gardner, 2. Rosa Voerding, 3. Henry Bernard Voerding m. Katharina Marie Donohue, 4. Idella Anna Voerding m. William W. Scott, 5. Alma Mary Voerding m. 1.Willliam Royston 2. Joseph Holling, 6. Isabella Lucy Voerding m. John H. "Jack" Smith, 7. Norbert Frank Voerding m. Fadora Drury, 8. Carl Alois Voerding , 9. Mary Voerding, 10. Raymond Joseph Voerding m. Rita McManus.  All of these were born in Benton County and many of these died there also. Does anyone have cemetery records or listings with this family?   Mary Logsdon 02-19-2001.


WALCHESKI / KUTZ - My name is Fay Tiller Morgan. I am a lookup for Bradford County PA. I am trying to get the immediate family and parentage of the following John born 1868: John WALCHESKI born July 22 1868 moved from Lichens - Dauphin Co., PA to Foley Minn as a young child. Enroute the family was exposed to smallpox. Three siblings died and were buried probably in Chicago. John WALCHESKI grew up and married Anna KUTZ born July 6, 1879 of Foley Minn. In 1914 John moved with his wife and three children to Armenia Township Bradford Co., PA. There they had more children. Their children: John born Jan 11, 1905; Thomas born Jan 7, 1902; Vincent born Apr 2, 1908; Rose (Seeley); Bertha (Wilson); Frank; Clara. A few years ago I called some of the Walcheski family in Foley and they seemed very vague on the family. Thank you very much. Fay Tiller Morgan 06-07-1999.

WALKER - I am researching the surname WALKER. The family is from Indiana. I do not know where. The 1870 census list the family in Gilmanton, Benton Co., MN. Hiram WALKER, age 30, everyone is born in Indiana; Catherine, age 30; George, age 6; Sarah E, age 5; David G, age 3, John H; age 2; Ann E; age 6/12. Sarah Elizabeth married John WESTCOTT (born 1855 in Phil.) One of their children is Harry or Edgar Laroy WALKER born in the late 1880's in Sauk Rapids or St. Cloud, MN. If anyone has any information on this family, I would appreciate hearing from you. Sue & Vince Charles 06-25-1999.


WEST - I am looking for an obituary for William M. WEST, who died 03-13-1983.  His death certificate says he lived in Rice, Benton, Minnesota.  He was buried in Dawson, MN and I have not found anything there.  Any info would be helpful.  Patrick West 04-20-2005.




WISEMAN - I'm interested in info about Merritt WISEMAN who appears in the Federal Census of 1860 for Benton County, MN. Any info greatly appreciated. [Note: this email address is no longer valid.] Michael Cooley 08-21-1999.

WOOD - I am searching for one of my grandfather's sisters. It is either Josephine or Paulina. In their father's obituary in 1896, it states that his daughter Mrs. H.P. WOOD lived in Sauk Rapids. In their mother's 1901 obituary, her daughter Mrs. H.P. WOOD still lived in Sauk Rapids. I have not been able to find H.P. WOOD in the 1900 census. I would like to learn about this family. Thanks in advance for any information and help. Tony Bertapelle 02-14-2000.

WRUCK / KAMPA / MOHS - Have found out that my Grandfather Joseph O'KONEK's parents are Casmir O'KONEK and Philomena WRUCK. My Grandmother Frances O'KONEK's parents are Frank and Mary (HOHS) KAMPA. Have also discovered a reference to a Casimere OKONICK in Benton County. Am wondering if this Casimere is related to my great-grandfather Casmir. Also am looking for further information on my grandparents and the WRUCK, KAMPA, and MOHS families. Thanks. L.M. O'Konek 06-14-1999.

ZAWACKI / FROST - Seeking ancestors and descendants of: Edmund Mark ZAWACKI b. March 12, 1847 in Danzig (now Gdansk), Poland d. January 2, 1916 in Gilman, MN. He married Maryanna FROST, daughter of Joseph FROST and Unknown. Edmund's parents were born in Germany according to his death certificate and his occupation was listed as farmer.  In April 1880, Edmund landed at the Port of New York from Poland, a German citizen. He became a United States citizen April 16, 1897 and was in charge of wood lots for the Government.  Edmund and Mary had 8 children, Martha, John, Anton, Joseph, Apolonia, Mary, William, and Benedict. Ron Zurek 05-22-1999.


ZULKOWSKI - Johannah (Jennie) ZULKOWSKI, my grandmother was born in Texas to Polish immigrants. The family moved to the St. Cloud area about 1900. Her father was Phillip ZULKOWSKI and her mother Paulina. Johannah Married George Clarence (Frank) WILLIAMSON. She died Feb 22, 1926 in Ely, MN. There were other children of Philip, some returned to Texas others stayed in MN. Philip was born May 1845-46 in Germany/Poland and died in Furgus Falls, MN in a TB Hospital in 1911. Paulina born Jul 1851 Ger/Poland died abt 1916 but the state vital records has no death certificate for her. Philip and Paulina had a son who fought in Europe in WWI. Just before boarding ship to return to America he disappeared. My aunt said she remembered that there was a "Congressional Hearing". I would love any ties to this line, missing dates and places, children, or news articles on this family. I have a copy of the 1910 census page for them. I will share all info I have with any interested family. Susannah Bolin 06-17-1999.

ZYZNER / GAWLIK - I am trying to locate information on my 2nd great grandparents. My 2nd GGF is Lawrence ZYZNER. His death certificate lists his name as Lamert ZYZNER. He died in March, 1903 in the Mayhew Lake area of Benton County. He was born either in July or September in 1827 or 1828. I believe he was born in Poland. His wife's maiden name was Catherine GAWLIK.

Catherine GAWLIK was born in September 1843 in Poland or Austria. After Lawrence died, she married Thomas NOWAK. She died February, 1939 in Foley, Benton, MN. They had at least nine children. One census record showed that Catherine had born 12 children with 9 living.

Their names were starting with the oldest: Mary, who married Szczepan SZCZECH; Josephine who married a man with the surname of MILLER; Helen, who married Stephen BRENNY; Annie Mary, who married Delbert Nathan TANNER; Walter, who was the only son and had no children of his own, married Florence KENNEDY; Sophie, who married Jacob LENART; Rosa, who married Louis GAPPA; Julia, who married a man with the surname of MARR; and Catherine, who married John PATRIAS.

Catherine's Obituary says they with one child to America in 1870, their 1st home was in Baltimore, Maryland. I haven't been able to find them in Maryland. The earliest I have found them is 1885 in McLeod County, MN. According to the 1895 the MN census for McLeod County they had been a resident of MN for 17 years with 6 years in that district.

If someone could let me know how I can find out about the Pioneer cemetery (in or near Mayhew Lake) records I would be grateful. I also would love to hear from the descendants of Lawrence and Catherine ZYZNER . I would be grateful for any ideas as to my next step too. Thank you. Sherri White 06-02-2000.

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