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Civil War Veterans

Civil War Veterans with residence listed in Benton County, MN. Transcribed from pp 354-7 of the Annual Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Minnesota for the Year Ending December 1, 1866, and of the Military Forces of the State from 1861 to 1866. Saint Paul: Pioneer Printing Company, 1866. Images available at

Note: These are the entries I could find, with residences listed in Benton County when they enlisted. Many other veterans came to live in Benton County after the war.

4th Infantry, Company G
Originally commanded by Captain Charles Lueg
Mustered in for three years on Nov 22, 1861
Blair, JosephPrivate32MinnesotaOct 23, 1861Little Rock Transferred to VRC July 1, 1864
Ducette, Louis24IrelandOct 14, 1861Little Rock Died Aug 6, 1863 at Vicksburg, Miss
Daniels, David21IrelandOct 31, 1861Little Rock Died January 9, 1863 at Holly Springs, Miss
Francis, Edward28Oct 14, 1861 Died Dec 26, 1861 at Ft Abercrombie, D T
Montreville, Antoine31GermanyOct 30?, 1861Little Rock Transferred to Invalid Corps
Roy, Joseph24Oct 14, 1861Little Rock Discharged on expiration of term Dec 21, '64

7th Infantry, Company I
Originally commanded by Captain Asa Libby
Mustered in for three years on Nov 18, 1862
McCarter, DanielSergeant27MaineAug 14, 1862Watab Discharged with regiment
Brown, Abraham D21MichiganAug 14, 1862Watab Died Aug 2, '64, of w'ds rec'd at Tupelo, Miss
Chapman, Andrew M35New YorkAug 14, 1862Langola Discharged for disability April 20, 1865
Chrysler, George S18New YorkAug 14, 1862St George Discharged per order May 24, 1864
Chamberlain, George32New YorkAug 14, 1862Langola Discharged with regiment
Hodgden, Albert B28N.H.Aug 14, 1862Watab Died May 25, 1865, at Selma, Ala
Mosher, Harvey G26VermontAug 14, 1862Langola Transferred to Invalid Corps March 7, 1864
Mergell, Henry W A18GermanyAug 14, 1862Sauk Rapids Discharged with regiment
McGee, Amos20N. B.Aug 15, 1862Little Falls Discharged with regiment
Smith, Alonzo22New YorkAug 22, 1862St George Discharged per order May 22, 1865
Spurr, Nathaniel R25New YorkAug 14, 1862Langola Discharged with regiment pro sergt Apr 12, '64

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